two per week

I always start my paragraphs with I? It looks like it. I don't think there's anything wrong withthat. This is the morning pages anyway. The trash is being collected today. That's a saturday easter. It's probably not a holiday today. What's happening? Yesterday was all bullish. I went short and made two breaking even.

How to trade this? I did not know the market was open yesterday. Be like him. How does he behave? He don't have worries about that. Weekends he has plans going out. In fact, he is seldom home as home is the outdoors for him. He's always out. He only goes online after lunch when the kids get home. At other times he is doing something else—playing most of the time.

Is that hardcoded? How do you write that way? Maybe I can create something that's like that. Or write with a timer. I can write with a timer. Do like fifteen minutes. I just started my timer. I am down two paragraphs. This way, I can write in a text editor but that don't have autocorrect. Maybe there's a plugin for that I can use when writing text. That will do also. It monitors for periods and auto corrects them.

I'll look that up. I can write better with vim. It has less distractions that way. I can save for later. This is what I do in the meantime. I have two batches to wash. I will bring down that dryer and hang things outside. That way, I can do two batches. I can also bring down some hangers and do it that way.

I will get rid of some of the kids' clothes. I can bring them over there. The wife is getting ready for work. This is an echo. Go there. No need to stay there, but that is where I am. I don't need conditions to be in the state of being. When I am in the light, the definitions stand out when they are not in alignment.

What do I do then? I look into the source code and make changes. For one, can I be in the state of being without the outside conditions? Why not? I am the one making that choice anyway. I can choose to be in that state of being. No need to go to devonport. Only ride when it feels good doing so. Walking in that park feels good for me. I can do another set of that this morning.

I do the laundry, finish these, then I can go out for a walk. That feels good that way. Will there be sports today? Yesterday was good friday and there were sports. There's so much religion going on in facebook. I don't prefer that anymore. I am not even fighting it. Better to hang out on reddit even though it's anonymous. You get to see different perspectives everyday. I am ok with that.

This is page two. I am halfway through batch one. I learned much from yesterday. I don't need to have a job. That person doesn't have a job. I am merging the two bring heaven on earth. No need for conditions. Only be in the light and everything reflects off that. How to prove that?

You can't prove anything to anyone anyway. If they can't see it, so what. It's not their reflection. They have a different mirror anyway. This is where I am. I see what I am holding on to. I can choose to let go and hold on to something else. I see that. You don't need faith for that.

What do you need here then? I don't know. Only that this is here and now. You don't even have to teach them anything. They are in their own little corner of heaven anyway. See it that way. Everything is connected. Is it gout? I think it is. My wrists have pain I can't do push up.

My body is telling me feedback. It's honest feedback and I am using it that way. Wife is getting ready to leave now. I am allowing that. Bring heaven on earth, how do I respond to that? That I have something good in trading. I can make one percent each week. I can scalp that way. What is that garbage collector doing? It's the rubbish. The box and bottles aren't here yet.

Wife gets home later. It's good that the kids enjoy each other's company. At times it looks like otherwise and I allow that. No need to fight it. I am acting on behalf of everyone here. No need to fight things. When they think otherwise, I allow that as well. At least everything here is in balance. I think they got it when I told them why they have to share. Parents buy it for them anyway. When it gets broken, we replace them anyway.

Does that make sense? I think so. Wife is having dinner here. Always see things from that perspective. Everything aligned with that. Clarity and alignment. What is the symbol for that? I don't know yet. Line that up. The symbol will be there. Why not define things then see it that way.

Let's do that then. What else is here? I don't know. Do I look for longs exclusively? I can trade this way. When it's not there, do something else. Do I want that stochastics or is it better to do something else. At least the conversations are still there. I am collecting those definitions. How do I respond as given the situation? You then do that every moment. Respond as each moment. That adds up everyday and next thing you know, you are that person.

This is the process then? Everything lines up with that. Was that what I have been doing in the past? How is this mine? I think I can let go of stochastics. I can use a faster rsi. That way I have two colors. Play with it. I will go into that and see how things go. For now, things are lined up.

Where do I go on weekends? Long rides. That be fun. I don't have to be tied down. That is why it's here. Then move on from here. What's next? Respond as jimmy. I already have that name. Everything else is that. What can I have to remind me that that is who I am? Something on me. That check mark works. I am putting that on now.

Do you need to go there or can you create that in yourself? I can do that. No need to be someone else. I see that. I can do two rounds this morning. I post these, hang the clothes, then get out for that walk while the second batch is processing. This is who I am now. I am also timing this to see how far I go with it. Do I really need a timer for this? It's that thing that autocorrect that bothers me. I made changes there—this did not work. Maybe this will work--lets see. It did.

I don't have to use timer then. The dashes works and it was a tick box I used--it still stays that way. What about this--i think it still works. Then I don't have a use for the timer. Let's stick with this for now. I am doing this and see what happens. It's a saturday. Respond as jimmy. I already have the name. What else is there?

The conditions that are contrast. I am responding to that negatively. I am not allowing the echo? It looks like it. These that are contrast, they stand out raising their hands to show you what the source code looks like. I then go into that and make changes. It's like a compiler. When you compile source code and you have errors, the compiler tells you what it found. You go in the source code and make changes.

What do you do about them then? I don't know. Only that you see them and line up everything.