getting ready for

I am enjoying deezer flow. They have some of my music in there, plus most of the genres as well—sometimes. It's a keeper for now, at least the free account. If it's this good, maybe the paid version could be better?

There are a few tracks that are not available in this country, like bring me to life. But when I checked that on spotify, it's not available there as well. I don't get why they do that. Greed? If I were an artist, i'd want all my work available to everyone.

This is contrast for me. I am aware and moving forward from here. These kids know how to connect and negotiate. I can move on from here. I injured my foot the other day. There was a discomfort when I finished running that day. I should have done less. I'll do less next week, then expand from there. Maybe it got worse when I tried to massage it out?

The kids make deposits with each other. That track there was unliked. Do I need to listen to music while I write? Not really. I can write without music anyway. I can do that writer flow music, but not right now. I enjoy these oldies sometimes. They bring me back to that time and I can see the contrast.

There is always contrast. I am using the energy and see the difference in myself. Everything is here and now. Once you get that, everything expands from it. It's thursday. I can get me some stuff tomorrow. I think wife is ok to drinking this weekend. I can get us tequila and go drink in the park tomorrow.

What else is there? Plan that picnic. Will there be games tomorrow? We can go after dinner. Will there be other people in there? I don't know. It can get boring but that's part of the equation there.

It gets tricky talking to her? Why is that? I don't know. That kettlebell instructor is hot. She's young. The other one is an older lady and is not as intense to watch as this one. She probably is hotter in real life.

Does it work? I can do that as my next workout routine, then go out for a walk later in the day. I can do that also. I can do weight training anyway. I will look into that. I now have my books from the library.

I saw the contrast there sometime earlier. I have shifted. There could be contrast there but that's part of the contrast. The contrast is there to show you how much different you are at this moment. Keep to that light and you see the get the experience.

How do I prove that? How do I know it's true? Practice it today. Be in that light the rest of the week and see what experience you get. How do you define that? I can do source code, but the local mind is kinda limited so state of being is more appropriate.

The kids are getting ready for school. It's thursday. Tomorrow be friday and we can go from there. I think wife has work this weekend. These kids get negotiations. At least they get what they want, and feel like it's a win-win situation for all. She's staying home.

I like this music I listening to right now. It's classical. It's quiet. I can get more of that. I build up the playlist this morning. Play music is easier to add tracks by adding playlists but it don't feel right that way. I tend to just add without listening much. Maybe it's the quality of the music. And it's not worth much on the free account.

Gpm is so big they don't care about user interface much or when you have problems with it, it's up to you to look it up. Customer service isn't worth much these days with these software products. There is pain on my foot. What can I do here. I don't know. Maybe block the account when it's not within reach. But that will take extra effort for me. That's ok. I can do so when i'm home but she is going to notice that.

Do something else. You don't need to protect her. Otherwise you will see that reflection. But in that, you also find contrast. There is always yinyang stuff. Do I plan something for the wife? A bottle might be good. What else? She might want to watch that series, so maybe ice cream is better. I would rather have that. Do something else then.

Kids are getting ready for school now. One stays home. I don't know if that other one will opt for it. We'll see. She's still in her room. It's good to have kids at home. That keeps me company. I don't have to fix anything. Everything is in its place and be there anyway.

One daughter is off to school now. She enjoys that. The third one gets good grades as well. I don't even have to force them to study. Maybe it was because my parents saw us as 'needing' to get good grades and so the reflection was there.

Right now, I don't have, rather don't see them as needing to get good grades. I feel at peace that they are enjoying school, life in general and I am ok with that. They do say they don't want to go to school every now and then and I am fine with that. No drama. I see contrast there.

And I am expanding from that as well. Son is getting ready. Third daughter don't fix herself much going to school. Maybe she don't like going to school. But when she gets home she looks so pristine. Maybe she doesn't feel good about going to school. She says she has a stiff neck. I have injured foot. It's that right foot again. Why is that? I don't know. Maybe there is something there for me.