big kahuna situation

Yesterday was touch. I was comparing myself to others. It wasn't me, but the script I was using. I see that I should have stopped, take time to make changes to the script before continuing again. I think that anyone who followed that script will have a hard time getting attention as well.

What did I do about it? I made changes based on what I understand about the science of influence. It's not perfect or final, but it's a step forard. I am testing my script today. What's differentt is that I will take time to...why was that big lady bossing people around? I was letting her boss me around. I see that now. I don't like her. I can ignore her now. She wasn't doing anything yesterday so why can't she do it herself? I see that now. I am moving forward.

Pavan had a different path. His was more relevant and evident. I have my path in front of me. No need to fight it. I can check out bus schedule for tonight. Which way is shorter? I'm not sure but it think through the park is short. The other one is uphill but I can go through fanshawe and up that road. It doesn't go long, but it is a longer way.

I'll go check out bus schedules then. Or take takapuna if I have to. So be it then. It was late. I can take a nap when I get home. This is taking too much time. What are my other options? Do upwork? I can go there. I can come up with a good copy but I don't get why I have to buy credits. It was working before and they got greedy. Is it working for them? Surely if revenue drops they will have to find a way around.

Or you can apply for relevant gigs. Ican do that. I can even go to fiverr, but that's way too low. What are my other options? Total immersion. Get good at this and be in the light. That is the invitation and opportunity here. You see the light? Yes. What to do? Be the person that you choose or prefer to be. I am doing that. Then there's notihng more you can do. You already are doing everything you can. That is the best you can do. Anything else isnot ading to it. Be in the light.

What's the game plan for today. You already know that. Let's play with this. I am in good habits here. You can move forward with this. People are starting to move around. It's seven. I can prepare their lunch in a moment when I finish these. It's cooling off anyway. I have my own lunch ready. That will last me through the day. Let's get it on then. What's next for me? I am not doing lots of walking anyway. I have my notes in there. Only do this and get to the other side.

I was listing objections so I can work through them. I will need documentation help when I get a fish. That comes easy when you get there. When do you use that thing? Use their number and add it there. I cando that. What else is there? I can get them talking while I go through that. I can do that. What else is there?

I see apprehension and doubt. You saw that too? That is empathy there. You can move forward from here. It's not about being busy. It's about something else? Being in the light. Everything else then falls into place. You allow it and it falls into place. By allowing, everything falls into place. I think that's what I was looking for.

Moving on now. This is page two. The kids are getting ready for school. Does it matter that I am here? You know what to do here. Keep your stuff with you and you can move forward with this. I can ask the wife for a pen. The kids have plenty of those. Mine went missing already. Is that fat lady there klepto? Be careful with that.

Maybe there is someone going around checking things out. It wasn't good that they take pens when they want to. I was using that anyway. Let's move forward from here. I can do something here more productive. Is that office politics? Why am I here? To give meaning? It's easy when you are in contrat. Use up the energy. You will know what to do when you get there.

What's next here? I don't know yet. This is where I am. Move forward with his. I am in page two. It is getting light. The sun came out yesterday. It was cloudy during the morning. I was thinking it will rain all day but it didi not. What can I do later thoen? Take it one hour at a time. One hour, take a break. That's what you do here. You are making enough calls anyway. Keep to it.

What's next then? I don't have to sit there wait for them to answer the phone. I am here and this is my light. This is relevant for me. That is abundance right there. Whatever is relevant for you, it is everywhere. How do you shift? You loook into your source code and see why its there. The enotions build up on the source code. Different source code and you run a different program.

This is how it's connected then. How do I shift? Line up your source code with what you want. Not want, but who you define yourself to be this time. You want to run that program, you write that program. What can I do differently then? Respond as that person in every way you can. This is where religion messed up. They apply everything into god terms and obedience.

You know this and can choose to teach this, but you'll be in religion mode as well. You don't want to go there. That is negative. You are not. Being positive you integrate everything into you. I see. What's next then?

Finish page three, this, then move on to the next one. I do yoga before I go. I can leave around after nine, that's after yoga. This is going to be my itinerary then. I drive wife off to work or bus station then move forward from there.

I don't get how this is connected but local mind can't understand everything. This is where religion will call it faith. I call it knowing that I don't have to get it but know that everything is reflection. It seems to sound like faith, but knowing makes more sense. Faith is like you jump off a cliff just because someone said so.

Aha. There's the difference there. This is why I write. I slouch more often now. How to use that bag? Do I bring my stuff around? Are these people making money in sales? It's like those folks are not making much money like stockbrokers. Brokers make much? They have nice cars but these slavers don't look like it.

For one, when you make good, you get nice cars. Or you dress fancy. They are not there. Sups are supposed to look good there. The light is shifting. You see that everyday? Yes. What to do about this? It will be apparent for you. Move forward with this and see what happens. There be others looking for help with this. You can do sometihng there. Bring in traffic? Social media. It's going to take time, but it's there.

What to do about this? I don't know yet. You have it in place trust the synchronicity. Everything is conncetde. I am writing a lot these day. I do this when I am in situations like these when I don't know what to make of it. It's like prayer but this is different in a way that I am connecting to flow.

I wonder who my son will ask to go with him to countdown. There's three choices for him.