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I can do digital marketing solutions, or something like that. I can setup my business while I am with the call center. This way, I learn, expand my skills in telemarketing, which is under the direct marketing umbrella. It's all connected. I can send flyers to a hundred businesses in the city. You get one percent and you are good for the week. You then expand from that.

I don't want to micro manage myself but there be times when you have to. Do people browse the web from their phones or do they do something else? I think you will want to do youtube productions as well. There is an app for that.

I do enjoy doing all that. I don't prefer choose to limit myself with one. I learn something from one, and I can use that in everything else. It's all connected. How to go from here? Create your copy. What is their pain? They want to get more business. How do you do that? Write better copy. Target tech businesses. You attend meetups and grow from there.

You don't have to sell anything. You only want to do this. When they are in pain, they micro manage things instead of zooming out. You want to be there when they zoom out. So i'm building my virtual agency then. You create the ad, then when they shift into that, you be there to help them. You don't want zoomed in. that is limiting yourself. You can choose to when it's there but you don' have to. It's rain season again. Two days and it can change back.

This is why you have this. No need for music. There's plenty on my playlist to keep me busy for weeks. I don't even want to tune into that. It's not lined up perfectly but I do know how to get there. That big willy guy there seems to be something in there. Look into that some more.

What else is there? I don't know yet. Be in the light and you see everything else. Do the kids want that seat or can I get something else. I can start that agency but is that really what you want? I don't know yet. You go into that web dev and you can create something for them. You need a browser for that, then market everything from there. Will I be needing blender for that? How do you set everything up? You may be doing that every week. You create one in 3d and that will keep you busy. You then farm it out so you can get more, zoom out.

That's a game plan there. Who else needs that? At five hundred bucks a pop, they make a grand out of it will they? I don't know. You can incorporate google maps into the equation. You create a total solution for that. Or you can do a youtube video as well. That takes less time. But it's the big cats that you are after. I see. What else is there? You get that agency up and running, keep to the light. I can go out for a walk. Enjoy the day. It's yoga day today, I have yoga before lunche. Let's get in the groove so we start the week running.

I can do tat. I aloso do morning pages every morning. That is part of the process? It is who I am. The cat is here. It's still dark outside. I got a gift in my dream. I did not know it was a dream, but the ego was there somewhat. I did not get what it was at that time, but I knew hen I woke up. Play with it. It is connected still. You will see how it's connected when the shift is there. Otherwise, keep to the light.

I was lost yesterday. It was more like a rest day for me. Allow that. You will know what you need to know when you need toknow it. I can create my scripts in there when I am. No need to plan ahead. The can is here and is wanting to be with the sisters. Everything is connected.

The connection seems choppy right now. That's ok. I wonder why that is? I don't know. I think wife is on late shift today. So be it then. They go to church later. Or something like that. She takes the kids with her. I finished that then. No need to go to library. I have that when I need it. What else is there? Page two is almost done. The edge here is that I can write. I can connect to low. You just sort things out after you do research. How did I stop back then? I had expectations. I did not like working with clients back then. There was anxiety working with that.

You know that now. Expand and see the reflection. You know what you are doing. Get connected already. What else is there to do here? I don't know. Choose to be in the light and everythnig else is going to be with you. What to do today? I do yoga and my workouts. That is part of the process. I can choose that, or choose something else. Everything is a valid choice. No need to block something out. It's not aligned so it's not relevant. When it's there, then it's relevant and you find the contrast in that.

So much to do here sometimes I don't know which way to go. That means it's time for a break. Do a one hour break. You do research all the time. I can offer my services for free. They can ask me for a project and I can go fromthere. Who is that? It's usually kyla who is up early. She is probably trying to get herself connected that way. I think wife is leaving for the morning shift. So be it then. It's still dark outside. I don't like taking a shower when it's cold but this is where I am.

There is always something here for me. So be it then. Is win going into async? Probably so. I have enough in my library to keep me busy now. When will it shift? You will know. It's here so the energy is different. Explore the differenece and you will know how it's relevant for you.

I think wife makes baked mac today. I get pay in two wed from now. I have enough time to line things up for that. I can be an agency virtual. The clients come from here and expand from there. You go around the city and there be plenty of things to do for you. How do you get max reach? You go where they go in pain. What do they look for then? I don't know yet. From here on, you are a dm agency. Everything else is reflected off that.

How do you test that? You respond in that light. You see reflection and contrast that way. That was the gift? I see. It was an insight. I got a yes reply to that. Everything keeps going aronud in circles to this. I keep blocking things out instead of taking them in. I know better now. This is page three I see. Everything is connected bro. You already know that then. What's going to happen now?

Grow. Expand. See the reflection. Use the contrast. That is what you are doing here. You can go into finance. You can do something else. Where is the stock market? It's there. You might want to look into that some more. Is there like someone offering these right now? I don't think so. Are there people investing in them? I think so. There be yachts a plenty out there. You can go into that as well.

Why not a lead generation service. You tap into their markets, write a copy for them and you direct the leads to their sales funnel? That is an expansion right there. I can look into that some more. That is the benefit/advantage I offer. That is the solution they seek. I can go deep into that. What else is there?

You tap where their market is ready. I can look into that some more. It's not too crowded in there is it? I can look into that some more. It is an avenue worth looking into. You have resources out there. You can go deep intot that. Wife leaves soon. We had argument last night.

apply small shops

I'm not sure I want deezer. It's like backup but I am not really listening much to music when I am out. I would rather listen to stuff my own. We'll see. That means I don't have to reactivate that now. Also, you do csharp if you want a job, do android for business apps. Or can I do a desktop app to sell? Why not be a service consultant for that? Everyone else is using that anyway.

I will look more into that. What is see is that everyone is on their phone. If so, you will need a mac to develop in swift. Then you go from there. You do mobile full time that way. How much is a mac anyway? I don't know yet but I can look into that. At work, they are deep into dotnet. How do you cross that path?

I can learn all that but it's not really the path I choose. I would rather do something else. Like what? This is the environment I am in already. Why not go deep into that and see how things go. Is it possible to install python in there? Why not create a usb runner?

That too is possible. I did not do yoga this morning. I need to change my settings here. I am making chicken for dinner. Also, I am taking a quick nap when I get home. That way, I can go deep into midnight then get up again the following day. So this is a part of my path then. You do this and keep in the path. Everything is connected that way.

Wife is already up. I had coffee yesterday. It was good. I had a good moment there. I don't have to tomorrow but I have thirty minutes there. If something bad was going to happen, then it's going to happen anyway. I start tuesday work. So it's a short week there. Maybe we go there and do a quick run friday somewhat. We'll see. Why not do something else instead. Like what? I don't know.

I am officially on a diet here. Two weeks before payday. It's a long stretch for me. How to cross this? I don't know. Ask francis how the path lies ahead. Maybe I can do something while I am in there. I don't want to be in sales forever. I'd like to get into it so a helpdesk position would be nice. Then i'll have to do hardware, then cross over to software. But what if I can learn software instead? I don't know yet. It is there. Who else has a good curricullum on that? I thitnk pluralsight has a good thing going in there. Javascript is good because there really is no curricullum for that.

I can look deeper in to that see where the path goes. I am already into that anyway. I may need to do that dropbox thing so my files are in sync across devices. But there I google drive. You don't need anything else for that. The thing is, if I am not online, that is an issue. This is why I can do spark. That way, when I am in the city, I am connected. I am never really too far from connection with that setup. I think that be good marketing there.

I don't have a phone for that. What else to do here? The phone is it an issue? What can I do about it? I can see where I can get a new phone on installment. It's going to cost me but I can do something about it somewhat. Or get a moto. That is good quality at a good price. I can look into that. But payday is a long time away. Why not get a second bank account?

Let's look into that and see how it goes. I can go for that, then get a credit card? That way, I can use that credit to get my business going. Or do something else instead. Wife can help with that? I think so. They have several outlets there. I can look into that.

They use dotnet? I think so. Where is this going? It's on page two now. Keep writing. There's not much to do anyway. Is it going to rain? Weather seems to be improving. It's going to rain over sunday so let's see where that is going. In the meantime, cross the bridge, get to the other isde. This is where I am. Be in the moment then. I have stuff to go through anyway. I can do that. For now, be in the moment. You get there when you get there. No need to share seats that way. This is where I am.

Finish writing. Daughter can do that thing there. Wife had an alarn that just went off now. I added ham to my lunch. I usually go to library on lunch time. I can keep that up. Where to get coffee? Maybe not. Be in the moment. Everything is here and now. See that man in the mirror. That's how you test it.

This guy seems ok. I can hang out with him. The other one, not quite. I think we can cross this path when we get there. I don't think I can go there anyway. I can hang out with francis. Asking about career path may not be the question he's looking for. We'll see then.

Be in the moment. You are that person then you are that person. I think I can send them emails and see how things go. I can ask that or send a question to someone eles. I have that training but do you want to go deep into that? I don't know yet. I have those skillsets. I can go deep into that. Do you need php? Why not learn all of them. Finish a module then get to the other side. I can do that as well. That is all you need to do here. You may not need to go deep into that but do that for a week and you finish it already.

I see. This is page three. I will transfer files in a moment. For now, this is where I am. No need to go anywhere eles. I have php, mysql and nginx in my linux. I can play with that. There be gigs here and there. I can do that for now. This is that. It's not taught in unis so I can go deep into that as well. What will they be looking for?

Portfolios. That's easy then. Do you need to go deep into that as well? I can do that. I can move some files around. I think I can take care of that. I can do that application and see where that is headed. You want to get in touch with the agencies. These shops cater to your market and they need your skillsets. I have them. I can go there and see where that's going then. So stick with what you got. The path you are in is already correct.

I don't have to listen to music then? No need. Unless you get bored but you have this. You be in the moment and everything else reflects off that. I see. How to reach them agencies? Write your own copy. Or start your own. Who else is doing that? I don't know yet. You have solutions. You ca go be in that moment and see what contrast you get.

You value these contrasts as they point you feedback. You use them to guide you where you are going. I got win running on daughter's laptop last night. There might be errors but for now, it seems to be running good. I will look into that later tonight. For now, I think it's all good.

I write a lot. It connects me to flow. That flow is where you want. You make that native and a habit. That way, it's easily accessible for you. You may not need to get writing classes for that. School sets you back a few years. You'd rather build up your bitbucket and see how things go.

I can even build up my git snippets. That be interesting and everything is public in there. That could be an advantage for you. Look deep into that and see what else is there. Do yo uneed to upload your notes there? I don't think so. I am almost done here. I see where I need to go today. Be in the moment and see what you get in the mirror.


Kids are still sleeping. I feel like I have a hangover from last night's junk food thing. I bought a bag of gummies and it got me spiralling down. I am on day one today. There's a discomfort on my left foot. It could be connected to that, and the run I had yesterday.

Today is friday. Either I get my job offers today or I resume my job search. What I don't get is, with all the skills we job aplicants have and the limited jobs available--plus the fact that there be a lot of businesses that needs our help, why not go startup instead?

If you, when you are as good as you say you are, the ultimate test is going direct to market and sell your services. There will be dry spells, but that is part of the process. Some folks will take months before they can get a job anyway. It's the same isn't it?

Why not test that yourself? I can make websites with angular. I can even do basic wordpress sites and grow them from that. I can write good copy for the landing page. Why not? I get ppc advertising as well. I can go deep when I need to. It only takes a day to get that information into my head. That is the next level there.

How will you do that? It's energy anyway. You process that into something that transfers well, then get that transport thing into the head. How do you do that? It has something to do with consciousness. It's energy. There is a port that connects to it. This goes direct into that learning box in your head. It's all in the ideas box. It sits there to simmer and compost. That finished product will come out good and ready.

I had a good time with android yesterday. I did not get stuck like I did before. It's starting to blend together now. I feel like I get it already. Then I use the phone more often and a lot of other people do the same as well. I am not building something for someone else. I am building it for myself.

How do you get to that side? Keep to the light. When no thing happens, I get right back to what I am doing. It's connected so I keep to this path. Why is it part of my process? Maybe there's something for me in this path. It's the most interesting downstream thing I can choose given the opportunities in front of me.

This is how I learn what's next. Given the fork that's available, what is the most interesting thing I can do here? I don't know. Why don't he get up and go to sister instead? I don't know. It's part of the process. So be it then. Am I going to be like that there?

I always have a choice. Sometimes it feels like I am going on default but that too is a choice. Why do I choose that then? It felt like the easiest thing I can do. I can't find that other lunch box. Imagine, me going back to work on monday. I'll be riding that train everyday. Two commutes. I'll see what happens from there. How to build business then?

I'll have something on auto-pilot. What will that be? Trading? There's always something out there that someone is looking for. Will it work for them? Only when it works with mine. How do you test that? Get them business up and running as soon as possible. When I get a bite, I go look into that and see how deep it goes.

I think I am on to something here and I can explore the path in front of me. What happened last night? I was sleepy. I think she too was tired. I felt like I had a hypertension thing. I did not feel well I think. That's how I see what happened. So what's going to happen next? That commute is the second biggest time situation for me. How to maximize that?

Get a laptop and work something on it. Or do something else while there. I can open a text document anywhere. I can look into getting into my field of work. I then do a year into that and explore that path. Let's do that then. In the meantime, this is the path i'm in so continue with that.

This is page two. It's friday long weekend coming up? I see where this is headed. What does happen next? Be in the moment. When that don't happen, then it's not going to happen and something else has to be in here. I can do something else instead. So be it then. I think they are doing something here.

Wife is up and will work late today. Daughter is kinda tech-not aware. That's her situation there. I need to go to the toilet and clear my system. That's a regular thing I learned in my work. This is how things are connected. Do you need ads for that? I haven't tested that path yet. Maybe there is something here for me. How often does your target market go there?

In my experience, I go into that to look things up. Stuff to do around here today. I get busy during the day myself with stuff I need to do. It's in my radar so it's part of my process. Daughter went to a job interview yesterday. She's in that position as that is part of her process. She gets that and everyone else here is going to try that path as well.

What happened here anyway? No ads? I thought search marketing works? This kid don't know what is up. Anyway, things are here for a reason, go there and explore what's in it. I get that job offer and I still get that special dinner with the kids. Wife won't be home. Maybe I can save something for or something else. Like what?

Maybe a sandwich or two. I can do that. Or I can do something else. Kid is doing his homework on the internet. They have a 3d printer in school. It's more expensive right now. How do you hack into that chappie thing in the movie and do it like that? You access the api. The thing with robots like that and ai is the limited memory. The brain is much more complex but built simply. It can do things better than a physical ai sturcture.

Kids asked questions and I lost my train of thought. So be it. That tells me no need to go there. I miss that river trek. It was such a beautiful ride. There's that part where it becomes sacred. Not a lot of people know about it. There must be a farm that has direct access to that.

Or not. Then I can do something here. That daughter is taller than her older sister now. She has longer limbs. She has been more active than everyone else but has slowed down lately. I think that's what this is.

I want to do something else now. Like what? Get on with my day. There's stuff to do around here. Do this and see hwat happens. Or something else. It's going to be there and then what happens. I don't know. Finish writing and get to the other side. That side is here and now anyway. How to grasp that?

I don't know yet. This is here so I keep writing. It's almost finished anyway. Is that what the kids are worried about? Maybe it's my concern and they just reflect that back to me. How do you process that then? You allow it to be there. It's there anyway. How do I benefit from it? How can I use it. Easy answer is that it's contrast. This is feedback from creation telling me where I stand. That's what comes to mind so that's how I am using it then. Or it can eb something else.

definition emotion action

I'm not sure you can use visual studio code on php. I have a number of books to go through. Things are clear now, I think. I have a studio. This is what I do. This is where I am. This is my light. It feels right. No need to see where this is headed. Synchronicity is here. I go where the light is. One can never be wrongi being in his own light, right?

It's not that you get wrong. It's an unexpected turn, or an unfamiliar situation for you. That's all there is to it. It's still connected. You don't know how that's different this time. The cat's here. He's family. He sleeps beside me as I write. He's an adult cat. I wonder what he does during the day. I couldn't get to sleep last night. I got up and spent an hour with my friend bashar.

I had some insights. I think it was my higher mind. It was there and connecting with local self. It's always there without that evident connection but I had a good time last night seeing the connection. What next? Be in the light. Where is this cat going? He left for the kitchen or something. Maybe someone is awake now and he's going there? Maybe. What next? I do php. I learn all these frameworks. The tutorials seem short but I can barely finish one in a day.

I go through a tutorial early in the morning. I barely get halfway through when I get stuck. It's still connected I know but I know I can finish one. The path is to start with easy gigs and grow my portfolio through that. I don't know. They are after easy solutions. I can help them with that. That's what i'll be doing from here on. How do you attend to habit seven? I can do that weekends or in between gigs. I can even go through one at the start of a gig to make sure I have everything in order.

I can screen cast from my phone to the tv and have that run in the background. There's so much I can do here. No need to fear what's in the unknown. It's fun getting on the deepend. The dark is ok, but once you get in the water, it's fun. Let's go through that again? I can choose that. It's always a choice for you. I have the tutorials in place anyway.

I think it was a good investment there. I can keep that up and see how things go. Should I do I do that? It's up to you. If it's too much, when it's too much effort and gets you off your path then you know it's not for you. You don't have to do it. Relevance is automatic. When it's relevant for you, it's just there. You don't have to put in a lot of effort.

These things I pick up all the time. That gig was to get me going in this direction. I can do that now. I see that. No need to be afraid. What else is there? I don't know yet. It's the thousand a week threshold I see. I have that line in the sand now. I know and see the path in front of me.

What to do next? I have this agency that can work with folks around here who needs help. I can run the adwords campaign and get results that way. Who else needs that. I will set up analytics later today. That's the part that needs attention now. It's a simple script that I will add at the end of the site. That way, it runs in the background.

There be so much going on in here. What's next? I see that. How do you add that to the script? I know how to get post data to couch. I have that in place anyway. I amnot using it so it's not evident but the path is teher alredy. What's next then I think this is the basic font size. I can expand from this. Is it the way I sit? It could be related. You cross that threshold how? Be in the light at all times. I can get me a laptop and trade everywhere. Let's do that then. What else is there for me? I can go into that and see what happens next. Lynda has good books on the subject. I can go there.

You see how all this is connected? I go to ellerslie and it takes a while to get there in the meantime, I am doing this. Three more to go and I am done here. I can get their lunches ready. Or do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. Things are there. Why can't she let go? I don't know. Everything is here and now. I see that she is contrast for me. So be it then. Don't have to push her away. Otherwise, it's going to stay, that energy.

Use the energy. Let it be alright for to be there. Even when you only see it as contrast, then it's there for that reason and you can use that to change or see feedback on how you are responding to it. Cant left. Starting his day. He said goodbye. He's part of the family. I feel like he's a buddy that came for a visit. It's short, but there was a lot of unsaid words there that you just feel it's there.

I said goodbye to a friend once. It was good. I won't see him for a long time. We get in touch every now and then. Once a year is good. It's headed that way again. I wonder if he can help me with the brother? I can go ask him that. Is it relevant? I don't know. When it's connected it's going to fall into place. I can ask around. If he were local, he would help out I am sure of it. I can ask bro to go there instead.

This is the situation here. What's next? I don't know yet. That guy alexander anthony I meant, he's passed away now. What happened? That was a short gig. He got what he came here for. It's time to move on from here. What's next? I don't know yet. For now, this is what I see. I think he sees things differently. That's alright. I am going to take out the garbage when I finish these. It's recycling day.

We are headed into winter. It's different this time. It's not that cold yet. Does that mean the weather is going to be different? It's always changing anyway. You see that because you use it as contrast. That's how you move forward. This is how you expand. Feedback is good. Two things to do when wife gets to work. This is busy days for me. Three actually since I am going to sunnynook. Let's do that then.

I am halfway now and this gets easier. You see fingers getting tired? Then I can take a braeak going there. The keys are right next to each other, almost. It makes it easy to put the wrists down and relax a bit. That's connected as well. I miss going to that park. We are going around these area. How to go from there.

Why not see people about it. I can do that. What else is there? I don't know yet. People do that and see what happens. It's right there and I know how to use it. Do you need to get the ide? Only when it's relevant. Otherwise, I can learn how to figure things out tis way.

About three of these and I am done. What do I write. This time I am local. Is the connection lost? I am thinking out loud here. It's ok to keep writing. Write what comes to mind. That is why process ishere. The kids are still sleeping? Maybe woke up but stayed in bed. That feels good there. I barely wake up to the sun anymore.

Why is that? I don't know but I wake up around five after five. When I sleep late, then that tells me I can wake up to the early morning sun around six. But it's headed to the winter so I am doing things differently.

So be it.

one hour break

I am feeling overwhelmed. I don't have a job. I don't mind but it's the wife that bugs me. She's not happy. Why am I letting that decide how I feel? How is that connected to mine? I had carbs that's why. I think that's the level I need to check in. how to get there?

I don't know yet. Do what's next. You then decide from there. Right now, I write. Do I want to continue with that tutorial? Like, finish one tutorial each day. Go over it. That's how you add to your list. If I have to write then I do two pages. This is where I am. Should I run? Son is at home and needs someone to be with him. Can I run later after the girls get home? There be people in the field. Why not run tomorrow morning?

I can do it that way. Trash was collected. Do one tutorial, finish it. Then you have one under your belt. In a month, that be a lot. I have mongodb installed. I have php. I have practically every tool that I will use. Do I really want to get a job? Or is a business better for me?

It's the clients. Where do you get them? You network. You then help people out. They will ask things. You give answers. You help out. What's next for me? That blogger group looks interesting. I can expand from there. That im group also looks promising but it's too far from the city. It's a long walk. What's next then?

Is this failure? Only when I say so. It's not definite where I am headed but I am moving forward. I allow that. I choose it to eb that way. At times the local mind wantsto know but all I can say is that this here is connected. No need to invalidate where I am now. It is my frequency that I need to check in on.

How to deal with wife worries? I don't know. It's her baggage. My responsibility is to stay in my light. She has that tchoice but she chooses otherwise. I can't help her in that way. What can I do different today? I lost that thing there. I can go tomorrow or do something else later.

I can go out for a walk there. It's not raining hard. It be showers. I can bring the umbrella. That be a fine walk later on. Finish one tutorial. It's five hours. You do one hour, take a break. You do that the rest of the day. That is how you get there. In a month, you have learned a lot of skills that way.

You build up your github account. Do they teach that? I don't think the wife gets it. I don't get why she chooses that way but this is my reflection. Everything is here and now. This is my creation. Why do I want to change it? There's something here for me. Even when it only serves as an echo, and contrast, it is still of use for me. Then I use it that way.

Be in the moment. Use it as contrast. What else is there for me. I can play with the son. He can play with his mom later but there be plenty of things there for them. I can resume with that mongod tutorial. That is one thing that has kept me back here. I can finish that the move on to the next. I can create my own sites this way?

I can even do that cradle thing. Is there a good couchdb tool? I can look it up. There is that module I used before. It still works anyway. I can go there and learn more of that. That's how you learn anyway. You look into other people's code and see it that way.

This is page two and I am halfway through. Finish these. I took a nap and woke up feeling not wanting to do anything. I start from here. No need to revert. I have a choice now. I am in this moment. I can expand from this. What's next? Drink plenty of water. It's my choice. Everything is connected. I keep repeating that. Not much to write anyway.

When does it come? Do you even want clients there? Who needs this service? People on the internet are looking for that. I think this here is my path. I can work on one and get to the other side. I take it there and see what happens. I time myself for one hour each time. I take a break when the hour is done. No questions asked. You do that and build on that habit. At the end of the day, you finish one module.

I think that be a good goal each day. The job will follow. You then get clients no matter what they are. Send proposals. Build up github and see what you can do from there. What's here now is that you do an hour timed then break fifteen. I can even break for an hour if need be.

Break fifteen or twenty is good enough. I can start after I finish posting this. This is the daily victory. This is what I can do at this moment. This is why I write. I get insights when I write but not limited to this. I get insights whenever they are here. I don't have to figure it out. I just let go.
I am done.

that sounds different

I see. That side did not have this font so it showed sans serif or something like that as default. No wonder it looked different. I woke up at five. I dreamed about this friend and lady I had an interest in but never did not follow through. Why so? I felt I was afraid getting turned down. How is that connected? I see the fear. How is that relevant today?

I turn myself down that's what. I got permission from wife to og ahead with getting study. I have two inquiries sent out. I'm expecting a phone call from them today or tomorrow. This time I can go to the city. The first one is shorter but won't start until three months from now. The other starts every week but last a year. Since it' longer, it seems cheaper but they are basically the same price. Which one will you take?

The second one looks good. We'll see which one goes first then I will decide what to do. I bring my resume with me going around so I can apply for work when I see the want ad. I am looking for something that's related. I can work the work on web dev as business. I am that person now. No clients mean I can grow from there. Do I need something else? Why did I start that c# last night?

I am glad I did. Now I get constructors and can work with typescript. Js seems like a longer way around but they are making changes to that and ts is the closest there is. I can move forward with that now. I have compilers on this side but vs is the shit when it comes to ide. It makes it easy to learn as you go. Text editors are fast, but I would like that autocomplete thing working in there so I can use it.

I signed up and paid for that with the synchronicity money. That was how it's connected. I was pleasantly surprised it was there. Now I expand on this and see where it goes. The way for me is to do that alignment thing.

How else do I do this? There be people out there that need assistance. I can start with that. The meetup is too far. Maybe I can attend something that's closer. It's an hour walk from that. I can use the card going there. It is then half the journey. What are my other options? I don't know yet. For now, only get to the other side and see what happens. It's alwys like that. Go in that direction and see where it goes. I am always on learning mode?

Everyone else is doing that around here. Why not focus on something that's niche so when that ad comes, I am ahead of the curve. That be android? Probably so. There is astudio on this pc and it has everything in it. I can go that way. Gradle seems to work anyway so I can go deep into that. When things seem like going nowhere, I can stop and reconsider.

That was such a lousy fight I won't even get it from the library. I wonder how he feels like? He is justifyng it himself. Too bad it was like that. Is that how he became champ? That's how bad things are around here. Nobody is going to see that fight or his fights anymore/ there be some. Let it be. It's not mine anymroe.

What else is there? Maybe the easiest fight for him going to town. That's fine right there. What to do then? I think he knows how things are going. There be other things to consider now. Like what? I don't know. What interests you? Not that you failed, but that your energy is cleared up right now. What do you want to do?

Always that feeling that I mam not. Its contrast. Use that energy through. How do you do that? Only write and see what happens. Everyone goes off today. What is my day going to be like? I can go out for a ride. That sounds like fun. Where to go? Library. Or I can do that interview thing but that's for tomorrow. Do this instead. Like what? I don't know. Do javascript. Go deep into that and see what happens. I got what constructors are. I do this as well.

These two are the most in demand. I can go deep into that. Or something else. Everyone else is going that way anyway. Why not start your own business? There be people that need help with that. I can do that as well. I have apache set up in here. This is page three.

I have that setup and won't change it this time. Firefox works anyway. I think it was one of the fonts I removed. Is there a way to get all that again? I think so. Its out there and I can use them when needed. What else is there for me? Get that and get to the other side and see how it goes. I can always do tat side of the equation.

I don't like going into windows. Too restrictive, too much gui. But is that habit? Habit is a choice. See that and you can see the source code. I canmake changes to the source code. It's hard coded but you can change it when you see it.

That's how everything is connected. It's all that is. Do I listen to that today? I have I am not in my vibration. I see that and I can look at the source code. All those buildings and someone is bound to need help in some way. How to get there?

I see that. What can I do about it? In my garage? In my living room is the new garage. Software? I'd rather do dlang than go c family. It's not exactly there but I can go deep into it. I have the resources anyway. I can go there soon as I get done with this.

Finish that. It goes deep. The libs are limited? Js has more open source. You can go deep into that. It's about everything and everyone. That's how deep it can get. I see that. Kids go to school today. Then I can do a lot of other things. Like what? I don't know yet. Only do this and see what happens. I start thinking that way and it messes things up? I am resisting it. This is my process now? I see it. Then go deep into it. Make yourself comfy as this is where it's going to be from here on.

I've seen worse. I am going to sit onn it and see it through then. It's going to be a lot of contrast but that's how it is. You see cotrast everyday. You see the reflection through the contrast. It's wat you see. You choose who you aee using contarst as feedback. That's how you are. That's how you define things. This I write everyday.