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Php and javascript. These are two skills I am exploring and expanding on at the moment. The intent is to be one percent better every moment I check in, or aware of myself. How is that better? At times I find myself comparing myself to others. Not good. At least I use that as feedback to see where I am now.

I don't like interviews. I get anxious as I have expectations. How do you rephrase that? I get expectations rather than let the synchronicity guide me. They don't get that. Then give short straightforward answers.

Wife got upset with me. That's ok. I don't like going up to drive for her. I would rather do something else. These are moments. What would you rather do. Am I going out tonight? How? I don't know yet. Take the bus. Go there to city then load up when you get there. I then take another bus to get there.

What's in there? Socialize and network. That was like that internet marketing meetup. It was all over the place. I would rather do a hackathon where I get to spend more time with people. Skills shine out that way and you get to meet and know people at a certain level that way.

What else can I do here? Do you want to volunteer your skills? I can look them up. What else is there? I don't know yet. I can send out resumes. I think they still need volunteers. They do tend to do things for themselves because of a tight budget. This is something I can look into.

I will put tat on my todo list. I have several things lined up all day. Will I get reimbursed for my transportation? Maybe so. It is a good way to get around the city. Or maybe I can do remote work. That be fine as well. Ask. See what happens. Ask and you shall receive is a bit confusing. Ask and see what happens is a better frame.

What's in store here. It is a bit cold. The clouds have cleared up. Where did it go? Do two pages? I think two is a good number for now. No need for long hand writing. I would rather connect this way and I write better this way. I think I can do more words per minute typing than writing script. Or whatever you call that. There is that connection already.

I can look up that plugin for vim where things are capitalized. I can do that as well. What's in store for you here? I don't know yet. For now, finish writing then get to the other side. The kids are getting ready for school. Ends on friday and they go on break for two weeks. Today is first of the month. The kids and I have this thing pinch and a thing or something for the first of the month.

I enjoy spending time with the kids. They are fun and don't take things too seriously. That be fine here. I wonder if the others are already awake. I can charge my phone later. I don't think apple music is for me. They don't have anything for linux. Do something else. I can install that on the other computer. It's on anyway. I can hook up my headset on the back like that there and listen from there.

I can do that later. People are starting to get up now. The third daughter is has good people skills. They all do. It's just that she puts effort to spending time with me and talking with me. I like that. I get lonely at times? Not really. There's so much to do aroud here. I don't run out of things to do.

I do get to run out of time, that's how I feel sometimes. What can I do about it? Maybe I can see it as...lost my train of thought right there. The wife is up. I think she's still upset as I did not get a kiss there. That's ok. I can go forward from here. What's next here. I don't know. Keep writing and get to the other side. Do you want to sign up for that? It's good for three months and the android app doesn't go out until september.

Go for deezer instead. I can start using that now. Is that really important for you? Not really. I don't go out for runs as much as I did. Maybe I can do something else. These kids are growing up fast. Youngest is growing up fast. He is tall for his age. The eldest daughter pointed that out yesterday.

I go out tonight. I think we'll see what happens. I don't have to. The blogger network was good. Maybe it can be that way. I think there has to be someone who will host. I can do something then have them pay what they think it's worth. It can be a never ending gig though as they might see it as always changing or something.

Where is that going to be? I can go. I enjoy going out and meeting people. I have the conversations in place. I can hold myself well with that. This child is learning a lot. What to do today. Explore and expand. That sounds fun. I have two lined up. I can rinse off the clothes downstairs. I have so much to do around here that getting a gig is a distraction.

someone today aligned

I don't think that got marathon next weekend is a good idea. I don't think we should sleep over in here. There's so much happening early in the morning. I get up early and they won't be able to sleep in. is there a way to talk them out of doing it here?

I think getting a job for me is a waste of time. I would rather build this business. How then? Network once a week. Do upwork. Those two are path of least resistance for me. This way, I get to learn something new. Then I expand on that. As things are, I am enjoying myself this way. Is it the same feeling as doing aikido back then? It was. Sort of.

What to do then? Be in the moment. Enjoy that. Build the habit. It's the habit that gets you across that finish line. Do one percent each moment. That is what how you build that habit. I wonder if they brought in their own junk. I don't have to learn typescript now. I can do something else.

With typescript, you are not really adding to the hacker ethic. It gives you understanding, reveals more of what you are. I can go there and it's not a waste of time. I almost forgot about that. I'll do that today then.

What else is there? Get to the other side and see what happens. It's moved now. I can choose to do differently but he has a different path now. Everything is expanded for him. He can choose to come back. So if yo ugo first will you be an older person when I get there? What if I stayed here and he got reincarnated.

Everything is here and now. He don't have to come in as a new person. He can come in as someone who don't even have to be physical. That's how everything is connected. You'll know it when you see it. You have guides. That's how they come in to your life. I have everything good in here. Let's connect then.

How to get that going? Be that person who helps out other people. You don't really know the person so it's up to you to make the connection. Everything happens for a reason. Once you see the reason you have changed the energy. I am always shifting. The more I use up the energy, the faster you shift.

How to test that? Look at how you respond. Life happens through you not to you. There's difference there. I am writing again. Do you need to get results that way? That is path of least resistance. I can do something else instead. Go for ten bucks. Better yet, go for your own rate. Don't worry about that. I don't get why they get ten percent. That's a lot really.

What can I do about it? Finish php and mysql. Do one each day. At the end of the day, I can do something else with it. Like what? I don't know yet. All I know is that this is where I am. That node aws app uses mysql. I can play with that. Or do wordpress. That too is connected. Learn one thing and you learn everything. It's the syntax that's different. You can do something here.

What else? I am not keen on getting a job. I can help people though. Then go down that path. Be that business. How to get that up and running? Connect. I can do lunch tmc. There's a cost involved there. I can do something else. One hour is good enough isn't it? Or do something else instead. Weekends tmc sounds good enough. I too can do that. It's a short ride going there and it's mostly downhill. Wife uses the car on weekends and there's a lot to do.

Most pinoys here are employees. There be business people how to find them? I don't know yet. There are people like that. You can network with them. I can see that. What else is there for me? I don't know. Be in the light and you see the mirror reflection and contrast. Everything is connected that way. It's good to take a deep bretah while writin. Is that hy this is so. I see that.

This is page two. I get headaches that way. Yesterday was good. The end was contrast. I responded as such even if just on the inside. I see that. It's connected. I can choose. No need to judge that as not connected. It served me a purpose. Lets' get something else going.

I think there was something different about that definition last night. Wife said women here have less reservations. I think it's not the right word. What is it then? I don't know yet. I am doing this and get to the other side. Get a schedule? I don't think so. I am doing something good here. I have a site up and running. Next step is to get that connected to a couchdb.

This is page two. The kids are still sleeping so I write. I can start on the project now, but I would rather do something else. I can't use vscode now because they don't have php. Do something else. Like what? Someoe is up. This kid is up early today. She is not going to school. Wife said she was crying last night. I don't know what happened there. Its this anyway.

What's next? I am on page three. Keep writing. Son is still sleeping? I think so. This is me writing. It's part of my process. I get things out in the open this way. Some times I get a connection. Other times, I am connecting to flow. It's that connection that is the path. It's not getting results. So results is not the habit for me? It's not. That is expectation. The process is the means to the end.

I see that. What else is here for you? Keep writing and you'll see. No need to write ads. You can write them for yoursel.y what to do with that site? I don't know yet. It would be interesting to find out what it would be. I can do that node aws project book. That gets me there. At least i'll know what to do with it when I get there. When I am in the light. It's about choosing whichi light to go to.

Does she want to talk? Ask that are you ok. If she wants to talk then she'll say so. I say no when I am not ok. That starts the conversation. That is something there for you. What else can I do here? I don't think getting a job is enough for me. I get bored easy. Unless it's a job that is my business. That is where I am going.

What can I do now to get there going? Be in the light. Everything is here and now. Only do this and see hat happens. I see that. I can go there. And do something else? I see. What else to write? I can do yoga later. I can run then yoga in the afternoon. That sounds like fun.

It's the habits you build. Do I still want to run the marathon? It sounds like fun. I can start now and be ready by next year. Take it one percent per day. I can do that. Build up on that one percent. Compound on that interest and you get a lot by the end of the year. You already know that.

I have some interesting pics here. I don't see why google changed that. What else can I do here. Get imgur. That is a fun way to see my album. How do I upload on to that and see my album? I don't know yet. All I know is that the site is up and running and I have plenty to work with here. Let's do this and see what happens then. I can do something else later on. For now, it's where I am. Pick the next step and the next will tell you where you are. That moment is connected to this one. I can walk the city going somewhere.

passport application form

An uncle is at least eighty years old. I am 47. I have second wind. I am now a software engineer. This means I can figure out anything. You don't need docs for that. There's google-fu. I am good at that. If it stops being interesting then I move on. I have set a good foundation for myself over time. It's not that I jump from here to there. Everything is connected.

I haven't written for a few days. My brother passed away a few days ago. I am nucsing my wounds. Healing. Processing. I am ok now. I cried a lot. Body was cleaning out the toxns. It's easy for me to shed a tear. I don't even try to stop it. I was in the city yesterday. It tok a while to travel. There must be a better way to do things.

I was right about spark. It's good I took the fork when it came. I am happy--at peace where I am now. I have a head start. I have other options. These two young-uns are going back. That's a choice as well. My choices are different. Everything is relevant. No need for judgement. That's what I do? Then I am aware. I can choose to let go and redefine it.

It's always about choice. Wife comes home late tonight. Today is thursday. Grocery is finished. We move forward today. Is it going to rain? I have laundry downstairs. I have fresh ones coming up soon. I can do them today or tomorrow. It's a full bin doing them tomorrow. These kids use up a lot of laundry.

This is a fork in te road. We are all connected. He chose to go ahead. He was trail blazer. That took a lot of courage. We all do. We leave behind a trail that everyone can follow. What happens next? I can do backend. I think aws is the whale in this scenario. I am exploring that path. No need to test something else. Everything else comes easy after this. Let's explore this then. I can go for a year of this. I have my path before me.

The train ride was long but I got to go outside and see the world. A lot of people are living zombies. That's a judgement tehre. I can redefine it but this is the path of least resistance for me. I have chosen to do something else. That's a more apt description. I am happy with this choice. It gets more interesting this way. I get overload in the brain at times. That tells me it's time for a break.

I haven't showered in two days. It's exciting to know that I have second wind. This is why it's here. What do you want to do next? Explore this. It's that energy. I have my path laid in front of me. I am exploring this path already. What's next? Finish writing. Three pages every day when possible. If not, I don't force myself. No pictures yet. People don't come. They go on friday. Traffic going there is terrible, and then they have to go back.

That's what's different this time. If it were in loyola, there'd be more people. It's sort of midway from work. It's easy to stop by and kill time. Things are different now. What's next? I don't know. I choose to help them kids. It's their choice. I am an option they can tap.

It get lonely here. The only time they consider this seriously is when they have kids. Or if when it's part of their exploration. I have a number of books in the library. I can go today. I can choose to do differently. What's next then? I don't know yet. It's cloudy outside. Let's see if this clears up. I can go at lunch time. I do yoga today. There's also the afternoon gig. I can do that later.

Yoga is fun. This is already deep in the woods. What is going to happen next. Is it cheaper to go that way? I can serve static files and php or python is something I want to look into. There is also android. That is something I can run when I am outside. The first two are for helping people. The latter is too, but it's more like a personal project. It's all inside anyway.

What now? I keep saying that this time. Iam now aware and can choose differently. This is why it's here. Everything is connected. Daughter wants a music stream. How to do that? You know how. You can create one, then do a private stream. You can create an instance there then serve up from that through android.

What's the overhead? Set up storage, then serve them with android. You see where this is headed? Since your pc is on all the time, you can set it up here. You only need to get this up during the day. Overnight, you can shut things down. You can run a nodejs server and that is interesting. It's how it's connected.

I found my public ip last night. I can always go back to that. I have storage, but I can always get more when needed. How do you stream tat then? Look into it and see how it goes. You need to set up firwall and stuff? I can look into that as well. What's next? Restart?

The kids' lunch need attention. How come the last name is different? She is still playing that game then. That's how I got found. Who is she anyway? How is she doing? You know where that's going. Get to the other side then. What's next? I don't know yet. This is where I am. I don't know where that one is going.

I am curious though how this turns out. What does her kid do? I never got around to asking that. Still this is a different path. He was my son's age when he left. I don't know if he remembers me. It's there but he may not be able to tap into that memory. I don't have access to some of mine.

I write a lot. The fingers do the talking for me. I think it's a waste of time to work for money. How do you expand on this? I don't know yet. You get up to a point and it don't make sense anymore. I think my threshold is minimum wage. Soon as I get started I look for meaning. When things don't line up, I shift. This is why it's here. Everything is connected. You are an example for someone eles, even if it's only with yourself.

This shows you here the light is. Be in the light. Everything else reflects off that light. You don't teach anyone else as their path is different. You already know that. I am getting sick? Not the rigth word. Energy has shifted. Time to change? Not change realign things. Realign the energy. Shift the energy is more the right words I am looking for?

You get the idea. You keep writing until you hit the nail in the head and then you edit later. When it's not edited and reads raw, that means it wasn't interesting enough to edit again. Put out and you get back. It's the mirror effect. Is it? Was that them?

Maybe. I can vacuum today. Or I can do that tomorrow. What else is there? I enjoy doing this. I have two books to go through. What to do now? Set up a site. You can then expand from there. I already have node. I can set up with that then do something else.

That seems interesting. What are other options then? See what's interesting then go down that path. You don't write anymore? Yes. Hat is a path. It's part of the whole. Or I am writing a lot. Or not. Everything is here and now.

Did I just say no there. I think I did. What is that? I need a mirror here to see where I am going? It's for the local self. You know where you are going. Let it be a present for you. You know when you see it.

deal with it?

I feel anxiiety. I allow it. No need to fight or resist or push it down. Doing so only makes it stay putting that on my global namespace. That's not where you want to go. Rather, you let it sit there as background noise. You still go on with your light, using that background as contrast to who you are. This is what I do.

I am going deeper into php. Is it to get jobs? I think it's more for the mom and pop business. I can do other frameworks and can go deep into that, but this is open source and I can do stuff with it. I even updated my vim themes to create an easy on the eyes color theme. I can upload that later, but for now, keep it here for more tweaks to follow.

I feel like I still look to the outside to see where I am going. Write now then do the rest of the day to finish that one tutorial. I went all day yesterday getting that python script to work. That was the theme for the day and I wasn't able to get it up and running. That tells me that's the end of that unless I get the interest to work on it again. For now, only do this.

It's fun for me this way learning about stuff than making money. That's what's different now. How do I get this up and running? I see no ad for php developers for auckland. I can go there and see how things go. People will look into that and ask about it. I can get something up and running with that. Will I be ready when it comes in?

I think so. I can always look things up when I go there. I can do that. What else is there? I don't know. Only do this and see what happens. We went to see a movie last night. I did not like it. It was shallow. It was squeezing more out of it. I think it wasn't as good as the first one. How come some people liked it? I don't know. It was boring and predictable. Mad max was showing. I could have watched that instead. Anyway, now you know better. The kids are there. They had fun. I chose not to go and went wet blanket with it.

I see that now. I am moving to the light. I choose how I respond to things. The thing for me is to be one percent different more aligned in every moment. That's the path for me. No need to be the best. At this moment, am I one percent more aligned? Or one percent in alignment with who I am? That way, over the coures of the day, I am getting more ailgned by the end of the day. I think that's a good path for me. Stick with this and see what happens then.

I can also send in some applications. I want to get something up and running. These real estate persons will need help with their sites. They do have to go through their mother ship so you may want to consider that. If so, do something else. I have php and node. I can work with both. Both are open source. I can go that way.

It's a sunday. Tomorrow the kids have school. I can start going that way and see how things go. If not, do something else. Everything is connected. Do you want to go south? I can do that. The kids can do something else when we get there. What about the wife? I think she can get a job. Or they can stay here and I come visit at weekends.

That sounds interesting. It's a one hour flight anyway. I can go there and see how things go. I think that's interesting. How do you connect with them? You are there anyway. The rent is going to be a factor. You will want to look into that as well. I can write with the eyes closed. I will consider that though.

What else can I do here? I can figure out how to upload that to heroku. From there, I can do stuff as well. This is page two. People go to church later on. Wat's for dinner? I can have chicken later. I was so dizzy last night I did not enjoy the night out. You know better now. I don't think anything is going to happen next week. I can plan something with the wife and kids. Like what?

I don't know yet. We know when we get there. The kids want to go on a road trip. Where to go? They want something camping. We can fly over to south and see what's in store over there. Go there and eat something, spend the night in a motel. We can do that. That be interesting. What are our other options? I don't know yet.

At least that way, things are moving forward. What can I have for breakfast? Eggs are good. Go there then. What is the door shutting like that? Itbothers me but that don't bother them. So be it then. I can move forward with this. Is there a need? People don't like to go there. It still works as clients use wordpress because it's easy. They then want to expand their sites and that's where you come in.

continue writing and see here this goes. Thisi s my mom and pop business. No need to go otherwise. You see where this is going? I get it. At least I am in that mode. I can do upwark from here on in. I finish that tutorial then next week I go full time with that. What is in demand in there. I can create something and run all the folders with different projects. That be interesting. Is there a different way to do this?

I think you can connect node with php. I haven't wrapped my mind around it but it's there and you can do something with it. It's like javascript then. I have a good vim to work with. Onlydo this and see what happens. That's how I spend my days. Is there potential for this? You spend money for commute anyway. That's the cost of doing business. You get that and everything falls into place. How come I have to pay for tat? I think I can come up with something better. I see. Php you don't have to get spaghettin code. Everything is in the page itself. The scripting is there. Is that compartmentalized? I think what you need are design patterns.

I can go there. This is pag there now. The kids are still sleeping. They like to do that on weekends. It was fun last night. You can expand there and see what happens. I can bring them pansit later. Is that necessary? There's plenty of stuff there for now. Work or expand on this and see where the path leads to.

How do you make one for vim? I don't know. I can look it up later when the need arises. Otherwise, I can do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. Make it like solarized. That is a path I can do. The kids want to watch horror movies. It gets intense when you see it that way.

We'll put that on the board and see where that goes later. Do I need to go to the library? I don't have a need for that book right now. Maybe if the weather stays like this I can go. In the meantime, I am not excited about going. I can put a water bottle in there. Or do something else.

Let's get the momentum going instead. I can do that. How to expand from that. Take it as far as you can go. When the energy changes, you shift with it. It's like surfing. Take it to shore if you have to, otherwise you enjoy the wave. This is dimension surfing? I think that's a loose translation that will work for now. Do you have to write? I don't feel worthy? Is that right? It's not connecting but this is what we have now. Only do this and see what happens.

Everything is connected. I am at the last paragraph. Finish this and post and get on with the day. I have php vim. I am excited to work with that.

front to back

The salary hasn't come in yet. If it's not, then i'll have to make some emails sent. I can text, but that's not where you want to go as that will can eat up your balance. I'm online almost all the time anyway. I can go deep into javascript, or go sideways and learn both php and javascript. From yesterday, I learned that they are not that different. With php, things happen on the backend while js happens on the browser on load.

What does that mean to you? Less load on your server. It works less as it's sending the files, then the browser will do all the work. That makes sense there. The kids are all still in bed. Last night with the wife was awesome. We can have more of that then. I feel like I am healing now. I feel better. I don't like that new series. It is too slow like at episode three, they are still building up to something.

How willyou do things differently? I can write about that. What can they do? They can tap into each other's gifts. You do that all the time anyway. Then you realize that it's all one. You are all connected because it's the same one thing. That is getting somewhere. How do you prove that? It's be reflection and yesterday I picked up on something new. Everything reflected back to you is from your higher self. It's like your higher self creating a bubble reality for the reflection. Your higher self is your mirror.

There is a disconnect there for me now. If that were the case, it's still measureable. How do you find that signature? How do you infulence that bubble? You touch connect using your frequency. You go to that level and it's what reflects back. The thing is, reflection and contrast are one and the same thing. What you will percieve and experience are based on your source code. Look into your source code often and you will find what you need.

How to get to that level? Network is a good thing. I can do that well. Get in there and see what you can do. What else is out there. Nothing scheduled for today. I can go next week or some time after that. People are always on the lookout anyway. Who is that. Is there a cat out there? I am making them lunch chicken bites.

Third daughter's birthday is on friday. Everything that happens is there for a reason. I can go out later for a walk. I do yoga in the morning. What now? Don't put yourself in hunger state. Be in this light and see how it goes. You have that? I see that. You don't want to be in there. Trust the process. Everything is connected. At least there's something coming up for you. I can apply for that position there. I can show them my github account. Is there angular in there? I canbeef that up. Create something with it. Maybe do a weather thing. Or scrape data and serve them there. I can create something like that. I can use something else if needed.

This is page two. What happens next? I don't know yet. You can use an app that helps to look for work. You scrape them then serve them there. You then see if you have applied for that position already. Then you can look to others like that from the other jobs site. You collate them together, filter out the ones that seem similar, or at least label them as possibly similar.

Is that possible? You will need regex for that. I can pick that up easy. There's google for that anyway. It don't matter which one you are working on. What's important is that you do this and get to the other side. Is there anything else? Keep writing. Best to close eyes? Sometimes. That way you do not respond to what is happening on the outside.

Everything is inside anyway. It's been like three weeks. Thats a long time. I am getting connected this way. Let it be. I think you need to do this and see wher eit's going. This is where I am anyway. Let's just do this and see how it goes. This is where I am. No need to be anywhere else.

Is there an app there for you? It don't matter. Build it. Everything else reflects off that. You already know that. There is no better or worse. Everything is different. No need to go there. I already know that. You don't have to. For now, keep writing. I can then fix up the kids' lunch.

What todo today. Finishe them lessons. It's connected so you learn it that way. It's simpler for js. Everything is there. What complicates php is that you need a server to run it. It's the same anyway. At least I learn something from that. Things are different this time. I am not going into poker. I am done with that. I see. What's next for us then. I do that and see what happens.

Fine. Go there and see how it goes. It's there. Too much noise in the tummy. It's connected. I get that when I have carbs. What can I do now? Be in the light and see what happens. I can prep for that interview anyway. There be the agencies as well. I can do that. No need for recuiters. They have filters and only want to get paid. Do something else. Grads go that way. You have a choice.

That is the edge there. You learn from experience. That is what I look for if I were in that spot. This guy leveraged python and is now sought after. I can do that too. What can you do there? I don't know yet. Different strokes for everyone. I can go deep into tat and see how it goes. There is also ruby. I can look into that but I can do something else for now.

Like what? I don't know yet. All I see is that I can do some good where I am headed. I don't knowwhat it is off the bat, but it's here and now. Are you on that light? no. that is there. It's not here. I am lost. I am anxious. That is a label. You trust that the worst thing can and will happen.

At least I am aware of these things. I see that holding on and I can let go. This is what it's for. This is how I use it. What's going to happen next? I don't know yet. At least I am at peace here.

What now? I don't know. It's here for a reason. Use it that way. Is there anything else I can do here? Is that really anxiety? It's a realization that it's not me. No need to label it as negative. I know that the answers are in me. It's not out there. So I go inside to solve it or at least put meaning into it. You don't have it on the outside? If the reflection is from the higher self, then how is the answers all isned of you?

That's a riddle here. I don't know. It's a reflection. It's like the channeling. You are connecting to your higher self. It's still happening through you. It's only a projection? That is a better way to see it. Projection, reflection, contrast. That's a mouthful for my mind.

You don't have to make senes out of it. Only be aware that it's there. You can use it sometime next time. For now, only do this and see what you can make of it. Do you need to go there? That's where the network is. Go there and see how things go. I can continue with the lessons. Do sixty pages each day and you finish it sooner than a month.

Is that where you want to go? When you finish that, you can expand on it and add them to your bag of tools. That's why it's here for. Everything is connected that awy. See it that way. It's a wednesday.

back to zero?

I don't want to go back to work. I would rather do my gig growing my thing. I can get back to copywriting, then expand into web dev grow my portfolio, then go local. It's not going to make as much money, but at least i'll be at peace with it. I don't have to coy people into getting accounts in isp. It's not me.

I can't sell like a prince. That's hard sell when it could be something else. Then be something else. Be finesse. You can do differently. What can I do differently now? I don't know yet. Only be in the light. Get going with this gig and see where this is headed.

My account got hacked. I am still wondering how that happened. It must eb an online thing as that was from a google wallet account, I think. It looks like that at least. What can I do about it? It's not connected with my wallet. What can I do about it? I don't know yet. Be in the moment and see what happens now.

Things have not been working out as I wanted them to be. I feel like it's going nowhere. What can I do about it? Be in the light. I don't have to be like someone else. I can be myself. I don't have to be like them. Only get one and see how things go. Anyways, monday is coming. I don't have to get one so I get that meeting on tuesday and I am free.

It's going to be a bummer monday but at least it is still going forward. What do I do now? I don't know yet. Only choose to be in the light and you will see the reflection. What is next then? I don't know yet. This is where I am. No need to be otherwise. Do you have to be anrgy like that? No need to go there though. She was hot there but what happened to her? Too many baggage.

What to do now? Keep writing whatever comes to mind. You don't have to be osmeone else. All this leads to this moment. What to make out of it.? Can you choose to be in the light? Yes. I can choose that. No matter what reflection I get, I can choose how to respond. That's my light. I choose. I always have a choice. This is where I am. Even when it seems that way, I have a choice.

It may take a while, at least I have a choice here. I can call that thing on monday and tell them what happened. I am going to resume on what's next. I am choosing how to respond. How I respond is in alignment with the light that I am in. she has nice legs? This is good music here. I think I can follow this music. I would rather write and code.

What are my other options? See if I can get a gig with a local thing. That payday is going to cross to the other side for a week. What then will I do? Cross the bridge when I get there. I see that. And then what? You don't and won't know until you get to that fork in the road. Be this and you are still there. Hat else to write about?

There are them legs? She is different now. You might think that it's a lot of baggage there. People want to sign her up but she is too much of a baggage to carry around. There are better options. There be second choices but they offer better leverage. Go there then.

This is page two and this is better typing. What can I do here? I don't know. That is healing? I think so. Then what else is there? I don't know yet. Only that I write. These kids are growing up. I think that this movie has soul and people like it. What music is this? It sounds good. It's different this way.

I like this one. I can choose to get back with this subscription when things start to flow again. Plenty of changes to be made here. Now what? I don't know yet. Be in the moment then cross that fork in the road when you get there. Now what? This is where I am. And then I see what happens. This is the paper I write. I don't have to be anything else. What if nothing happens there. I get something that is more in alignment with who I am.

No more sales? I think so. No more of that expectations thing. I can do something I like then expand from that good feeling. I see that. What happens next? Get yourself let go and see what happens then. No more sales for me. It's not me. I got lucky there. If dan did not come along I never would have gotten there. I see that and accept that now. I am not such a hotshot. Maybe I messed up there. That was part of my process.

How to expand from here? I don't know yet. That's not mine. Do this and see what happens. I don't have to be otherwise. It's no longer me. What can I do here? I don't know yet. For now, cross the bridge and be in the light. Keep writing. Finish that day and see what happens then.

I see that. Will I make a sale? I don't know yet. I can see what happens. Then I cross that bridge there. I don't think I want to do that. Get yourself fired up so you get the benefits. Then we will see what happen? I think so. Only this and then you go there. How will you get another gig when you get let go? I don't know. It's a hard sell. That's not me anymore. Make things right. That is all you can do at this time. You feel bad for a while. You can choose to do something else. No need to be popular? I did that once. I did not like it. It's something that you go through. So be it.

It's tough going to school. What music is this? I don't know. It's a rock thing. I can look that up. I had that in my youtube playlist. I enjoyed doing that one. Why not go back there? At least you see the difference. You can use that two hundred to get gigs. At least that way, the low enders are no longer there. Then you can choose to do differently.

I see htat now. Do the right thing and see what happens. I see. This is what I can do. This is where I am. Only that I write. Then cross to the other end and see what happens. I was there before. I learned a lot from there. You can always redefine things. You always have a choice. Choose how you will respond. You always have that.

This is why it's here. Ground hog day is giving you the opportunity to choose who you are. Make that choice. I see that. What happens next? I don't know yet. This is where I am. No need to do otherwise. Do you want to listen to this? I don't know yet. This is what's happening here and see what happens.

This is page three and I am like halfway through. This is where I am. No need to get to otherwise. This is where I am now. See where this is headed? I don't really know where this is headed. Then stay here and write whatever comes to mind. You get nervous? You are expanding ane exploring what is. You get unfamiliar with it.

I write a lot of nonsenes but that is judgement. I don't want to go back there. I just want to stay home and write and code. I don't know where it is headed but at least I am good with that. How to deal with the wife and family? I don't know yet. Maybe get a gig that isn't sales but something I can do on the netural. I can do that.

Why did I get that gig then. I don't know yet. You do know. This is contrast. You had to see for yourself that you did not like it. Better to be let go this way then. I see that. Let's see it that way then. You don't have to be otherwise. Only do this and see where this fork leads to.

big kahuna situation

Yesterday was touch. I was comparing myself to others. It wasn't me, but the script I was using. I see that I should have stopped, take time to make changes to the script before continuing again. I think that anyone who followed that script will have a hard time getting attention as well.

What did I do about it? I made changes based on what I understand about the science of influence. It's not perfect or final, but it's a step forard. I am testing my script today. What's differentt is that I will take time to...why was that big lady bossing people around? I was letting her boss me around. I see that now. I don't like her. I can ignore her now. She wasn't doing anything yesterday so why can't she do it herself? I see that now. I am moving forward.

Pavan had a different path. His was more relevant and evident. I have my path in front of me. No need to fight it. I can check out bus schedule for tonight. Which way is shorter? I'm not sure but it think through the park is short. The other one is uphill but I can go through fanshawe and up that road. It doesn't go long, but it is a longer way.

I'll go check out bus schedules then. Or take takapuna if I have to. So be it then. It was late. I can take a nap when I get home. This is taking too much time. What are my other options? Do upwork? I can go there. I can come up with a good copy but I don't get why I have to buy credits. It was working before and they got greedy. Is it working for them? Surely if revenue drops they will have to find a way around.

Or you can apply for relevant gigs. Ican do that. I can even go to fiverr, but that's way too low. What are my other options? Total immersion. Get good at this and be in the light. That is the invitation and opportunity here. You see the light? Yes. What to do? Be the person that you choose or prefer to be. I am doing that. Then there's notihng more you can do. You already are doing everything you can. That is the best you can do. Anything else isnot ading to it. Be in the light.

What's the game plan for today. You already know that. Let's play with this. I am in good habits here. You can move forward with this. People are starting to move around. It's seven. I can prepare their lunch in a moment when I finish these. It's cooling off anyway. I have my own lunch ready. That will last me through the day. Let's get it on then. What's next for me? I am not doing lots of walking anyway. I have my notes in there. Only do this and get to the other side.

I was listing objections so I can work through them. I will need documentation help when I get a fish. That comes easy when you get there. When do you use that thing? Use their number and add it there. I cando that. What else is there? I can get them talking while I go through that. I can do that. What else is there?

I see apprehension and doubt. You saw that too? That is empathy there. You can move forward from here. It's not about being busy. It's about something else? Being in the light. Everything else then falls into place. You allow it and it falls into place. By allowing, everything falls into place. I think that's what I was looking for.

Moving on now. This is page two. The kids are getting ready for school. Does it matter that I am here? You know what to do here. Keep your stuff with you and you can move forward with this. I can ask the wife for a pen. The kids have plenty of those. Mine went missing already. Is that fat lady there klepto? Be careful with that.

Maybe there is someone going around checking things out. It wasn't good that they take pens when they want to. I was using that anyway. Let's move forward from here. I can do something here more productive. Is that office politics? Why am I here? To give meaning? It's easy when you are in contrat. Use up the energy. You will know what to do when you get there.

What's next here? I don't know yet. This is where I am. Move forward with his. I am in page two. It is getting light. The sun came out yesterday. It was cloudy during the morning. I was thinking it will rain all day but it didi not. What can I do later thoen? Take it one hour at a time. One hour, take a break. That's what you do here. You are making enough calls anyway. Keep to it.

What's next then? I don't have to sit there wait for them to answer the phone. I am here and this is my light. This is relevant for me. That is abundance right there. Whatever is relevant for you, it is everywhere. How do you shift? You loook into your source code and see why its there. The enotions build up on the source code. Different source code and you run a different program.

This is how it's connected then. How do I shift? Line up your source code with what you want. Not want, but who you define yourself to be this time. You want to run that program, you write that program. What can I do differently then? Respond as that person in every way you can. This is where religion messed up. They apply everything into god terms and obedience.

You know this and can choose to teach this, but you'll be in religion mode as well. You don't want to go there. That is negative. You are not. Being positive you integrate everything into you. I see. What's next then?

Finish page three, this, then move on to the next one. I do yoga before I go. I can leave around after nine, that's after yoga. This is going to be my itinerary then. I drive wife off to work or bus station then move forward from there.

I don't get how this is connected but local mind can't understand everything. This is where religion will call it faith. I call it knowing that I don't have to get it but know that everything is reflection. It seems to sound like faith, but knowing makes more sense. Faith is like you jump off a cliff just because someone said so.

Aha. There's the difference there. This is why I write. I slouch more often now. How to use that bag? Do I bring my stuff around? Are these people making money in sales? It's like those folks are not making much money like stockbrokers. Brokers make much? They have nice cars but these slavers don't look like it.

For one, when you make good, you get nice cars. Or you dress fancy. They are not there. Sups are supposed to look good there. The light is shifting. You see that everyday? Yes. What to do about this? It will be apparent for you. Move forward with this and see what happens. There be others looking for help with this. You can do sometihng there. Bring in traffic? Social media. It's going to take time, but it's there.

What to do about this? I don't know yet. You have it in place trust the synchronicity. Everything is conncetde. I am writing a lot these day. I do this when I am in situations like these when I don't know what to make of it. It's like prayer but this is different in a way that I am connecting to flow.

I wonder who my son will ask to go with him to countdown. There's three choices for him.