you find infinity

Son don't want to go to school today. What's new with that? He don't want to go to school since his first week in school. Maybe there's an online event in the game platform he frequents. This music be good. I hear the guitar tremble. This playlist was recommended on the flow page. I added this to library to listen to it all day.

I'll add songs relevant to my own playlist and grow things from there. This track is from a deluxe edition. Maybe it was digitally remastered to sound good...better soundstage and all that. Are the artists required to be present when they do that? I don't know. It could be. Otherwise, they make a new recording from old stuff and that will always be less quality.

The bass sounds good. I like it this way. It'll stay. I have several hours worth of tracks. Keep it there and see what happens. There is new walking dead episode but people say it's getting boring now. I don't think i'll be there for the next season. They're not coming up with fresh lines. It's still the same us versus them plot. Almost everything is like that and it's not what I prefer. It's not relevant or in alignment for me.

I had a good day at the tables yesterday. I can write about that in my blog. What made it good? I got homeruns, several of them. That day must have rivaled the down days. This is contrast and you get this all the time. Play with it. You expand from this. Son is going to school. He went to bed late last night. He's going to bed earlier this time.

I like the music quality from deezer with the free account. There's also less ads. I stay here and am building up my playlist. There's not a lot of people here so the playlist you get from recs aren't that much. Still when you have good headphones, this site is better than the more popular ones. Tidal of course is par excellance.

It's expensive to go there but that's where everything is headed. Maybe it'll pay to give free service? I don't know what their model is but they probably considered that in the past. I added this zztop track to my playlist. This is the new radio. People get to listen what they want to listen to and there be less ads.

This is the age of information. It's connected. It means evolve. This kid is going to bed early today. He had a choice there. We'll see what happens next. In the meantime, I can pick up later tonight or drop the car off at smales farm. I think he'll need to get more sleep? Or maybe he just wants to join this online event happening today.

It is more fun to stay at home and get online. Is this a long lost prince track? Purple rain. I loved this song. Add to playlist, done. Wife is now getting ready to leave for work. There be control issues there. Let it be. Allow it to be there. What's happened to prince? I think he has a new album out. Kids are leaving for school one by one.

The eldest applied for mcdo job and hasn't received any emails so far. We'll see what happens today. In the meantime, I write. Ten minutes and everyone be gone. I'll listen to this one more time later. That guy either got back from work or is about to leave.

Are we having a drinking session today? Not now, this weekend maybe. It's fun. The girs are going to walk together to school. That don't happen everyday. It's good to see them that way. It's fun to get together with them. When everyone is in the car, it's fun. I can ...lost my train of thought there as I looked out the window seeing three daughters walk to school together.

I listen to this playlist when I get back. Full sessions for the day, get that next level for this month. I think i'll make it there. Have fun with it and you shift faster expanding into that dimension. Then next month is going to be fun. I get new freebies from the site. It's like that.

Am I going out for a run today? That sounds like fun. I can do that before lunch. I can run without breakfast making that part of the process for me. I can move books from the library later on. For now, I write. This is page two. I clean up the kitchen shortly. Maybe it's better for all to go there.

There be times it'll be here with us all. Everything shifts all the time. I see what the next step is. I take that step and see what happens. I stay home all day? Yes it is. What's different today? I go out for a run. I do something different and in alignment. I travel. I go out and use up that energy without conditions.

That there is key. Conditions and expectations only trip you up. Get the energy, be in that light and are that person. Match that up with expectations and you are not in that light. You are not that person. This is my process here. I see that. It is possible to get one buy in every day. You can do better than that. Will this work in higher stake levels?

Why would it not work? This level I play in is the cheapest. People can easily go to river and it'll cost them very little. Higher stakes, they fold sooner unless they don't care about the money. They say there be more sharks higher up, but the math applies. We get there when we get there. We'll find out when we get there then.

Son is about to leave now. This is page three. I have five thousand words in here. I can do writing assignments but those you find online are desperates and that is the reflection they get. I am not that kind anymore. I don't have to go there. Son is upset he has to go to school. That's his choice. I allow that. I too have a choice to make and I choose, rather be in the light.

I take in a deep sigh and allow for it to be there. Where has the cat been to? Son left without saying goodbye. We get days like these. It's part of the process. I look out the window knowing he might look back and say goodbye. This is what it's like to have a family.

Am I putting my self hostage to the happiness of others? I don't have to. He did look back. I would rather have him homeschooled but synchronicity tells me not yet. So I allow this. Everything is where it should be. It's tuesday. We grocery on thursday or sooner. Wife can get bread and that thing for pizza, the sauce.

I can make better pizza but it's not relevant right now. I can go there when after I finish the keto project. I run later. I go to toilet after I get back. Where is this headed to? The process is the goal. What now? Be in the moment. Everything is here and now. You see the contrast to tell you how things are. That's feedback. Use it.

You take what you get? That movie was noise. I did not get much out of it other than entertainment? Distraction is more like it. It distracted me from being in the moment. It's not that bad. It was there for a reason. I used it as contrast. There are other movies out there.

Why not write your own. You get a bunch of them on your blog and pick them out later. You have that connection to flow. Use it. I already am. I connect when I write and put them out there. No need for expectations and audience. I am my own audience.

What is today be like? Absolutely unbelievable. And different. It is always different. There is like a surprise waiting in every moment. Everything that happen is unique and different. See it that way. Find the present in the moment and you expand that way.

That be a fun way to spend the day. Do I go out for a ride today? That be fun too. I can ride, or go out for a run. Whichever is good. We'll see what happens.