how to connect?

I have issues galore. Are they bad? How come I feel this way about them? It's only cantrast. I feel like it's outside of my control. Because it is. You don't change the outsie. You change your response to it. It don't matter what is on the outside anyway. How you respond to them, that is what creation is about. Then how come I sometimes respond that way?

It's contrast. That is feedback you get. When you look in the mirror, you get feedback in your contrast. You use that feedback to expand. Otherwise, how do you move forward? How to respond then? Know that at every moment, you are different. Even when you respond the same way you think, you are still responding differently. You never cross the same river twice.

I get a few mintues to get in there. I allow that to be there. No need to fight myself when I am there. But to choose the same thoughts, to respond in the old way even when it's different, that is m ychoice. This is the feedback I get. It's automatic. Relevance is automatic. That's what is great. How is this relevant to me? I have contrast to play with. I see what's in my source code. I can make changes when I am made aware of them, when I see them. Made aware of something puts it outside, so I think.

So I responded that way last night. That means I was behaving that way. I was outside of my light. I see that now. What to make out of it? I don't know. There be no news coming out today. If when she comes out of her room, then I can will reactivate her connection. For now, it's off. I am neg about her locking her door. Is it just her? I don't know. There's that energy in there. What to do about it? I have a second meetup in my list. It's a blogger network.

Am I a writer? I write. That makes me a writer. I don't make money out of it, if that's the question, then no. I don't even make any ad from this. All I do is write because it's part of my proces. That guy last night was faking his typing. You can tell because they sit on home rows and were not jumping around. Even with dvorak, they fingrs jump from home row and all around.

What to do today? I do yoga later. I skip breakfast and go to lunch. That is this until the end of the month. I can update my contact and see how things go. This way, it's all still connected. There were other brokers. I can go there and see if I can offer some help. Or maybe not. But it's still all in there. Everything is connected.

How do you make it otherwise? What do you mean? I write. I did not write yesterday. I did not feel like it. Rewrite those stories that do not resonate with you. It's like you are trying to change what is on the outside. You can't do that. Otherwise you are always fighting against something.

What to do then? You change yourself. Change that mustard seed. It's that simple. You do not look to the outside for feedback? You use it for feedback but you do not base your source code on that. It's only contrast. Who you say you are is more important. It is cold today. The summer is over. We are hedade into the cold season now.

What to do about it? I don't know yet. This is where I am. No need to do otherwise. Where to get them? Am I back to that level? I don't know. All I know is that you can write about it. You look to other people's experience and you expand from that. I think you made good copy back then. You researched that and you exnded on that. What now?

Play. Expand. This is what it is all about. My fingers are cold. How do you write from here? I don't know yet. Maybe it's time to get going there. Ihave this. I expandfrom this. What is next? Maybe I can ask around. Or go directly? I don't know. The ad is not direct and went through that agent.

What do I do about this then? I don't know yet. Maybe he gets something out of it? That can be so. Let it move forward from there then. I think I have that in my contacts list. That other phone did not update that way. I have dsp manager and makes it good to listen.

Where to get a job? I am making that number one. It's a wanting. What to do about it then? I don't know. Forecast is rain. My fingers are cold. Even when they are jumping around, they are not getting enough workout. What to do about it? I don't know yet. Forget about it and move on.

Is it this? What if it isn't? I moved the files on over there and she won't even see it. She is one way. There is very little empathy. She sees her cards and don't bother what is on the other side. Not much has changed and she is back to her old ways. I can choose how to respond to that.

This is my path. It's not power--is it? Probably so. Why not see it that way? If you are a character in a story with that power, how do you make that story? Synchronicity. That is more fun. How then? Even when you have nothing, you bring everything relevant to you automatically. At every moment, you have a choice. You can align your source code and expand from there. How am I doing that in my life now? I am given? I have the opportunity to choose my frequency. That includes my source code in there.

I can choose. I am choosing all the time. Is this the reflection I get then? I see contrast but the reflection is there. It is how I choose things. Then you don't have to be otherwise. Only choose to be in the light and move from there.

It's easy to get back to that. How then? I don't know yet. Look to the market open, twice and you get that. Do I need to go there? I don't know yet. Only that this is here and now. What else is there? There is always expansion. You don't have to go there if it's not, when it's not relevant for you. You choose what's relevant? You choose who you are. Everything is relevant? Yes but you choose what is in alignment to the best of your ability. Everything is there. You are everything. I am struggling? Not really. I am choosing what's relevant and in alignment for me. Is that negative?

no. yes. Maybe it is. So what? So what if I, when I am not that person. I can choose how to respond to it. I can redefine the source code to make it line up with my definitions. How to do that? I am learning a lot and paying very little for them. If when this is a restaurant or a cleaning business, you don't get much flexibility that way. You spend a lot of time in there.

Can I compare it to that? Everything is connected anyway. When that makes sense for you, then use it. When it don't make any sense then you don't have to use it. It's all up to you. I am going around in circles here? Not really .i am filling the page. I can use these--or not. It all depends on me. I can choose how to use these.

What else is there? I don't know yet. She can try. All it takes is to open the door and let it all in. this is how it's connected? I think so. What to do about it then? I don't know yet. All I know is that you let it all in. I get back to that scene. It's special for me. It was a turning point when my father passed away.

Everything is connected.