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I'm not sure I can finish these before wife goes to work, but there's not much to do. I feel low frequency. Why is that? It's the contrast. I can go for a bike ride, but there's the cleaning downstairs to do. Besides, I think I want to do yoga now.

There's this idea here that I got the short end of the stick there. I am aware of that. I have the opportunity to redefine that or not. I choose to align that idea instead. No need to dwell on it when it's not aligned. This is what I do everyday. Is it productive?

I don't know. There's expectation as well. I am aware of that now. The walks are good. I do a week of keto, then I start running slow and easy next monday. It's been more than a month now. I have been doing a lot of walks lately. There seems to be a discomfort now and then but it goes away. The kids are getting ready to leave for school.

The youngest makes the most noise and it's because he's excited all the time. Manic depressive is the same energy passing through judgement. These people are highly excitable but there's a mental governor in place that keeps them disciplined. Is that good? It serves a purpose. Let it be and only be aware. No judgement or otherwise.

Is that a wrong spelling for that? It seems like it. Why no more pictures? I don't have much at the moment. It'll pile up. It's part of the cycle. What if I don't get a job ever? Then I can do something about it as well. Like what? I don't know yet. I gotta set up them charts today.

What else can I do here? I don't know. Keep writing. I am learning It's easier when you are building up something. When I am, choose to be, then I get a subscription on heroku. They have been there quietly helping all this time. I think they also do a good job there. Is it possible to deploy with asp heroku? I can go check that out.

My handwriting is off. I type faster than I can write. It used to be the other way and now typing is more efficicent. It's one movement whereas writing is several moves. So I type more often and it's part of morning pages. I go to this meetup this saturday. I meet people that way. I can do heroku with wordpress but wp is the same as that and not much hiring. I would rather go deep into node than wp.

You can look into that some more when you choose to. Right now, there's not much down that path so I do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. I start applying for work. There's more from recruitment agencies than direct hiring. Why is that? Because it makes their work easier? They still go through the process though and it skips a process or two.

It's brigth and sunny outside. What can I do here? I don't know yet. Be in the light. Every moment there is a choice for me. That shirt used to be too big for him and now it's almost a tight fit. These kids grow up so fast. There was this canoe last night up for free but I did not get it. I don't need it. It's not relevant at this time. When it is, everything will fall into place. Right now I don't see a need.

This kid has a good sense of humor. Kids like these are fun to be with. They grow up and they are expanding. This is what life is like. I am so used to this keyboard now that I am no longer thinking about them when I use it.

Do I need a different chair? Sometimes. Maybe when I write I tend to slouch again? I do yoga today. I no have breakfast then do brunch. I am on keto second day. Stuff to do today. The neighbors couple went to visit their parents. How is that related then? Time to do laundry. I can put them outside or keep them here inside. It's still stuff to do for me.

This loads faster now and I can let it go at that. I might be able to finish writing by the time to go. No need to be about anything. Only write to connect and is part of the process. Do you want to be a career person now? I don't have to. I am here anyway. What is next? I can go check those out. If not, then it's that way anyway. What time will she finish?

It was hot last night. Not really. It was more of a chore for me. Movies are not so great anymore. Last night was creepy a story, sad in a way. But it's a story. These kids are having fun all the time. Wife chooses not to be there. She has conditions and that is something. Now I am looking for those pictures.

You can't stare at others' knees. Take pictures and see if it's there. What's next here? I don't know. Is it that way anyway? I kept wearing shorts back then because it's so hot outside. These days are different. The kids are leaving soon. I sit here all day? Not exactly. I do a olt of other things anyway.

There's so much noise with this one. It's his choice and I can't make that choice for him. Gotta let them make that decision. That is how they explore stuff. Do you need to delete that account? Why do I have to be in that light?

I don't know. It's always a choice. Vs works surprisingly well. It tends to get slow now and then though but plenty of toys in there. I go look into that. Asp has a lot of baggage with it. It's other people's experience added all together.

Wordpress is like that, but kinda less unless you put in all those plugins. What's great about these is that they are modules. Like lego parts sets that you put together. What else is there?

I don't know. Only that you keep writing and get to the other side. I slouch and am aware of that. What else can I do around here. Two kids have left. Maybe it's too much weight? I think so. It's one of the lowest times in my life when I went there. Several already.

It's something of a process. I allow that. I sit on it and see where it opens up. That's what you do with the process. This is all connected.