that sounds different

I see. That side did not have this font so it showed sans serif or something like that as default. No wonder it looked different. I woke up at five. I dreamed about this friend and lady I had an interest in but never did not follow through. Why so? I felt I was afraid getting turned down. How is that connected? I see the fear. How is that relevant today?

I turn myself down that's what. I got permission from wife to og ahead with getting study. I have two inquiries sent out. I'm expecting a phone call from them today or tomorrow. This time I can go to the city. The first one is shorter but won't start until three months from now. The other starts every week but last a year. Since it' longer, it seems cheaper but they are basically the same price. Which one will you take?

The second one looks good. We'll see which one goes first then I will decide what to do. I bring my resume with me going around so I can apply for work when I see the want ad. I am looking for something that's related. I can work the work on web dev as business. I am that person now. No clients mean I can grow from there. Do I need something else? Why did I start that c# last night?

I am glad I did. Now I get constructors and can work with typescript. Js seems like a longer way around but they are making changes to that and ts is the closest there is. I can move forward with that now. I have compilers on this side but vs is the shit when it comes to ide. It makes it easy to learn as you go. Text editors are fast, but I would like that autocomplete thing working in there so I can use it.

I signed up and paid for that with the synchronicity money. That was how it's connected. I was pleasantly surprised it was there. Now I expand on this and see where it goes. The way for me is to do that alignment thing.

How else do I do this? There be people out there that need assistance. I can start with that. The meetup is too far. Maybe I can attend something that's closer. It's an hour walk from that. I can use the card going there. It is then half the journey. What are my other options? I don't know yet. For now, only get to the other side and see what happens. It's alwys like that. Go in that direction and see where it goes. I am always on learning mode?

Everyone else is doing that around here. Why not focus on something that's niche so when that ad comes, I am ahead of the curve. That be android? Probably so. There is astudio on this pc and it has everything in it. I can go that way. Gradle seems to work anyway so I can go deep into that. When things seem like going nowhere, I can stop and reconsider.

That was such a lousy fight I won't even get it from the library. I wonder how he feels like? He is justifyng it himself. Too bad it was like that. Is that how he became champ? That's how bad things are around here. Nobody is going to see that fight or his fights anymore/ there be some. Let it be. It's not mine anymroe.

What else is there? Maybe the easiest fight for him going to town. That's fine right there. What to do then? I think he knows how things are going. There be other things to consider now. Like what? I don't know. What interests you? Not that you failed, but that your energy is cleared up right now. What do you want to do?

Always that feeling that I mam not. Its contrast. Use that energy through. How do you do that? Only write and see what happens. Everyone goes off today. What is my day going to be like? I can go out for a ride. That sounds like fun. Where to go? Library. Or I can do that interview thing but that's for tomorrow. Do this instead. Like what? I don't know. Do javascript. Go deep into that and see what happens. I got what constructors are. I do this as well.

These two are the most in demand. I can go deep into that. Or something else. Everyone else is going that way anyway. Why not start your own business? There be people that need help with that. I can do that as well. I have apache set up in here. This is page three.

I have that setup and won't change it this time. Firefox works anyway. I think it was one of the fonts I removed. Is there a way to get all that again? I think so. Its out there and I can use them when needed. What else is there for me? Get that and get to the other side and see how it goes. I can always do tat side of the equation.

I don't like going into windows. Too restrictive, too much gui. But is that habit? Habit is a choice. See that and you can see the source code. I canmake changes to the source code. It's hard coded but you can change it when you see it.

That's how everything is connected. It's all that is. Do I listen to that today? I have I am not in my vibration. I see that and I can look at the source code. All those buildings and someone is bound to need help in some way. How to get there?

I see that. What can I do about it? In my garage? In my living room is the new garage. Software? I'd rather do dlang than go c family. It's not exactly there but I can go deep into it. I have the resources anyway. I can go there soon as I get done with this.

Finish that. It goes deep. The libs are limited? Js has more open source. You can go deep into that. It's about everything and everyone. That's how deep it can get. I see that. Kids go to school today. Then I can do a lot of other things. Like what? I don't know yet. Only do this and see what happens. I start thinking that way and it messes things up? I am resisting it. This is my process now? I see it. Then go deep into it. Make yourself comfy as this is where it's going to be from here on.

I've seen worse. I am going to sit onn it and see it through then. It's going to be a lot of contrast but that's how it is. You see cotrast everyday. You see the reflection through the contrast. It's wat you see. You choose who you aee using contarst as feedback. That's how you are. That's how you define things. This I write everyday.