redirect get leads

I can do digital marketing solutions, or something like that. I can setup my business while I am with the call center. This way, I learn, expand my skills in telemarketing, which is under the direct marketing umbrella. It's all connected. I can send flyers to a hundred businesses in the city. You get one percent and you are good for the week. You then expand from that.

I don't want to micro manage myself but there be times when you have to. Do people browse the web from their phones or do they do something else? I think you will want to do youtube productions as well. There is an app for that.

I do enjoy doing all that. I don't prefer choose to limit myself with one. I learn something from one, and I can use that in everything else. It's all connected. How to go from here? Create your copy. What is their pain? They want to get more business. How do you do that? Write better copy. Target tech businesses. You attend meetups and grow from there.

You don't have to sell anything. You only want to do this. When they are in pain, they micro manage things instead of zooming out. You want to be there when they zoom out. So i'm building my virtual agency then. You create the ad, then when they shift into that, you be there to help them. You don't want zoomed in. that is limiting yourself. You can choose to when it's there but you don' have to. It's rain season again. Two days and it can change back.

This is why you have this. No need for music. There's plenty on my playlist to keep me busy for weeks. I don't even want to tune into that. It's not lined up perfectly but I do know how to get there. That big willy guy there seems to be something in there. Look into that some more.

What else is there? I don't know yet. Be in the light and you see everything else. Do the kids want that seat or can I get something else. I can start that agency but is that really what you want? I don't know yet. You go into that web dev and you can create something for them. You need a browser for that, then market everything from there. Will I be needing blender for that? How do you set everything up? You may be doing that every week. You create one in 3d and that will keep you busy. You then farm it out so you can get more, zoom out.

That's a game plan there. Who else needs that? At five hundred bucks a pop, they make a grand out of it will they? I don't know. You can incorporate google maps into the equation. You create a total solution for that. Or you can do a youtube video as well. That takes less time. But it's the big cats that you are after. I see. What else is there? You get that agency up and running, keep to the light. I can go out for a walk. Enjoy the day. It's yoga day today, I have yoga before lunche. Let's get in the groove so we start the week running.

I can do tat. I aloso do morning pages every morning. That is part of the process? It is who I am. The cat is here. It's still dark outside. I got a gift in my dream. I did not know it was a dream, but the ego was there somewhat. I did not get what it was at that time, but I knew hen I woke up. Play with it. It is connected still. You will see how it's connected when the shift is there. Otherwise, keep to the light.

I was lost yesterday. It was more like a rest day for me. Allow that. You will know what you need to know when you need toknow it. I can create my scripts in there when I am. No need to plan ahead. The can is here and is wanting to be with the sisters. Everything is connected.

The connection seems choppy right now. That's ok. I wonder why that is? I don't know. I think wife is on late shift today. So be it then. They go to church later. Or something like that. She takes the kids with her. I finished that then. No need to go to library. I have that when I need it. What else is there? Page two is almost done. The edge here is that I can write. I can connect to low. You just sort things out after you do research. How did I stop back then? I had expectations. I did not like working with clients back then. There was anxiety working with that.

You know that now. Expand and see the reflection. You know what you are doing. Get connected already. What else is there to do here? I don't know. Choose to be in the light and everythnig else is going to be with you. What to do today? I do yoga and my workouts. That is part of the process. I can choose that, or choose something else. Everything is a valid choice. No need to block something out. It's not aligned so it's not relevant. When it's there, then it's relevant and you find the contrast in that.

So much to do here sometimes I don't know which way to go. That means it's time for a break. Do a one hour break. You do research all the time. I can offer my services for free. They can ask me for a project and I can go fromthere. Who is that? It's usually kyla who is up early. She is probably trying to get herself connected that way. I think wife is leaving for the morning shift. So be it then. It's still dark outside. I don't like taking a shower when it's cold but this is where I am.

There is always something here for me. So be it then. Is win going into async? Probably so. I have enough in my library to keep me busy now. When will it shift? You will know. It's here so the energy is different. Explore the differenece and you will know how it's relevant for you.

I think wife makes baked mac today. I get pay in two wed from now. I have enough time to line things up for that. I can be an agency virtual. The clients come from here and expand from there. You go around the city and there be plenty of things to do for you. How do you get max reach? You go where they go in pain. What do they look for then? I don't know yet. From here on, you are a dm agency. Everything else is reflected off that.

How do you test that? You respond in that light. You see reflection and contrast that way. That was the gift? I see. It was an insight. I got a yes reply to that. Everything keeps going aronud in circles to this. I keep blocking things out instead of taking them in. I know better now. This is page three I see. Everything is connected bro. You already know that then. What's going to happen now?

Grow. Expand. See the reflection. Use the contrast. That is what you are doing here. You can go into finance. You can do something else. Where is the stock market? It's there. You might want to look into that some more. Is there like someone offering these right now? I don't think so. Are there people investing in them? I think so. There be yachts a plenty out there. You can go into that as well.

Why not a lead generation service. You tap into their markets, write a copy for them and you direct the leads to their sales funnel? That is an expansion right there. I can look into that some more. That is the benefit/advantage I offer. That is the solution they seek. I can go deep into that. What else is there?

You tap where their market is ready. I can look into that some more. It's not too crowded in there is it? I can look into that some more. It is an avenue worth looking into. You have resources out there. You can go deep intot that. Wife leaves soon. We had argument last night.