Kids are still sleeping. I feel like I have a hangover from last night's junk food thing. I bought a bag of gummies and it got me spiralling down. I am on day one today. There's a discomfort on my left foot. It could be connected to that, and the run I had yesterday.

Today is friday. Either I get my job offers today or I resume my job search. What I don't get is, with all the skills we job aplicants have and the limited jobs available--plus the fact that there be a lot of businesses that needs our help, why not go startup instead?

If you, when you are as good as you say you are, the ultimate test is going direct to market and sell your services. There will be dry spells, but that is part of the process. Some folks will take months before they can get a job anyway. It's the same isn't it?

Why not test that yourself? I can make websites with angular. I can even do basic wordpress sites and grow them from that. I can write good copy for the landing page. Why not? I get ppc advertising as well. I can go deep when I need to. It only takes a day to get that information into my head. That is the next level there.

How will you do that? It's energy anyway. You process that into something that transfers well, then get that transport thing into the head. How do you do that? It has something to do with consciousness. It's energy. There is a port that connects to it. This goes direct into that learning box in your head. It's all in the ideas box. It sits there to simmer and compost. That finished product will come out good and ready.

I had a good time with android yesterday. I did not get stuck like I did before. It's starting to blend together now. I feel like I get it already. Then I use the phone more often and a lot of other people do the same as well. I am not building something for someone else. I am building it for myself.

How do you get to that side? Keep to the light. When no thing happens, I get right back to what I am doing. It's connected so I keep to this path. Why is it part of my process? Maybe there's something for me in this path. It's the most interesting downstream thing I can choose given the opportunities in front of me.

This is how I learn what's next. Given the fork that's available, what is the most interesting thing I can do here? I don't know. Why don't he get up and go to sister instead? I don't know. It's part of the process. So be it then. Am I going to be like that there?

I always have a choice. Sometimes it feels like I am going on default but that too is a choice. Why do I choose that then? It felt like the easiest thing I can do. I can't find that other lunch box. Imagine, me going back to work on monday. I'll be riding that train everyday. Two commutes. I'll see what happens from there. How to build business then?

I'll have something on auto-pilot. What will that be? Trading? There's always something out there that someone is looking for. Will it work for them? Only when it works with mine. How do you test that? Get them business up and running as soon as possible. When I get a bite, I go look into that and see how deep it goes.

I think I am on to something here and I can explore the path in front of me. What happened last night? I was sleepy. I think she too was tired. I felt like I had a hypertension thing. I did not feel well I think. That's how I see what happened. So what's going to happen next? That commute is the second biggest time situation for me. How to maximize that?

Get a laptop and work something on it. Or do something else while there. I can open a text document anywhere. I can look into getting into my field of work. I then do a year into that and explore that path. Let's do that then. In the meantime, this is the path i'm in so continue with that.

This is page two. It's friday long weekend coming up? I see where this is headed. What does happen next? Be in the moment. When that don't happen, then it's not going to happen and something else has to be in here. I can do something else instead. So be it then. I think they are doing something here.

Wife is up and will work late today. Daughter is kinda tech-not aware. That's her situation there. I need to go to the toilet and clear my system. That's a regular thing I learned in my work. This is how things are connected. Do you need ads for that? I haven't tested that path yet. Maybe there is something here for me. How often does your target market go there?

In my experience, I go into that to look things up. Stuff to do around here today. I get busy during the day myself with stuff I need to do. It's in my radar so it's part of my process. Daughter went to a job interview yesterday. She's in that position as that is part of her process. She gets that and everyone else here is going to try that path as well.

What happened here anyway? No ads? I thought search marketing works? This kid don't know what is up. Anyway, things are here for a reason, go there and explore what's in it. I get that job offer and I still get that special dinner with the kids. Wife won't be home. Maybe I can save something for or something else. Like what?

Maybe a sandwich or two. I can do that. Or I can do something else. Kid is doing his homework on the internet. They have a 3d printer in school. It's more expensive right now. How do you hack into that chappie thing in the movie and do it like that? You access the api. The thing with robots like that and ai is the limited memory. The brain is much more complex but built simply. It can do things better than a physical ai sturcture.

Kids asked questions and I lost my train of thought. So be it. That tells me no need to go there. I miss that river trek. It was such a beautiful ride. There's that part where it becomes sacred. Not a lot of people know about it. There must be a farm that has direct access to that.

Or not. Then I can do something here. That daughter is taller than her older sister now. She has longer limbs. She has been more active than everyone else but has slowed down lately. I think that's what this is.

I want to do something else now. Like what? Get on with my day. There's stuff to do around here. Do this and see hwat happens. Or something else. It's going to be there and then what happens. I don't know. Finish writing and get to the other side. That side is here and now anyway. How to grasp that?

I don't know yet. This is here so I keep writing. It's almost finished anyway. Is that what the kids are worried about? Maybe it's my concern and they just reflect that back to me. How do you process that then? You allow it to be there. It's there anyway. How do I benefit from it? How can I use it. Easy answer is that it's contrast. This is feedback from creation telling me where I stand. That's what comes to mind so that's how I am using it then. Or it can eb something else.