stay home tomorrow

I'm about to tell a lie here. Do I have to? Maybe I can say that tomorrow instead. What if she don't have cash? I can go to there and withdraw? What if she gives me her card? I can trade this swing low here looking for breakout to the upside on that range.

Why is this tagalog song in here? Why not the others? I don't know. Maybe someone uploaded them here. Are they making off these? How so? What is the better choice here? Write and think this out writing. Wife and son watching csi. I don't really dig that. I would rather do what I am doing here now. Do I trade this? Let's see how this goes.

Should I even be trading here? What if it's not the right time to trade this? I've seen this pattern. This is a drive up here. I can sit this one out and trade above that line, or the pullback from there. I can set ar order off that swing high there. It's going to form a swing low soon enough. That could be my stop right there. How far will this go? I don't know. Take the other side and see how it goes.

I just placed my order. Is this how you trade this? I think so. I removed all indicators. I am only trading these sweetspots. Where be my stop? Off the swing low here. Let's see how things go from here. How do I tell her that? I don't know yet. Do I not want to go with them tomorrow? I am not swimming, plus I am on day one tomorrow.

Is this how things are going to be from now on? I don't think we should be going. The kids are not really keen about it. Why not go see a movie instead? She likes going to these places. I don't think i'll have fun there. Is this a matter of principle for you? I don't think so.

What is it then? I don't know yet. Is that a valid swing high? It failed to make a new high. It is valid. It is a bit overdrawn. Should I even be going long here? It's a thin market and nothing has been happening.

No replies today. It's a holiday. I will get something tomorrow. I think the meeting may happen thursday or friday. We can schedule the meetup on a monday? When was the last meetup? It was a thursday or so. Maybe even a wednesday. I'll come back and maybe ask that other fellow. But if you were a reg around here, you will want that meeting to be on a monday when things are slow. Better on a weekend when the markets are closed. That way, there's no rush.

The problem with that is if they want to trade live. How do you do that? I can upload some files to dropbox. That way, I have access to them when the meetup happens. I can then upload them to any platform that is being used. I can present that way and see how things go.

How to trade from here? Do I go long on this pullback or would you rather do the breakout? The thing about swing low is that it could go back. What you want is momentum. So do the breakout then. So I wait and do nothing here. Should I go for the lower swing high? I could do that. It seems to be forming that swing low now. I don't think I am trading that. Go for something else.

This is page two. How do you do that then? The thing is I need to make that installment tomorrow. I need to do that tomorrow morning. I can ask for the ten bucks tomorrow morning or tonight. Tell her that I am meeting someone for lunch or coffee for a possible job. I can do that. Ten bucks is enough for that.

Do that around bedtime? If I am trading this then I can stay up until midnight. I can write while waiting for something to happen here. What are my other options then? I don't know yet. I think these sweetspots has potential. It trades price action. It goes to levels. Since greece is able to make payments, then the eur getting strong and a week dollar is good for eddie.

I have an order in place. I think you call that a buy stop. I have a buy stop in place. If it were below, then it's a buy limit. The opposite is true going short. That swing low is going to be my stoploss. The closer the better. If not, pray to god it's going to be the previous candle or 2bar break.

That makes sense then. 2Bar stop is better? I think so. Safer on that swing low, but we'll see. I did not like that music. That is a swing low pattern there. It's precarious to open a position on 2bar break there. Wait for a better setup. Is it going to happen? That it's stalled below the buffer zone tells me there's more to this coming up. I don't know how deep this pullback is going to be.

I am clear, I am aligned. No need for discipline. I am back. This is who I am. That coaching job got me this headphones for my birthday. Do I want to go there again? I think it's not fair that others will get the method for free. But that's life. The more eyeballs you have testing this method, the better the test results.

What to do then? When they ask you then you can present. If they don't, then I can sit in the background and enjoy the music. Do I need an ea for this? I don't think so. I have my ranges. I can trade it that way. Is this a good pair to trade? Of course. It is very liquid and I get good spreads. I can go in and out and not pay too much for spreads. The commission is going to hurt though.

What can I do about it then? I can pick up a position off this spot. Better to sit this one out and wait for that to happen. This is the five minute chart. It can get choppy at times, but price levels are what we look at. Do you want to be an artist there?

I don't have to lie about it. It is true that I am setting up for something here. Only do this and see where this is headed. Do you want to go there? I don't know. That is ozzy. How come he is in there? I don't know. These artists they sometimes do these cameo roles.

Price might consolidate here. You don't want to be trading this way. See what happens here. At least I have an order in place. When that happens then it happens. Do you need to get that back? no. I get that later on the big swings. I am still bullish here. It's good to see them news.

I am not sure at times. Do I want to go with them? I don't know. Tell her the truth. I can go with them, but it's the food that I can look into. How to trade this? Do the same thing. Do I want to go? I may need to take a nap. And I don't really go swimming as it gets cold.

To cut to the chase, I don't feel like going. I am better off riding my bike. I can also go for a walk. There's enough food for me to make it a day one tomorrow. Do that then. Do you still want to do that thing? I don't know. Only do this and see what happens. Did I do better trading? I did not lose as much. At least things are falling into place this way.

If I were buying that swing low, price hasn't triggered my order at this time. What to do about it? I can go long here and it's the same price I got earlier, or about that level. But price failed on that level. It should have gone up. Do nothing for now. You need to see these with a fresh perspective.