get more eyeballs

It's not her, it's my reflection, my energy, my experience. I blame it on her then there be nothing I can do to change it. How to trade this?

Wait for new session to come up then trade those levels. Look for retrace to sweetspots then trade around them. Do you need ops? I am not sure. Keep it there but there's so many lines on my chart I don't know how to trade them. Look to day chart for direction. Is it going to breaout or bounce?

Right now price shows weakness on level 0. could I have traded that? I think so. Why? It was a major resistance area where there was previous selloff.

Do that adwords thing, then expand on software dev. These are the two businesses that I have. I am still gung ho on direct marketing. I can use this on my own. How to get clients? Network. Go online. Meetups seem to be a good source. I can go there and expand on that.

How to get clients? I am growing my ad agency. I can go that way. Focus on direct marketing. How to go there? You already have all the tools you need. They ask for advice, you give it. It's only an opinion anyway. How to trade this? Is it retracement? Look for higher high as failure? Market is about to close. Do I ride bike going there?

If it were the next big thing, and everything is here and now, then it's not going to happen. Stay in the moment. Be in the moment. Everything is here and now. When you see it there you can go expand on that.

Do I want to sit here all day? Not really. I am behaving that way. On london open, audj is weaker? Less volume means more volatility. Volatility is different from momentum. Momentum has volume. How to measure volume? You don't. Look at something else. I could have taken that short? Let's see how things go. Maybe I can do the pullback. This is bullish still.

Wife is home. She has negative source code. I don't have to respond to that. I have my own environment. Focus on what you can do. You know that you can get clients through meetups. What else is here? That blogger thing is good for me. I can expand on that. What else?

If you were a business person? Sports is good way to network. Also something to do with kids. I have kids so it's there for me already. How to get in there? At least I have direction. I don't have to concern myself with that. I am only buying myself time with that. Focus on something else. In the meantime, do this.

Do I want to go there and start doing that? I think so. Is it something I want to do? I can go there. I can get that adwords thing going. Who will need help? If I were a business person, I wouldn't go there seeking advice. I think you know where this is headed.

Is it software? Not really. I think you know this is about adwords and stuff. Do I go back to odesk? That is the easy way to get clients. I don't have adwords background. It's easy to get that running. Go there and see what happens. Finish them videos then take it from there.

Is wife going to work today? I think so. That's her script. What is mine then? I expand on this. This is my path. Pws on what is. That is the ying-yang of it. From the dark it is easy to see the light. It's the contrast and it is very powerful. All that is the reflection. Contrast is the ying yang. See the difference?

Trash is collected now? I think so. They are early today. Do I take that trade? That is our bin. There'/ three of them there. That's one. Done. They took all three. Nobody checks on them anymore. How to go from here? Does that need cleaning?

Software dev, what is it that you are doing? Is it web dev or android? I get instant feedback on android and there's less things to learn there. Web dev is a lot. Do you need to go there? I can do javascript. That is default stuff anyway. It gets complicated but I was there already. Angular is also the thing these days. I had a leg up there.

Doing adwords, you may have to do web dev as you are going ot look at websites and landing pages. It is kinda related that way. Android seems to be off from that. There's node so it's all javascript. I have them in here anyway. This is why I write. I have a site up and running already. What is next? I can do nosql. There's mongodb. I have modules for that already. There be source code all over the web. I can go there.

I already have a leg up in there. Php is easy and I can pick up on that. It's like javascript. I can talk that way then. I can pick up on angular easy that way. I can get resources on the net and it's not taught in unis. So I have a level playing field that way.

That sounds logical that way. How much to charge? Go for minimum wage. About twenty sounds good. I can go there. How to get advertising? There's plenty of ways to do that. Is this where things are going then? Direct internet marketing. Is there a better word for that? Convertmost sounds like a good url for the site.

I can do that. This is page three now. There's cough. We are headed into winter. I can resume writing again? I can look at other ads. So I turn that off? I can write about that and learn. Let's do that then. What else is there? I think you know where this is all headed. You be writing again? It's the research. You do that and find the connection. You get that and everything is easy.

You've seen how they work. Be that wizard that they seek. When they have a good product then it's easy to find that hook. Is it a product? Or something they seek? I am going there again? It is connected. Everything is connected that way. You go there first, then expand on the other things. That is how all is connected.

So be it then. Walk down queen street and you see a lot of businesses that need help. They rely on traffic. You look for something that needs attention on the internet. What is that? You know what that is. Check out their presence and see how things go from there.

If you are the business owner, where will I find you? Deep in the trenches. How do I connect with you? When you go online and look for stuff. You then go on top of the list in there. You will find a lot of ads that way. You sure you want to go there? I think that makes sense when you want to go there. When you go be that person.

You already know all this stuff. Get things going then. You already know it. You already seen it. You are. Be in the moment. Everything is here and now. I am writing so much these days. Is this time for support? How else do I find people? I think you want the ones who have moderate success. Those that are on cruise control. They have budget. Those that do not have budget may be a waste of time?

Not really. It's all connected.