real santa claus

Change one thing and you change everything. That is the kingdom of heaven. I guess I still am religious? no. this is making sense out of it all. There is still no god, but creative energy. That's all there is to it. How did it become all that is? When, how did awareness come in?

I don't know. Eddie went down again. I saw it happening. The move yesterday upwards was strong and consistent but I was tuned in to the news. I learned a lesson there, paid tuition for it. Now I am a better trader than I was yesterday.

I now have a short on eddie. I anticipated failure on that level. It's a major support and price went right through it. There could be distribution to go on the rest of the day. Is the dollar strong again? Or is it the greece situation affecting eddie? I think it's more because of that. But price breaking support like that has ramifications. Why not go long instead?

H1 looks to be trending. How to trade this? Do I close on that stop? I will. How to trade this then? Trade what you see, not what you think. That is a good mantra there. I made changes to the blog description. Now what? Keep writing. I leave after lunch at 12. that gives me enough time to get there. Also need to check google maps. I think they changed address.

How to move from here? I don't know. Only act out of integrity. They will push that to get new clients. People see activity and regular meetings and people making money and they will join in the conversations. There is something to it. For me it's the sweetspots are the holy grail. It's not perfect but you can take that to the bank. When price moves from one level to the next, that's da cheese.

We do grocery today. I guess I won't be sitting in front of the computer all day. I have issues here. I am aware of them and let go everytime I see it. This is my path then. There is a condition where you get a sensation in the pit of your a discomfort. It don't mean you are hungry. It is your body telling you there's something there for you to know.

Everything is here and now. Heaven is now here and now. I don't go to facebook as much. It is now the page for christian die-hards. I am done there. No need to teach anyone. I am moving on from here. They think they figured it out but they are right from their perspective. How can you tell them otherwise when you too are right from your own perspective?

This is page two. Wife leaves in a moment for work. Do we lose internet later? I'd still be home then. The kids have plenty to do when they are home. At least things are going to move on and forward from here. Respond as such. There is nothing out here. The only thing that's real is your experience of it.

Do you want a job in there? I don't know. Let's see how it goes. It's a step forward in that direction. See what doors opens up for you. At least I am moving forward here. Is fortnightly a good deal for you? I think so. That way, you get to develop these relationships.

Once you are in the door you will find other doors opening up for you. You can make that your home and people will want to do business with them as well. If it don't work out, we can find other venues. It's easy to get wifi. You only need one with the woosh and everyone else can connect through it.

This means that you can have meetups everywhere that is convenient for you. I can do that. What's next here? Do you take trades from that level? I think that part is too choppy. Look for the buffer zone to trade. That is a more secure way to do it. Look for bounce or breakout. That way, you are not in the middle of the highway. Yesterday was a learning experience. It's all connected. No need to invalidate that as you are where you are now because of it.

Tomorrow is friday. I have my music to listen to plus bashar. I have everything in place. We do grocery later on. I have other job applications. That is exploring what's possible. I stopped android dev for now. It's not that connected at this time but I can pick up easily from there. Everything is connected that way. Behave and respond that way.

You don't have to have everything reflected on the outside. Sometimes it's the contrast you find and see. And that's ok. It's all connected anyway. See it that way. So after I decide when to trade wait for the pullback instead? I'm not sure. This is how things are for me. Trade that way.

What's going to happen now? I don't know yet. For me, this is what I do. Maybe trade to get to that side down there? See what happens. For now, only do this. No need to be in the dark. Everything happens for a reason. I am headed into page three now. I have my headphones inside the room. The music is starting to feel old. What else can we do here? I don't know yet.

Keep it that way. What is that other indicator doing there. Did I put it there? Price is bearish now. Where to pick up? I don't know. Look to price action after it reaches the next major support. Everything is here and now. I am this way because of the experience of the reflection and contrast. This is page three and writing keeps me busy?

I think so. What other things to do? Am I here for the job or is it something else? I like android. You can make things with your tablet. That is something there. What can you make for trading? Use the api and trade with it. You don't need mt4 for it. Someone working or playing with the code is all you need. How do you create tools for that? You play with it.

This is page three and I write a lot. I do this everyday and my pages are long and wide. I just write in the morning. I can write during other days maybe do that swipe writing on android. That will keep me busy. Do you want a job in copywriting? I can do a lot of good that way. No need to be fancy. Only that you get results you seek.

No need to change everyone else either. That is on the outside. You can't change the reflection until you change yourself. You already know this. Already living this way you are. You see contrast and you respond to it. At least you are aware of it. Do you need someone else talking?

It's like writing a letter to a friend. It feels comfortable that way. So keep it that way. My mom used to write a lot on her typewriter. That is her outlet. Did I get that? no. I developed this habit by choice. It's not inheriting from someone. I chose to be this way by choosing every moment. I can choose to not be at this moment. This is freedom for me. Do you have to convince someone else about it?

No need. That is a waste of time. I guess I go out to have fun that way. Tell them you don't really need the job. That I was there to check things out and if I want the job. Are they the one deciding? Not really. You give them the opportunity to think they are in charge, but they are not.

This is how things are in truth? I am not sure but it feels like it. How to prove that? You can't.