apply small shops

I'm not sure I want deezer. It's like backup but I am not really listening much to music when I am out. I would rather listen to stuff my own. We'll see. That means I don't have to reactivate that now. Also, you do csharp if you want a job, do android for business apps. Or can I do a desktop app to sell? Why not be a service consultant for that? Everyone else is using that anyway.

I will look more into that. What is see is that everyone is on their phone. If so, you will need a mac to develop in swift. Then you go from there. You do mobile full time that way. How much is a mac anyway? I don't know yet but I can look into that. At work, they are deep into dotnet. How do you cross that path?

I can learn all that but it's not really the path I choose. I would rather do something else. Like what? This is the environment I am in already. Why not go deep into that and see how things go. Is it possible to install python in there? Why not create a usb runner?

That too is possible. I did not do yoga this morning. I need to change my settings here. I am making chicken for dinner. Also, I am taking a quick nap when I get home. That way, I can go deep into midnight then get up again the following day. So this is a part of my path then. You do this and keep in the path. Everything is connected that way.

Wife is already up. I had coffee yesterday. It was good. I had a good moment there. I don't have to tomorrow but I have thirty minutes there. If something bad was going to happen, then it's going to happen anyway. I start tuesday work. So it's a short week there. Maybe we go there and do a quick run friday somewhat. We'll see. Why not do something else instead. Like what? I don't know.

I am officially on a diet here. Two weeks before payday. It's a long stretch for me. How to cross this? I don't know. Ask francis how the path lies ahead. Maybe I can do something while I am in there. I don't want to be in sales forever. I'd like to get into it so a helpdesk position would be nice. Then i'll have to do hardware, then cross over to software. But what if I can learn software instead? I don't know yet. It is there. Who else has a good curricullum on that? I thitnk pluralsight has a good thing going in there. Javascript is good because there really is no curricullum for that.

I can look deeper in to that see where the path goes. I am already into that anyway. I may need to do that dropbox thing so my files are in sync across devices. But there I google drive. You don't need anything else for that. The thing is, if I am not online, that is an issue. This is why I can do spark. That way, when I am in the city, I am connected. I am never really too far from connection with that setup. I think that be good marketing there.

I don't have a phone for that. What else to do here? The phone is it an issue? What can I do about it? I can see where I can get a new phone on installment. It's going to cost me but I can do something about it somewhat. Or get a moto. That is good quality at a good price. I can look into that. But payday is a long time away. Why not get a second bank account?

Let's look into that and see how it goes. I can go for that, then get a credit card? That way, I can use that credit to get my business going. Or do something else instead. Wife can help with that? I think so. They have several outlets there. I can look into that.

They use dotnet? I think so. Where is this going? It's on page two now. Keep writing. There's not much to do anyway. Is it going to rain? Weather seems to be improving. It's going to rain over sunday so let's see where that is going. In the meantime, cross the bridge, get to the other isde. This is where I am. Be in the moment then. I have stuff to go through anyway. I can do that. For now, be in the moment. You get there when you get there. No need to share seats that way. This is where I am.

Finish writing. Daughter can do that thing there. Wife had an alarn that just went off now. I added ham to my lunch. I usually go to library on lunch time. I can keep that up. Where to get coffee? Maybe not. Be in the moment. Everything is here and now. See that man in the mirror. That's how you test it.

This guy seems ok. I can hang out with him. The other one, not quite. I think we can cross this path when we get there. I don't think I can go there anyway. I can hang out with francis. Asking about career path may not be the question he's looking for. We'll see then.

Be in the moment. You are that person then you are that person. I think I can send them emails and see how things go. I can ask that or send a question to someone eles. I have that training but do you want to go deep into that? I don't know yet. I have those skillsets. I can go deep into that. Do you need php? Why not learn all of them. Finish a module then get to the other side. I can do that as well. That is all you need to do here. You may not need to go deep into that but do that for a week and you finish it already.

I see. This is page three. I will transfer files in a moment. For now, this is where I am. No need to go anywhere eles. I have php, mysql and nginx in my linux. I can play with that. There be gigs here and there. I can do that for now. This is that. It's not taught in unis so I can go deep into that as well. What will they be looking for?

Portfolios. That's easy then. Do you need to go deep into that as well? I can do that. I can move some files around. I think I can take care of that. I can do that application and see where that is headed. You want to get in touch with the agencies. These shops cater to your market and they need your skillsets. I have them. I can go there and see where that's going then. So stick with what you got. The path you are in is already correct.

I don't have to listen to music then? No need. Unless you get bored but you have this. You be in the moment and everything else reflects off that. I see. How to reach them agencies? Write your own copy. Or start your own. Who else is doing that? I don't know yet. You have solutions. You ca go be in that moment and see what contrast you get.

You value these contrasts as they point you feedback. You use them to guide you where you are going. I got win running on daughter's laptop last night. There might be errors but for now, it seems to be running good. I will look into that later tonight. For now, I think it's all good.

I write a lot. It connects me to flow. That flow is where you want. You make that native and a habit. That way, it's easily accessible for you. You may not need to get writing classes for that. School sets you back a few years. You'd rather build up your bitbucket and see how things go.

I can even build up my git snippets. That be interesting and everything is public in there. That could be an advantage for you. Look deep into that and see what else is there. Do yo uneed to upload your notes there? I don't think so. I am almost done here. I see where I need to go today. Be in the moment and see what you get in the mirror.