regular days night

I am not feeling well after last night's gimmick. Had carbs in burrito and beer plus junk food pulutan. Had to reset my day old counter. Next time, we'll go for hard drinks...rather, I will choose hard drinks over beer.

They seem to not be certain what to do. It's noisy but they wanted to go there, but when they got there, they chose not to. Maybe I am reflecting that back but we never went into the commons. I think it is better to head straight over there have dinner or something, then start the drinks. Better yet, I would rather go for a joint than alcohol. The high is more natural than getting drunk.

You get high with jutz, and the next day, you don't have a hangover. How come it was easy to get some back hten? It was henry. He was our source. I need a source then. How to get there? Ask the community. There are ways to get into that. There be people out there who are into that business. Then I need to get out more often. I have a water bottle in the freezer. I am going to the library when that bottle has frozen.

I don't feel like writing. I don't feel like doing anything at all. The kids are still in bed. We had backdoor fun last night. She enjoyed it. I enjoyed it but compared to regular, it's not that a big deal. It's just kinky that way. I am going back to regular next time. Unless she wants backdoor fun, that's fine with me too. I do that until she's finished then I can switch back to regular.

I woke up with cramps this morning. I had a dream, but because I woke up to pain, I can't recall what it was. All I have is the feeling that it was an interesting dream and there was something there for me. I got it instinctively but the local me can't grasp what it is at the moment.

I have a great time with the wife. We spend time together. We have misalignments every now and then but we get through that. I play with her ideas some times. I am being positive that way. Positive that you integrate everything...that everything is valid and true. You pick out what's relevant for you. When it is not relevant, you don't fight it you just let go and allow.

Right now, I don't feel like playing or doing anything. I am writing because I am waiting for that water bottle to freeze. It'll get there when I finish these. I go, get back then have lunch. This way is the detox to keto way. I do this for 90 days and I have positive results. Day one to three is usually tough but that is a definition. I can look into that and make changes. You don't really need them carbs to feel good. There be other ways to feel good, to get that high.

Going out for a ride is one way to feel good. It takes about three hours going out then come back. I feel refreshed that way, like my head got a reset and everything is now up and running. I feel the hangover. This is not what I prefer and I can do something about it next time.

I don't think they were paying attention last night but their conversation was boring. They pause only to let you say something as they organize their thoughts then fire away again. There were no expanding questions showing that they don't really care about it. All I did was comment and do my share of the tennis match. I don't enjoy hanging out with those two.

Why not find one that you prefer? I can do that. I will finish these then go out to ride to library. These books have been here for a while. I don't feel like going anymore, but this frequency is an echo. I see the contrast there. I am choosing to respond differently now. North korea is one of the toughest places to live in these days. There be kindered souls in that place. I wonder what it's like to be there? You already know. Why can't they make changes?

Maybe the pain is not that great. Do they have enough people in there to make things work? I don't know yet. Maybe they have good resources so they are able to isolate themselves. It's a pity the way hollywood makes movies. They have the budget but it don't go to good story writing. The story is the foundation, not the actors. You get a good story and people are going to talk about it and people will see it. But what they do is market the highlights and special effects and when you see the story, it's deflating.

These are some of the things that are changing. What can I do about it? Be in the light. You then shift into that world universe that reflects more of who you are. There be billions of parallel realities there. How do you prove that? I can't prove it as my local mind can't even grasp the concept yet. There is that I dea gained from the movies and the brain thinks it's science fiction and can't go deeper into that.

I felt apprehension last night. I can go from here, work with that. Or I can go up forrest hill then down, but there is such an imbalance that way. I would rather go level on wairau and slope up easy. I go that way then. This is what my day is like. I resume play later when I get back, after lunch.

Why is it that the kids have that situation? I don't know yet. It's there for a reason. When I can't do anything about it, it's contrast for me to be in my light. Writing is something I can do. It's not much and I use these to connect to flow more than anything. It's not about the information. The important thing, the focus on these writings is to connect to flow—nothing else.

You won't find anything here that may resonate with you and that be fine with me. These blogs have been around for years and not much trafic stays. That be fine for me as wel. It was made that way. The words come in a way to bore even those who are bored and have nothing else to do. Is that the filter? I think so. When you go through all these and process them, you get bits and pieces of the puzzle. That's when things start to make sense.

You also see the progression. How come things went different? Our paths are different. It may not be relevant for them and it don't show that one is better than the other. It is different and in that way, we act as reflections to each other, for each other. This is part of all that is.

Without the reflection, can things be? With or without the reflection is being. How is that? Expand? All of it is part of all that is. That you are aware of it means that it is somewhat relevant. Find meaning there and you get it, even at an instinctive level.

What does that mean? I only connect and there is signal there. It could be just that, but these are seeds that grow and later connect with each other. When that happens, you get insights. You let the signal be there and let it touch ground. The soil will nourish it and that signal will grow and take root.

This is why I like that wallpaper. That is how it's connected. What to have for dinner later? Wife is going to make something. We'll see what it is later on. I get the books after I finish posting these. The bottle is probably frozen by now.

I get impatient when it reaches this part. That's ok then. I wonder how those people are rom training. They are probably selling better so be it that way. I was there and the signal was different for me. I got what I needed there and it's time for me to let go now. What I do is different and is no better or worse than anyone else.

This is the beauty of the understanding and knowing. You can put any situation into context and get something out of it. It this always works for me. Faith never did I make sense out of it. It's like a con person telling you to trust them as they pull the rug from under you.