deal with it?

I feel anxiiety. I allow it. No need to fight or resist or push it down. Doing so only makes it stay putting that on my global namespace. That's not where you want to go. Rather, you let it sit there as background noise. You still go on with your light, using that background as contrast to who you are. This is what I do.

I am going deeper into php. Is it to get jobs? I think it's more for the mom and pop business. I can do other frameworks and can go deep into that, but this is open source and I can do stuff with it. I even updated my vim themes to create an easy on the eyes color theme. I can upload that later, but for now, keep it here for more tweaks to follow.

I feel like I still look to the outside to see where I am going. Write now then do the rest of the day to finish that one tutorial. I went all day yesterday getting that python script to work. That was the theme for the day and I wasn't able to get it up and running. That tells me that's the end of that unless I get the interest to work on it again. For now, only do this.

It's fun for me this way learning about stuff than making money. That's what's different now. How do I get this up and running? I see no ad for php developers for auckland. I can go there and see how things go. People will look into that and ask about it. I can get something up and running with that. Will I be ready when it comes in?

I think so. I can always look things up when I go there. I can do that. What else is there? I don't know. Only do this and see what happens. We went to see a movie last night. I did not like it. It was shallow. It was squeezing more out of it. I think it wasn't as good as the first one. How come some people liked it? I don't know. It was boring and predictable. Mad max was showing. I could have watched that instead. Anyway, now you know better. The kids are there. They had fun. I chose not to go and went wet blanket with it.

I see that now. I am moving to the light. I choose how I respond to things. The thing for me is to be one percent different more aligned in every moment. That's the path for me. No need to be the best. At this moment, am I one percent more aligned? Or one percent in alignment with who I am? That way, over the coures of the day, I am getting more ailgned by the end of the day. I think that's a good path for me. Stick with this and see what happens then.

I can also send in some applications. I want to get something up and running. These real estate persons will need help with their sites. They do have to go through their mother ship so you may want to consider that. If so, do something else. I have php and node. I can work with both. Both are open source. I can go that way.

It's a sunday. Tomorrow the kids have school. I can start going that way and see how things go. If not, do something else. Everything is connected. Do you want to go south? I can do that. The kids can do something else when we get there. What about the wife? I think she can get a job. Or they can stay here and I come visit at weekends.

That sounds interesting. It's a one hour flight anyway. I can go there and see how things go. I think that's interesting. How do you connect with them? You are there anyway. The rent is going to be a factor. You will want to look into that as well. I can write with the eyes closed. I will consider that though.

What else can I do here? I can figure out how to upload that to heroku. From there, I can do stuff as well. This is page two. People go to church later on. Wat's for dinner? I can have chicken later. I was so dizzy last night I did not enjoy the night out. You know better now. I don't think anything is going to happen next week. I can plan something with the wife and kids. Like what?

I don't know yet. We know when we get there. The kids want to go on a road trip. Where to go? They want something camping. We can fly over to south and see what's in store over there. Go there and eat something, spend the night in a motel. We can do that. That be interesting. What are our other options? I don't know yet.

At least that way, things are moving forward. What can I have for breakfast? Eggs are good. Go there then. What is the door shutting like that? Itbothers me but that don't bother them. So be it then. I can move forward with this. Is there a need? People don't like to go there. It still works as clients use wordpress because it's easy. They then want to expand their sites and that's where you come in.

continue writing and see here this goes. Thisi s my mom and pop business. No need to go otherwise. You see where this is going? I get it. At least I am in that mode. I can do upwark from here on in. I finish that tutorial then next week I go full time with that. What is in demand in there. I can create something and run all the folders with different projects. That be interesting. Is there a different way to do this?

I think you can connect node with php. I haven't wrapped my mind around it but it's there and you can do something with it. It's like javascript then. I have a good vim to work with. Onlydo this and see what happens. That's how I spend my days. Is there potential for this? You spend money for commute anyway. That's the cost of doing business. You get that and everything falls into place. How come I have to pay for tat? I think I can come up with something better. I see. Php you don't have to get spaghettin code. Everything is in the page itself. The scripting is there. Is that compartmentalized? I think what you need are design patterns.

I can go there. This is pag there now. The kids are still sleeping. They like to do that on weekends. It was fun last night. You can expand there and see what happens. I can bring them pansit later. Is that necessary? There's plenty of stuff there for now. Work or expand on this and see where the path leads to.

How do you make one for vim? I don't know. I can look it up later when the need arises. Otherwise, I can do something else. Like what? I don't know yet. Make it like solarized. That is a path I can do. The kids want to watch horror movies. It gets intense when you see it that way.

We'll put that on the board and see where that goes later. Do I need to go to the library? I don't have a need for that book right now. Maybe if the weather stays like this I can go. In the meantime, I am not excited about going. I can put a water bottle in there. Or do something else.

Let's get the momentum going instead. I can do that. How to expand from that. Take it as far as you can go. When the energy changes, you shift with it. It's like surfing. Take it to shore if you have to, otherwise you enjoy the wave. This is dimension surfing? I think that's a loose translation that will work for now. Do you have to write? I don't feel worthy? Is that right? It's not connecting but this is what we have now. Only do this and see what happens.

Everything is connected. I am at the last paragraph. Finish this and post and get on with the day. I have php vim. I am excited to work with that.