delete folder empty

I'm not sure I can finish these before wife goes to work, but there's not much to do. I feel low frequency. Why is that? It's the contrast. I can go for a bike ride, but there's the cleaning downstairs to do. Besides, I think I want to do yoga now.

There's this idea here that I got the short end of the stick there. I am aware of that. I have the opportunity to redefine that or not. I choose to align that idea instead. No need to dwell on it when it's not aligned. This is what I do everyday. Is it productive?

I don't know. There's expectation as well. I am aware of that now. The walks are good. I do a week of keto, then I start running slow and easy next monday. It's been more than a month now. I have been doing a lot of walks lately. There seems to be a discomfort now and then but it goes away. The kids are getting ready to leave for school.

The youngest makes the most noise and it's because he's excited all the time. Manic depressive is the same energy passing through judgement. These people are highly excitable but there's a mental governor in place that keeps them disciplined. Is that good? It serves a purpose. Let it be and only be aware. No judgement or otherwise.

Is that a wrong spelling for that? It seems like it. Why no more pictures? I don't have much at the moment. It'll pile up. It's part of the cycle. What if I don't get a job ever? Then I can do something about it as well. Like what? I don't know yet. I gotta set up them charts today.

What else can I do here? I don't know. Keep writing. I am learning It's easier when you are building up something. When I am, choose to be, then I get a subscription on heroku. They have been there quietly helping all this time. I think they also do a good job there. Is it possible to deploy with asp heroku? I can go check that out.

My handwriting is off. I type faster than I can write. It used to be the other way and now typing is more efficicent. It's one movement whereas writing is several moves. So I type more often and it's part of morning pages. I go to this meetup this saturday. I meet people that way. I can do heroku with wordpress but wp is the same as that and not much hiring. I would rather go deep into node than wp.

You can look into that some more when you choose to. Right now, there's not much down that path so I do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. I start applying for work. There's more from recruitment agencies than direct hiring. Why is that? Because it makes their work easier? They still go through the process though and it skips a process or two.

It's brigth and sunny outside. What can I do here? I don't know yet. Be in the light. Every moment there is a choice for me. That shirt used to be too big for him and now it's almost a tight fit. These kids grow up so fast. There was this canoe last night up for free but I did not get it. I don't need it. It's not relevant at this time. When it is, everything will fall into place. Right now I don't see a need.

This kid has a good sense of humor. Kids like these are fun to be with. They grow up and they are expanding. This is what life is like. I am so used to this keyboard now that I am no longer thinking about them when I use it.

Do I need a different chair? Sometimes. Maybe when I write I tend to slouch again? I do yoga today. I no have breakfast then do brunch. I am on keto second day. Stuff to do today. The neighbors couple went to visit their parents. How is that related then? Time to do laundry. I can put them outside or keep them here inside. It's still stuff to do for me.

This loads faster now and I can let it go at that. I might be able to finish writing by the time to go. No need to be about anything. Only write to connect and is part of the process. Do you want to be a career person now? I don't have to. I am here anyway. What is next? I can go check those out. If not, then it's that way anyway. What time will she finish?

It was hot last night. Not really. It was more of a chore for me. Movies are not so great anymore. Last night was creepy a story, sad in a way. But it's a story. These kids are having fun all the time. Wife chooses not to be there. She has conditions and that is something. Now I am looking for those pictures.

You can't stare at others' knees. Take pictures and see if it's there. What's next here? I don't know. Is it that way anyway? I kept wearing shorts back then because it's so hot outside. These days are different. The kids are leaving soon. I sit here all day? Not exactly. I do a olt of other things anyway.

There's so much noise with this one. It's his choice and I can't make that choice for him. Gotta let them make that decision. That is how they explore stuff. Do you need to delete that account? Why do I have to be in that light?

I don't know. It's always a choice. Vs works surprisingly well. It tends to get slow now and then though but plenty of toys in there. I go look into that. Asp has a lot of baggage with it. It's other people's experience added all together.

Wordpress is like that, but kinda less unless you put in all those plugins. What's great about these is that they are modules. Like lego parts sets that you put together. What else is there?

I don't know. Only that you keep writing and get to the other side. I slouch and am aware of that. What else can I do around here. Two kids have left. Maybe it's too much weight? I think so. It's one of the lowest times in my life when I went there. Several already.

It's something of a process. I allow that. I sit on it and see where it opens up. That's what you do with the process. This is all connected.

i got played

Rather than fight it, why not allow it and see why it's there for you? Partners are contrast and reflection. Everyone else is. See it for that reason and you get the results out of it. What if I never will get a job? Then I can concentrate on running this business.

What business? Internet marketing. I do the copywriting and website design and development. How to get clients? I can do so at odesk or fiverr. It's not going to be much at the beginning but at least I am building up my portfolio and I can start marketing local.

I've been down this path before and I stepped out of it. Why? Things got slow. I did not want to work with clients because I have ego. I did not connect well with them. What to do now? Allow. See what's in it for me. I can do that sixty credits each month. That's more than enough. At least that way, others too are going to be more careful with their application.

What's next then? Do well with js dev. Also design and functionality. I then build up my portfolio. I can use that to showcase to clients. Everyone is a client. I help people market their business on the internet. How do you scale that? Get staff on odesk and get clients local. Everyone can get in on this business anyway.

You don't need fancy pages. You only want a site where people can get information and close. You don't need fancy landing pages. That tells people there might be things in there that's fat. It's not evident, but you can guess that from there. Do I need to go to school with this?

Why not go deep into this? I can do this business here and see what happens. I can open that up and see what jobs are there, what people need at the moment. I can grow things from there. Or port their sites to nodejs. I only need the assets. There won't be a dashboard though. How do you get that going? At five bucks, your job is to get that up and running. The other side is that you can get them to get you when they need something.

How do you convince them that it's faster? You can tell them about the sql injection hack and that will get them out of it. Is it safe? Nothing I scompletely safe. There is always a way to get around something. It's different though and it's open source. What if they want a complete framework? That's what's stopping me then. Do I need a bigger seat? Try it. The hands have that already. At least when I do it this way, the wrists have less pressure. See it that way then.

Listen to music? Not yet. It's the connection I mam after. Do the kids want that seat? I don't know. We'll see how it goes. I can swap that later on. In the meantime, this works best for me. Everything is here and now anyway. Do it that way. Be in the light. Everything else reflects off that.

How to get local clients? Network. Meet people. Help them out. The next time they need something, they can pay for it. Then go to them meetups. When is the next one? I don't know yet. I did see someone in there who needed help. Someone is always looking for a better way to do things. I can lend my perspective. When that works, they will want more of it.

What else is there then? I don't know. Right now, there are other things that are interesting but this is where I am. No need to be some place else. I do yoga later, then go for a walk in the afternoon. I don't run anymore? Not yet. I do this keto for a week and decide on the other side.

I've been here before but and I am responding differently. Everything everytime is different. You can choose to be the same. Why go there. Why not choose to be different? That way, you can get a different result out of it. They are sending their kid away. That's sad. We have four and we made it this far. Maybe they don't want to be that way and for them this is easy as it points downstream. I think that be the best course for them.

I could have chosen that too but I did not have anyone else at that time so it might not wasn't meant to be. It got me to where I am now. It served a reason. So be it then. I don't think I want to go out and ride today. I can go tomorrow. Let's do it there. For now, do this. Plenty of stuff to do. Monday is a holiday. What to do?

Maybe wife is up to something. Or not. In the meantime, do nothing else. Finish writing and get to the other side. Do I slouch? So be it. At least now I am aware of it. I can write about it. The fingers are getting tired? It's the wrist. Let it be and see how things go.

Son was sleepy last night and slept in the couch. He woke up at midnight and turned on the light. I would do the same but I would rather be in the dark. Everything on even keel. Do you need protection? Only if I choose to explore that. It's about explore? I think so. That makes sense there. No need to push anything away. Be in the moment.

I close the curtains so I have better ighting. I can choose to do that. I can get the laptop later and do something about it. Or not. It depends on how I feel right now. Do I have to finish them tutorials? I don't think so. I can do that other tuts for now. Finish what you start only when it's relevant. When it's no longer relevant or interesting for you, go do something else--even if it looks not connected.

What does that mean? Even if it's just to go outside and take a walk, that is somewhat connected although it's not evedient. That is my path. Even if it's when it's just writing things down like this. I am in the process here anyway. So I do this even when I get bored of I sometimes.

I have one more show to see. I can do that later. For now, finish page three. I don't have to post images here. I do this and see what happens. I can do one pics per day. That be more than enough for me.

So be it then. I am about halfway through. No need to rush altohug I feel that way. Why? To get the pressure off the wrist. That is a definition? How so? I don't nkwo yet. Maybe it's because they have nowhere else to go. I see that. Then what can I do about it?

I can go to that interview, but I don't have to give it my best. I can do something else. I can pretend that my english is not that good. So be it then. I can waste their time and it's someone else's baggage anyway. I don't have to carry that other than that I be in the light. I see that now. I have achoice at all times. So why go anyway? I don't know. Only that this is where I am. This is my contrast.

I finish writing soon. I do this and move on with my day. So much baggage that I carry. What now? Let go. When it's not here you allow or let go. That be my choice? For now, it is. I can let go now. No need. Why is she so controlling? That's how she was brought up. I never did ant to hang out with her back then. I think she got desperate. I got played there.

What now?

quiet days gloom

Waiting for the chicken to cook. I taught second daughter how to make noodle soup. It's basic chicken bouillon plus seasoning plus noodles. We added eggs in the end to make it thick. Even my son liked it. Next step is to get thicker noodles, maybe udon?

I enjoy cooking. Why not joion a kitchen? You can learn something from that anyway. I saw that opening in that gelato joint. I can go there even to clean dishese. Is that something I would rather do? I think so. For now, only get to the other side. I can print up some resume and take it from there.

I can ask wife to do that. The resume I printed out last night might do for now. At least it shows what my interests are atm. It's about making websites. I can walk in and submit stuff. I have things in there that work.

Did it? If they worked, why am I here? I think you know the answer to that. What to do next? I don't know yet. Should I change the template engine on that site? I can do that too. But not now. It works anyway. I can do something else later on.

I am not doing anything anyway. I can learn bootstrap next after angjs. I can work this to perfection. People take on self taught applicants. That means they are resourceful enough to get things going. Do you need certification from such academies? I don't think that matters. They will look at what you have been doing. Or I can go there and ask about support or student support if I am going that way.

That sounds interesting. I may need to bring a folder with me and start hustling. I think running around with my bike is a better alternative. I can do that. Maybe she can print ten for this week and have them sent out. I can start near the bottom. Or I can do my copy and send those out instead. I can do that layout thing and put my copy in there.

That sounds interesting. I only need ten to scale that up. How to get there? I don't know yet. For now, who else needs my service? There's plenty out there that need them. It's how you set that up. I think I can figure that out when the synchronicity is there. Do y want to go for that? I don't know. I go for the interview but see how things turn out.

The countdown timer is on. It's morning. I had shallow sleep this time. Maybe I can get rid of that and let the body wake up longer. Sleep is good though. I want to go there as often as I can. Is that my mother talking there? It sounded like it. Maybe it is. How to do that? Be in your own light. You know what's best for you anyway. Everything is synchronicity. When it's here and effortless, I take that. Is that slacking? I don't think so. It is letting the universe guide you.

Everything is a reflection anyway. Why not trust the paradox? I can do that. What is next here? I don't know yet. For now, I only do this. What else is there? Plenty of jobs? I don't know. For now, only do this. This is where I am. You get this going and see what happens. Opportunity is alwaysthere. You respond as that person you want to be. Everything is here and now. You get out when you say so and when you ptut conditions to It.

You see it, then you have a choice. It always boils down to that. What's the next interview? I think we can go tomorrow. I can ask for assistance that way. What else is there for me? I don't know yet. All I see is this. I say it's in albany or something. Do businesses get something going there?

I think the network is good for me. How to flow with that? I don't know yet. All I see is that I can do this and see what happens. I am trying to be someone I am not. It's not working because you can't try sitting down. Either you are or you are not.

This is my lesson here/ once you get it you change your response. No conditions. That is how things are contrast. So what's next? Keep writing. You don't ened to know where the next keyboard is. You know it insticnctively. You dn't have te see it. I misspelled that. And it's ok. I am writing and no one is reading--for now.

Keep writing and I am almost done with page two. No retracement there. You don't have to trade this one. Besides, news coming out in seven hours or so. Waiting for chicken to cook. Do I have coffee now? I can sleep first, then have coffee later. That be good then.

Not much happening here. This is day three. Grocery tomorrow. I have momentum running here. What else is next? I don't know yet. Scale up is what I do? I think so. You have the template. You can make changes that you are.

Nothing is going to happen there. Do something else. Or I can straddle the trade that way. I think so too. What else is there for me? The spread goes up to the buy price. You place them on the bottom part. That way, it goes one way, down and you catch that position. Worst case scenario, you break even.

I can do that. How often does the news come out? Every two weeks. That's good enough to trade. You get good results for the month that way. No need for big sample. You are not trading a lot. Not a day trader. You trade one instrument then move on. Where else can you get good trading gigs?

I don't know. How come that did not work out? I don't know either. Only do this and see what happens. I think you know where this is headed. Do this and see what happens then. Is that gambling? I don't think so. This is something else though. You know what it is, get to the other side.

Do you need financing for that? I don't think so. Everything is connected. There is something in here for you. Always respond that awy? If you choose to. Then you always have a choice. Kids are still sleeping. I did not want to wake up wife so I got out. I could have slept some more.

She don't get it. I am responding to that energy. What else can I do here? I don't know yet. All I see is this. I can do this and see how things go. Is this bearish? Is it going to go down? I think the pattern was there. The signal is there as well. How to trade this?

I just did. Now sit back and enjoy the ride. The day pattern looks bearish. Price shows weakness at major level. I can trade this. No more blogs on this? I am done with that. Can I make something out of it? I think so. I can look into this and see how it goes. Do you need to do things their way? I don't know.

All I see here is that I am doing this. So be it then. It is headed in my direction. I can adjust the stops later on. News comes out later. For now, only do this. Strong aussie? The news was there. How come it went back up?

Maybe there be other data to consider. Almost time? Almost there as well. About two paragraphs and when this is done, I can be finished as well. It's one more paragraph.

Then let's do it now. I am doing it. See everything as such. Respond as such. The outside is a reflection and illusion anyway. You already know that.

get more eyeballs

It's not her, it's my reflection, my energy, my experience. I blame it on her then there be nothing I can do to change it. How to trade this?

Wait for new session to come up then trade those levels. Look for retrace to sweetspots then trade around them. Do you need ops? I am not sure. Keep it there but there's so many lines on my chart I don't know how to trade them. Look to day chart for direction. Is it going to breaout or bounce?

Right now price shows weakness on level 0. could I have traded that? I think so. Why? It was a major resistance area where there was previous selloff.

Do that adwords thing, then expand on software dev. These are the two businesses that I have. I am still gung ho on direct marketing. I can use this on my own. How to get clients? Network. Go online. Meetups seem to be a good source. I can go there and expand on that.

How to get clients? I am growing my ad agency. I can go that way. Focus on direct marketing. How to go there? You already have all the tools you need. They ask for advice, you give it. It's only an opinion anyway. How to trade this? Is it retracement? Look for higher high as failure? Market is about to close. Do I ride bike going there?

If it were the next big thing, and everything is here and now, then it's not going to happen. Stay in the moment. Be in the moment. Everything is here and now. When you see it there you can go expand on that.

Do I want to sit here all day? Not really. I am behaving that way. On london open, audj is weaker? Less volume means more volatility. Volatility is different from momentum. Momentum has volume. How to measure volume? You don't. Look at something else. I could have taken that short? Let's see how things go. Maybe I can do the pullback. This is bullish still.

Wife is home. She has negative source code. I don't have to respond to that. I have my own environment. Focus on what you can do. You know that you can get clients through meetups. What else is here? That blogger thing is good for me. I can expand on that. What else?

If you were a business person? Sports is good way to network. Also something to do with kids. I have kids so it's there for me already. How to get in there? At least I have direction. I don't have to concern myself with that. I am only buying myself time with that. Focus on something else. In the meantime, do this.

Do I want to go there and start doing that? I think so. Is it something I want to do? I can go there. I can get that adwords thing going. Who will need help? If I were a business person, I wouldn't go there seeking advice. I think you know where this is headed.

Is it software? Not really. I think you know this is about adwords and stuff. Do I go back to odesk? That is the easy way to get clients. I don't have adwords background. It's easy to get that running. Go there and see what happens. Finish them videos then take it from there.

Is wife going to work today? I think so. That's her script. What is mine then? I expand on this. This is my path. Pws on what is. That is the ying-yang of it. From the dark it is easy to see the light. It's the contrast and it is very powerful. All that is the reflection. Contrast is the ying yang. See the difference?

Trash is collected now? I think so. They are early today. Do I take that trade? That is our bin. There'/ three of them there. That's one. Done. They took all three. Nobody checks on them anymore. How to go from here? Does that need cleaning?

Software dev, what is it that you are doing? Is it web dev or android? I get instant feedback on android and there's less things to learn there. Web dev is a lot. Do you need to go there? I can do javascript. That is default stuff anyway. It gets complicated but I was there already. Angular is also the thing these days. I had a leg up there.

Doing adwords, you may have to do web dev as you are going ot look at websites and landing pages. It is kinda related that way. Android seems to be off from that. There's node so it's all javascript. I have them in here anyway. This is why I write. I have a site up and running already. What is next? I can do nosql. There's mongodb. I have modules for that already. There be source code all over the web. I can go there.

I already have a leg up in there. Php is easy and I can pick up on that. It's like javascript. I can talk that way then. I can pick up on angular easy that way. I can get resources on the net and it's not taught in unis. So I have a level playing field that way.

That sounds logical that way. How much to charge? Go for minimum wage. About twenty sounds good. I can go there. How to get advertising? There's plenty of ways to do that. Is this where things are going then? Direct internet marketing. Is there a better word for that? Convertmost sounds like a good url for the site.

I can do that. This is page three now. There's cough. We are headed into winter. I can resume writing again? I can look at other ads. So I turn that off? I can write about that and learn. Let's do that then. What else is there? I think you know where this is all headed. You be writing again? It's the research. You do that and find the connection. You get that and everything is easy.

You've seen how they work. Be that wizard that they seek. When they have a good product then it's easy to find that hook. Is it a product? Or something they seek? I am going there again? It is connected. Everything is connected that way. You go there first, then expand on the other things. That is how all is connected.

So be it then. Walk down queen street and you see a lot of businesses that need help. They rely on traffic. You look for something that needs attention on the internet. What is that? You know what that is. Check out their presence and see how things go from there.

If you are the business owner, where will I find you? Deep in the trenches. How do I connect with you? When you go online and look for stuff. You then go on top of the list in there. You will find a lot of ads that way. You sure you want to go there? I think that makes sense when you want to go there. When you go be that person.

You already know all this stuff. Get things going then. You already know it. You already seen it. You are. Be in the moment. Everything is here and now. I am writing so much these days. Is this time for support? How else do I find people? I think you want the ones who have moderate success. Those that are on cruise control. They have budget. Those that do not have budget may be a waste of time?

Not really. It's all connected.

how to connect?

I have issues galore. Are they bad? How come I feel this way about them? It's only cantrast. I feel like it's outside of my control. Because it is. You don't change the outsie. You change your response to it. It don't matter what is on the outside anyway. How you respond to them, that is what creation is about. Then how come I sometimes respond that way?

It's contrast. That is feedback you get. When you look in the mirror, you get feedback in your contrast. You use that feedback to expand. Otherwise, how do you move forward? How to respond then? Know that at every moment, you are different. Even when you respond the same way you think, you are still responding differently. You never cross the same river twice.

I get a few mintues to get in there. I allow that to be there. No need to fight myself when I am there. But to choose the same thoughts, to respond in the old way even when it's different, that is m ychoice. This is the feedback I get. It's automatic. Relevance is automatic. That's what is great. How is this relevant to me? I have contrast to play with. I see what's in my source code. I can make changes when I am made aware of them, when I see them. Made aware of something puts it outside, so I think.

So I responded that way last night. That means I was behaving that way. I was outside of my light. I see that now. What to make out of it? I don't know. There be no news coming out today. If when she comes out of her room, then I can will reactivate her connection. For now, it's off. I am neg about her locking her door. Is it just her? I don't know. There's that energy in there. What to do about it? I have a second meetup in my list. It's a blogger network.

Am I a writer? I write. That makes me a writer. I don't make money out of it, if that's the question, then no. I don't even make any ad from this. All I do is write because it's part of my proces. That guy last night was faking his typing. You can tell because they sit on home rows and were not jumping around. Even with dvorak, they fingrs jump from home row and all around.

What to do today? I do yoga later. I skip breakfast and go to lunch. That is this until the end of the month. I can update my contact and see how things go. This way, it's all still connected. There were other brokers. I can go there and see if I can offer some help. Or maybe not. But it's still all in there. Everything is connected.

How do you make it otherwise? What do you mean? I write. I did not write yesterday. I did not feel like it. Rewrite those stories that do not resonate with you. It's like you are trying to change what is on the outside. You can't do that. Otherwise you are always fighting against something.

What to do then? You change yourself. Change that mustard seed. It's that simple. You do not look to the outside for feedback? You use it for feedback but you do not base your source code on that. It's only contrast. Who you say you are is more important. It is cold today. The summer is over. We are hedade into the cold season now.

What to do about it? I don't know yet. This is where I am. No need to do otherwise. Where to get them? Am I back to that level? I don't know. All I know is that you can write about it. You look to other people's experience and you expand from that. I think you made good copy back then. You researched that and you exnded on that. What now?

Play. Expand. This is what it is all about. My fingers are cold. How do you write from here? I don't know yet. Maybe it's time to get going there. Ihave this. I expandfrom this. What is next? Maybe I can ask around. Or go directly? I don't know. The ad is not direct and went through that agent.

What do I do about this then? I don't know yet. Maybe he gets something out of it? That can be so. Let it move forward from there then. I think I have that in my contacts list. That other phone did not update that way. I have dsp manager and makes it good to listen.

Where to get a job? I am making that number one. It's a wanting. What to do about it then? I don't know. Forecast is rain. My fingers are cold. Even when they are jumping around, they are not getting enough workout. What to do about it? I don't know yet. Forget about it and move on.

Is it this? What if it isn't? I moved the files on over there and she won't even see it. She is one way. There is very little empathy. She sees her cards and don't bother what is on the other side. Not much has changed and she is back to her old ways. I can choose how to respond to that.

This is my path. It's not power--is it? Probably so. Why not see it that way? If you are a character in a story with that power, how do you make that story? Synchronicity. That is more fun. How then? Even when you have nothing, you bring everything relevant to you automatically. At every moment, you have a choice. You can align your source code and expand from there. How am I doing that in my life now? I am given? I have the opportunity to choose my frequency. That includes my source code in there.

I can choose. I am choosing all the time. Is this the reflection I get then? I see contrast but the reflection is there. It is how I choose things. Then you don't have to be otherwise. Only choose to be in the light and move from there.

It's easy to get back to that. How then? I don't know yet. Look to the market open, twice and you get that. Do I need to go there? I don't know yet. Only that this is here and now. What else is there? There is always expansion. You don't have to go there if it's not, when it's not relevant for you. You choose what's relevant? You choose who you are. Everything is relevant? Yes but you choose what is in alignment to the best of your ability. Everything is there. You are everything. I am struggling? Not really. I am choosing what's relevant and in alignment for me. Is that negative?

no. yes. Maybe it is. So what? So what if I, when I am not that person. I can choose how to respond to it. I can redefine the source code to make it line up with my definitions. How to do that? I am learning a lot and paying very little for them. If when this is a restaurant or a cleaning business, you don't get much flexibility that way. You spend a lot of time in there.

Can I compare it to that? Everything is connected anyway. When that makes sense for you, then use it. When it don't make any sense then you don't have to use it. It's all up to you. I am going around in circles here? Not really .i am filling the page. I can use these--or not. It all depends on me. I can choose how to use these.

What else is there? I don't know yet. She can try. All it takes is to open the door and let it all in. this is how it's connected? I think so. What to do about it then? I don't know yet. All I know is that you let it all in. I get back to that scene. It's special for me. It was a turning point when my father passed away.

Everything is connected.

real santa claus

Change one thing and you change everything. That is the kingdom of heaven. I guess I still am religious? no. this is making sense out of it all. There is still no god, but creative energy. That's all there is to it. How did it become all that is? When, how did awareness come in?

I don't know. Eddie went down again. I saw it happening. The move yesterday upwards was strong and consistent but I was tuned in to the news. I learned a lesson there, paid tuition for it. Now I am a better trader than I was yesterday.

I now have a short on eddie. I anticipated failure on that level. It's a major support and price went right through it. There could be distribution to go on the rest of the day. Is the dollar strong again? Or is it the greece situation affecting eddie? I think it's more because of that. But price breaking support like that has ramifications. Why not go long instead?

H1 looks to be trending. How to trade this? Do I close on that stop? I will. How to trade this then? Trade what you see, not what you think. That is a good mantra there. I made changes to the blog description. Now what? Keep writing. I leave after lunch at 12. that gives me enough time to get there. Also need to check google maps. I think they changed address.

How to move from here? I don't know. Only act out of integrity. They will push that to get new clients. People see activity and regular meetings and people making money and they will join in the conversations. There is something to it. For me it's the sweetspots are the holy grail. It's not perfect but you can take that to the bank. When price moves from one level to the next, that's da cheese.

We do grocery today. I guess I won't be sitting in front of the computer all day. I have issues here. I am aware of them and let go everytime I see it. This is my path then. There is a condition where you get a sensation in the pit of your a discomfort. It don't mean you are hungry. It is your body telling you there's something there for you to know.

Everything is here and now. Heaven is now here and now. I don't go to facebook as much. It is now the page for christian die-hards. I am done there. No need to teach anyone. I am moving on from here. They think they figured it out but they are right from their perspective. How can you tell them otherwise when you too are right from your own perspective?

This is page two. Wife leaves in a moment for work. Do we lose internet later? I'd still be home then. The kids have plenty to do when they are home. At least things are going to move on and forward from here. Respond as such. There is nothing out here. The only thing that's real is your experience of it.

Do you want a job in there? I don't know. Let's see how it goes. It's a step forward in that direction. See what doors opens up for you. At least I am moving forward here. Is fortnightly a good deal for you? I think so. That way, you get to develop these relationships.

Once you are in the door you will find other doors opening up for you. You can make that your home and people will want to do business with them as well. If it don't work out, we can find other venues. It's easy to get wifi. You only need one with the woosh and everyone else can connect through it.

This means that you can have meetups everywhere that is convenient for you. I can do that. What's next here? Do you take trades from that level? I think that part is too choppy. Look for the buffer zone to trade. That is a more secure way to do it. Look for bounce or breakout. That way, you are not in the middle of the highway. Yesterday was a learning experience. It's all connected. No need to invalidate that as you are where you are now because of it.

Tomorrow is friday. I have my music to listen to plus bashar. I have everything in place. We do grocery later on. I have other job applications. That is exploring what's possible. I stopped android dev for now. It's not that connected at this time but I can pick up easily from there. Everything is connected that way. Behave and respond that way.

You don't have to have everything reflected on the outside. Sometimes it's the contrast you find and see. And that's ok. It's all connected anyway. See it that way. So after I decide when to trade wait for the pullback instead? I'm not sure. This is how things are for me. Trade that way.

What's going to happen now? I don't know yet. For me, this is what I do. Maybe trade to get to that side down there? See what happens. For now, only do this. No need to be in the dark. Everything happens for a reason. I am headed into page three now. I have my headphones inside the room. The music is starting to feel old. What else can we do here? I don't know yet.

Keep it that way. What is that other indicator doing there. Did I put it there? Price is bearish now. Where to pick up? I don't know. Look to price action after it reaches the next major support. Everything is here and now. I am this way because of the experience of the reflection and contrast. This is page three and writing keeps me busy?

I think so. What other things to do? Am I here for the job or is it something else? I like android. You can make things with your tablet. That is something there. What can you make for trading? Use the api and trade with it. You don't need mt4 for it. Someone working or playing with the code is all you need. How do you create tools for that? You play with it.

This is page three and I write a lot. I do this everyday and my pages are long and wide. I just write in the morning. I can write during other days maybe do that swipe writing on android. That will keep me busy. Do you want a job in copywriting? I can do a lot of good that way. No need to be fancy. Only that you get results you seek.

No need to change everyone else either. That is on the outside. You can't change the reflection until you change yourself. You already know this. Already living this way you are. You see contrast and you respond to it. At least you are aware of it. Do you need someone else talking?

It's like writing a letter to a friend. It feels comfortable that way. So keep it that way. My mom used to write a lot on her typewriter. That is her outlet. Did I get that? no. I developed this habit by choice. It's not inheriting from someone. I chose to be this way by choosing every moment. I can choose to not be at this moment. This is freedom for me. Do you have to convince someone else about it?

No need. That is a waste of time. I guess I go out to have fun that way. Tell them you don't really need the job. That I was there to check things out and if I want the job. Are they the one deciding? Not really. You give them the opportunity to think they are in charge, but they are not.

This is how things are in truth? I am not sure but it feels like it. How to prove that? You can't.

stay home tomorrow

I'm about to tell a lie here. Do I have to? Maybe I can say that tomorrow instead. What if she don't have cash? I can go to there and withdraw? What if she gives me her card? I can trade this swing low here looking for breakout to the upside on that range.

Why is this tagalog song in here? Why not the others? I don't know. Maybe someone uploaded them here. Are they making off these? How so? What is the better choice here? Write and think this out writing. Wife and son watching csi. I don't really dig that. I would rather do what I am doing here now. Do I trade this? Let's see how this goes.

Should I even be trading here? What if it's not the right time to trade this? I've seen this pattern. This is a drive up here. I can sit this one out and trade above that line, or the pullback from there. I can set ar order off that swing high there. It's going to form a swing low soon enough. That could be my stop right there. How far will this go? I don't know. Take the other side and see how it goes.

I just placed my order. Is this how you trade this? I think so. I removed all indicators. I am only trading these sweetspots. Where be my stop? Off the swing low here. Let's see how things go from here. How do I tell her that? I don't know yet. Do I not want to go with them tomorrow? I am not swimming, plus I am on day one tomorrow.

Is this how things are going to be from now on? I don't think we should be going. The kids are not really keen about it. Why not go see a movie instead? She likes going to these places. I don't think i'll have fun there. Is this a matter of principle for you? I don't think so.

What is it then? I don't know yet. Is that a valid swing high? It failed to make a new high. It is valid. It is a bit overdrawn. Should I even be going long here? It's a thin market and nothing has been happening.

No replies today. It's a holiday. I will get something tomorrow. I think the meeting may happen thursday or friday. We can schedule the meetup on a monday? When was the last meetup? It was a thursday or so. Maybe even a wednesday. I'll come back and maybe ask that other fellow. But if you were a reg around here, you will want that meeting to be on a monday when things are slow. Better on a weekend when the markets are closed. That way, there's no rush.

The problem with that is if they want to trade live. How do you do that? I can upload some files to dropbox. That way, I have access to them when the meetup happens. I can then upload them to any platform that is being used. I can present that way and see how things go.

How to trade from here? Do I go long on this pullback or would you rather do the breakout? The thing about swing low is that it could go back. What you want is momentum. So do the breakout then. So I wait and do nothing here. Should I go for the lower swing high? I could do that. It seems to be forming that swing low now. I don't think I am trading that. Go for something else.

This is page two. How do you do that then? The thing is I need to make that installment tomorrow. I need to do that tomorrow morning. I can ask for the ten bucks tomorrow morning or tonight. Tell her that I am meeting someone for lunch or coffee for a possible job. I can do that. Ten bucks is enough for that.

Do that around bedtime? If I am trading this then I can stay up until midnight. I can write while waiting for something to happen here. What are my other options then? I don't know yet. I think these sweetspots has potential. It trades price action. It goes to levels. Since greece is able to make payments, then the eur getting strong and a week dollar is good for eddie.

I have an order in place. I think you call that a buy stop. I have a buy stop in place. If it were below, then it's a buy limit. The opposite is true going short. That swing low is going to be my stoploss. The closer the better. If not, pray to god it's going to be the previous candle or 2bar break.

That makes sense then. 2Bar stop is better? I think so. Safer on that swing low, but we'll see. I did not like that music. That is a swing low pattern there. It's precarious to open a position on 2bar break there. Wait for a better setup. Is it going to happen? That it's stalled below the buffer zone tells me there's more to this coming up. I don't know how deep this pullback is going to be.

I am clear, I am aligned. No need for discipline. I am back. This is who I am. That coaching job got me this headphones for my birthday. Do I want to go there again? I think it's not fair that others will get the method for free. But that's life. The more eyeballs you have testing this method, the better the test results.

What to do then? When they ask you then you can present. If they don't, then I can sit in the background and enjoy the music. Do I need an ea for this? I don't think so. I have my ranges. I can trade it that way. Is this a good pair to trade? Of course. It is very liquid and I get good spreads. I can go in and out and not pay too much for spreads. The commission is going to hurt though.

What can I do about it then? I can pick up a position off this spot. Better to sit this one out and wait for that to happen. This is the five minute chart. It can get choppy at times, but price levels are what we look at. Do you want to be an artist there?

I don't have to lie about it. It is true that I am setting up for something here. Only do this and see where this is headed. Do you want to go there? I don't know. That is ozzy. How come he is in there? I don't know. These artists they sometimes do these cameo roles.

Price might consolidate here. You don't want to be trading this way. See what happens here. At least I have an order in place. When that happens then it happens. Do you need to get that back? no. I get that later on the big swings. I am still bullish here. It's good to see them news.

I am not sure at times. Do I want to go with them? I don't know. Tell her the truth. I can go with them, but it's the food that I can look into. How to trade this? Do the same thing. Do I want to go? I may need to take a nap. And I don't really go swimming as it gets cold.

To cut to the chase, I don't feel like going. I am better off riding my bike. I can also go for a walk. There's enough food for me to make it a day one tomorrow. Do that then. Do you still want to do that thing? I don't know. Only do this and see what happens. Did I do better trading? I did not lose as much. At least things are falling into place this way.

If I were buying that swing low, price hasn't triggered my order at this time. What to do about it? I can go long here and it's the same price I got earlier, or about that level. But price failed on that level. It should have gone up. Do nothing for now. You need to see these with a fresh perspective.