quiet days gloom

Waiting for the chicken to cook. I taught second daughter how to make noodle soup. It's basic chicken bouillon plus seasoning plus noodles. We added eggs in the end to make it thick. Even my son liked it. Next step is to get thicker noodles, maybe udon?

I enjoy cooking. Why not joion a kitchen? You can learn something from that anyway. I saw that opening in that gelato joint. I can go there even to clean dishese. Is that something I would rather do? I think so. For now, only get to the other side. I can print up some resume and take it from there.

I can ask wife to do that. The resume I printed out last night might do for now. At least it shows what my interests are atm. It's about making websites. I can walk in and submit stuff. I have things in there that work.

Did it? If they worked, why am I here? I think you know the answer to that. What to do next? I don't know yet. Should I change the template engine on that site? I can do that too. But not now. It works anyway. I can do something else later on.

I am not doing anything anyway. I can learn bootstrap next after angjs. I can work this to perfection. People take on self taught applicants. That means they are resourceful enough to get things going. Do you need certification from such academies? I don't think that matters. They will look at what you have been doing. Or I can go there and ask about support or student support if I am going that way.

That sounds interesting. I may need to bring a folder with me and start hustling. I think running around with my bike is a better alternative. I can do that. Maybe she can print ten for this week and have them sent out. I can start near the bottom. Or I can do my copy and send those out instead. I can do that layout thing and put my copy in there.

That sounds interesting. I only need ten to scale that up. How to get there? I don't know yet. For now, who else needs my service? There's plenty out there that need them. It's how you set that up. I think I can figure that out when the synchronicity is there. Do y want to go for that? I don't know. I go for the interview but see how things turn out.

The countdown timer is on. It's morning. I had shallow sleep this time. Maybe I can get rid of that and let the body wake up longer. Sleep is good though. I want to go there as often as I can. Is that my mother talking there? It sounded like it. Maybe it is. How to do that? Be in your own light. You know what's best for you anyway. Everything is synchronicity. When it's here and effortless, I take that. Is that slacking? I don't think so. It is letting the universe guide you.

Everything is a reflection anyway. Why not trust the paradox? I can do that. What is next here? I don't know yet. For now, I only do this. What else is there? Plenty of jobs? I don't know. For now, only do this. This is where I am. You get this going and see what happens. Opportunity is alwaysthere. You respond as that person you want to be. Everything is here and now. You get out when you say so and when you ptut conditions to It.

You see it, then you have a choice. It always boils down to that. What's the next interview? I think we can go tomorrow. I can ask for assistance that way. What else is there for me? I don't know yet. All I see is this. I say it's in albany or something. Do businesses get something going there?

I think the network is good for me. How to flow with that? I don't know yet. All I see is that I can do this and see what happens. I am trying to be someone I am not. It's not working because you can't try sitting down. Either you are or you are not.

This is my lesson here/ once you get it you change your response. No conditions. That is how things are contrast. So what's next? Keep writing. You don't ened to know where the next keyboard is. You know it insticnctively. You dn't have te see it. I misspelled that. And it's ok. I am writing and no one is reading--for now.

Keep writing and I am almost done with page two. No retracement there. You don't have to trade this one. Besides, news coming out in seven hours or so. Waiting for chicken to cook. Do I have coffee now? I can sleep first, then have coffee later. That be good then.

Not much happening here. This is day three. Grocery tomorrow. I have momentum running here. What else is next? I don't know yet. Scale up is what I do? I think so. You have the template. You can make changes that you are.

Nothing is going to happen there. Do something else. Or I can straddle the trade that way. I think so too. What else is there for me? The spread goes up to the buy price. You place them on the bottom part. That way, it goes one way, down and you catch that position. Worst case scenario, you break even.

I can do that. How often does the news come out? Every two weeks. That's good enough to trade. You get good results for the month that way. No need for big sample. You are not trading a lot. Not a day trader. You trade one instrument then move on. Where else can you get good trading gigs?

I don't know. How come that did not work out? I don't know either. Only do this and see what happens. I think you know where this is headed. Do this and see what happens then. Is that gambling? I don't think so. This is something else though. You know what it is, get to the other side.

Do you need financing for that? I don't think so. Everything is connected. There is something in here for you. Always respond that awy? If you choose to. Then you always have a choice. Kids are still sleeping. I did not want to wake up wife so I got out. I could have slept some more.

She don't get it. I am responding to that energy. What else can I do here? I don't know yet. All I see is this. I can do this and see how things go. Is this bearish? Is it going to go down? I think the pattern was there. The signal is there as well. How to trade this?

I just did. Now sit back and enjoy the ride. The day pattern looks bearish. Price shows weakness at major level. I can trade this. No more blogs on this? I am done with that. Can I make something out of it? I think so. I can look into this and see how it goes. Do you need to do things their way? I don't know.

All I see here is that I am doing this. So be it then. It is headed in my direction. I can adjust the stops later on. News comes out later. For now, only do this. Strong aussie? The news was there. How come it went back up?

Maybe there be other data to consider. Almost time? Almost there as well. About two paragraphs and when this is done, I can be finished as well. It's one more paragraph.

Then let's do it now. I am doing it. See everything as such. Respond as such. The outside is a reflection and illusion anyway. You already know that.