i got played

Rather than fight it, why not allow it and see why it's there for you? Partners are contrast and reflection. Everyone else is. See it for that reason and you get the results out of it. What if I never will get a job? Then I can concentrate on running this business.

What business? Internet marketing. I do the copywriting and website design and development. How to get clients? I can do so at odesk or fiverr. It's not going to be much at the beginning but at least I am building up my portfolio and I can start marketing local.

I've been down this path before and I stepped out of it. Why? Things got slow. I did not want to work with clients because I have ego. I did not connect well with them. What to do now? Allow. See what's in it for me. I can do that sixty credits each month. That's more than enough. At least that way, others too are going to be more careful with their application.

What's next then? Do well with js dev. Also design and functionality. I then build up my portfolio. I can use that to showcase to clients. Everyone is a client. I help people market their business on the internet. How do you scale that? Get staff on odesk and get clients local. Everyone can get in on this business anyway.

You don't need fancy pages. You only want a site where people can get information and close. You don't need fancy landing pages. That tells people there might be things in there that's fat. It's not evident, but you can guess that from there. Do I need to go to school with this?

Why not go deep into this? I can do this business here and see what happens. I can open that up and see what jobs are there, what people need at the moment. I can grow things from there. Or port their sites to nodejs. I only need the assets. There won't be a dashboard though. How do you get that going? At five bucks, your job is to get that up and running. The other side is that you can get them to get you when they need something.

How do you convince them that it's faster? You can tell them about the sql injection hack and that will get them out of it. Is it safe? Nothing I scompletely safe. There is always a way to get around something. It's different though and it's open source. What if they want a complete framework? That's what's stopping me then. Do I need a bigger seat? Try it. The hands have that already. At least when I do it this way, the wrists have less pressure. See it that way then.

Listen to music? Not yet. It's the connection I mam after. Do the kids want that seat? I don't know. We'll see how it goes. I can swap that later on. In the meantime, this works best for me. Everything is here and now anyway. Do it that way. Be in the light. Everything else reflects off that.

How to get local clients? Network. Meet people. Help them out. The next time they need something, they can pay for it. Then go to them meetups. When is the next one? I don't know yet. I did see someone in there who needed help. Someone is always looking for a better way to do things. I can lend my perspective. When that works, they will want more of it.

What else is there then? I don't know. Right now, there are other things that are interesting but this is where I am. No need to be some place else. I do yoga later, then go for a walk in the afternoon. I don't run anymore? Not yet. I do this keto for a week and decide on the other side.

I've been here before but and I am responding differently. Everything everytime is different. You can choose to be the same. Why go there. Why not choose to be different? That way, you can get a different result out of it. They are sending their kid away. That's sad. We have four and we made it this far. Maybe they don't want to be that way and for them this is easy as it points downstream. I think that be the best course for them.

I could have chosen that too but I did not have anyone else at that time so it might not wasn't meant to be. It got me to where I am now. It served a reason. So be it then. I don't think I want to go out and ride today. I can go tomorrow. Let's do it there. For now, do this. Plenty of stuff to do. Monday is a holiday. What to do?

Maybe wife is up to something. Or not. In the meantime, do nothing else. Finish writing and get to the other side. Do I slouch? So be it. At least now I am aware of it. I can write about it. The fingers are getting tired? It's the wrist. Let it be and see how things go.

Son was sleepy last night and slept in the couch. He woke up at midnight and turned on the light. I would do the same but I would rather be in the dark. Everything on even keel. Do you need protection? Only if I choose to explore that. It's about explore? I think so. That makes sense there. No need to push anything away. Be in the moment.

I close the curtains so I have better ighting. I can choose to do that. I can get the laptop later and do something about it. Or not. It depends on how I feel right now. Do I have to finish them tutorials? I don't think so. I can do that other tuts for now. Finish what you start only when it's relevant. When it's no longer relevant or interesting for you, go do something else--even if it looks not connected.

What does that mean? Even if it's just to go outside and take a walk, that is somewhat connected although it's not evedient. That is my path. Even if it's when it's just writing things down like this. I am in the process here anyway. So I do this even when I get bored of I sometimes.

I have one more show to see. I can do that later. For now, finish page three. I don't have to post images here. I do this and see what happens. I can do one pics per day. That be more than enough for me.

So be it then. I am about halfway through. No need to rush altohug I feel that way. Why? To get the pressure off the wrist. That is a definition? How so? I don't nkwo yet. Maybe it's because they have nowhere else to go. I see that. Then what can I do about it?

I can go to that interview, but I don't have to give it my best. I can do something else. I can pretend that my english is not that good. So be it then. I can waste their time and it's someone else's baggage anyway. I don't have to carry that other than that I be in the light. I see that now. I have achoice at all times. So why go anyway? I don't know. Only that this is where I am. This is my contrast.

I finish writing soon. I do this and move on with my day. So much baggage that I carry. What now? Let go. When it's not here you allow or let go. That be my choice? For now, it is. I can let go now. No need. Why is she so controlling? That's how she was brought up. I never did ant to hang out with her back then. I think she got desperate. I got played there.

What now?