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Writing gives me a sense of direction in the morning. I was thinking of not writing, but decided otherwise. Son keeps sneezing into his computer monitor. He is kinda gross. He's a kid. Kids do that. I have negative in my heart. This gives me op to look into the source code to see the reason behind it.

I have definitions in there that they took advantage of me. I can change that into me helping them knowing that they could be taking advantage. I can also choose to see it as part of my process. I don't have to use negative energy for that to not happen again. That will make it stay. These can happen and I acknowledge that knowing that everything is possible. If that can happen, then the other end of the stick is also likely to happen. When something I do not prefer happens, then it's there for a reason and I am to get something out of it.

This is how I live life these days. I am hungry now but won't eat until noon. This is the lifestyle. I am going to 150 and that will end august this year. I am going to finish this once and for all and pick up from there. I have been on hold since we got here. It's time that I live the life I prefer. Wife has a different metabolism. I can't do her thing. Everything is different from the other in some way.

It's going to rain the rest of the day. Good thing there is poker and programming. I can do java in 21 days convert that into dlang. I have this blog that I can check into when needed. I can build something with it. At this time, it's not that clear what it is. I can look into python for that, but that seems like a big leap for me.

When there seems to be nothing there, that means I do nothing about it. I can enjoy the day just doing nothing. That be good as well. It is a valid option. This is me getting the ground ready for the coming planting season. In between, you gotta let the earth do its thing. Was I really a farmer? I had some projects in there but they did not work out. Was I wrong? Those were learning moments. Look at where you are now. You wouldn't get here if you did not take those steps.

Look at where they are now. Not that you are better or worse, only that your path is different. When you are able to be positive about everything, that is your gauge that you did well. You are able to integrate everything and use the enregy for that to move into the light. Daughter is looking into the ref probably hungry.

I can do the interview and do carbs when I get home but that is a path I don't have to take. It's a valid choice. I can take it. I may feel bad with myself for taking another day off when I have three days under my belt. What to do then? Move forward. Be in the light. This is something that's going to make me feel good about myself. What am I going to have for brunch? I don't know yet.

Maybe I can have early breakfast, then bring a water bottle with me when I go. That water bottle will get me through the city and I can have something to eat when I get back. A week later, I start training. I think that's good. The kids finish school wednesday or thursday. I'll be home then. I might not be home during their term break.

That's how they like it anyway. The wife said neighbor is going to start a cleaning business. It's like going into self employment. I too am starting my own company. Working in the city gets me there and I can get gadgets with that company. I think that's a good thing to get going.

It can be a software company or something else. The revenue though may not be a direct result of company operations. Why not make it a software development company. It don't have to have customers. It only needs to develop software and maybe sell that or do dev work for others.

That is a possibility there. What else should be in place? I don't know yet. Maybe automation and botdev. I think that is good there. What else should I do there? I can use that to get me enrolled. Where to get revenue for that. It can come from the directors' funds. That is also possible there. The inc papers we can use to get the account up and running. Then we can move forward from there.

I can also set something up that will do the ps thing. It takes more research to get into that. Do I need to have an employee for that? Not really. It's going to be inc for the ship ventures. Then I can handle that. It's the asset I have. It's not a house, but it can purchase a house for future dev or have that as an office or somethinge.

Maybe have the inc own the house and rent it out to employee for one cent a month. That be nice as well. Is it feasible that way? I think so. That way, you can take out the expenses for that and see where this is headed. I can do that and go for that then. Moving forward, this is getting to be an interesting year. Let it be so. Feel good about it. Feel it now. Bring heaven here on earth.

That's what it's about and you don't have to label it as wrong. Everything is connected. They are learning something from the experience. Let it be so. This is where I am now. This is how it feels to be in that light. It is here and now. It is valid. I don't have to have to be in my light. All I do is choose my source code and be in the light.

This is what the path is about? I think so. It feels right.