front to back

The salary hasn't come in yet. If it's not, then i'll have to make some emails sent. I can text, but that's not where you want to go as that will can eat up your balance. I'm online almost all the time anyway. I can go deep into javascript, or go sideways and learn both php and javascript. From yesterday, I learned that they are not that different. With php, things happen on the backend while js happens on the browser on load.

What does that mean to you? Less load on your server. It works less as it's sending the files, then the browser will do all the work. That makes sense there. The kids are all still in bed. Last night with the wife was awesome. We can have more of that then. I feel like I am healing now. I feel better. I don't like that new series. It is too slow like at episode three, they are still building up to something.

How willyou do things differently? I can write about that. What can they do? They can tap into each other's gifts. You do that all the time anyway. Then you realize that it's all one. You are all connected because it's the same one thing. That is getting somewhere. How do you prove that? It's be reflection and yesterday I picked up on something new. Everything reflected back to you is from your higher self. It's like your higher self creating a bubble reality for the reflection. Your higher self is your mirror.

There is a disconnect there for me now. If that were the case, it's still measureable. How do you find that signature? How do you infulence that bubble? You touch connect using your frequency. You go to that level and it's what reflects back. The thing is, reflection and contrast are one and the same thing. What you will percieve and experience are based on your source code. Look into your source code often and you will find what you need.

How to get to that level? Network is a good thing. I can do that well. Get in there and see what you can do. What else is out there. Nothing scheduled for today. I can go next week or some time after that. People are always on the lookout anyway. Who is that. Is there a cat out there? I am making them lunch chicken bites.

Third daughter's birthday is on friday. Everything that happens is there for a reason. I can go out later for a walk. I do yoga in the morning. What now? Don't put yourself in hunger state. Be in this light and see how it goes. You have that? I see that. You don't want to be in there. Trust the process. Everything is connected. At least there's something coming up for you. I can apply for that position there. I can show them my github account. Is there angular in there? I canbeef that up. Create something with it. Maybe do a weather thing. Or scrape data and serve them there. I can create something like that. I can use something else if needed.

This is page two. What happens next? I don't know yet. You can use an app that helps to look for work. You scrape them then serve them there. You then see if you have applied for that position already. Then you can look to others like that from the other jobs site. You collate them together, filter out the ones that seem similar, or at least label them as possibly similar.

Is that possible? You will need regex for that. I can pick that up easy. There's google for that anyway. It don't matter which one you are working on. What's important is that you do this and get to the other side. Is there anything else? Keep writing. Best to close eyes? Sometimes. That way you do not respond to what is happening on the outside.

Everything is inside anyway. It's been like three weeks. Thats a long time. I am getting connected this way. Let it be. I think you need to do this and see wher eit's going. This is where I am anyway. Let's just do this and see how it goes. This is where I am. No need to be anywhere else.

Is there an app there for you? It don't matter. Build it. Everything else reflects off that. You already know that. There is no better or worse. Everything is different. No need to go there. I already know that. You don't have to. For now, keep writing. I can then fix up the kids' lunch.

What todo today. Finishe them lessons. It's connected so you learn it that way. It's simpler for js. Everything is there. What complicates php is that you need a server to run it. It's the same anyway. At least I learn something from that. Things are different this time. I am not going into poker. I am done with that. I see. What's next for us then. I do that and see what happens.

Fine. Go there and see how it goes. It's there. Too much noise in the tummy. It's connected. I get that when I have carbs. What can I do now? Be in the light and see what happens. I can prep for that interview anyway. There be the agencies as well. I can do that. No need for recuiters. They have filters and only want to get paid. Do something else. Grads go that way. You have a choice.

That is the edge there. You learn from experience. That is what I look for if I were in that spot. This guy leveraged python and is now sought after. I can do that too. What can you do there? I don't know yet. Different strokes for everyone. I can go deep into tat and see how it goes. There is also ruby. I can look into that but I can do something else for now.

Like what? I don't know yet. All I see is that I can do some good where I am headed. I don't knowwhat it is off the bat, but it's here and now. Are you on that light? no. that is there. It's not here. I am lost. I am anxious. That is a label. You trust that the worst thing can and will happen.

At least I am aware of these things. I see that holding on and I can let go. This is what it's for. This is how I use it. What's going to happen next? I don't know yet. At least I am at peace here.

What now? I don't know. It's here for a reason. Use it that way. Is there anything else I can do here? Is that really anxiety? It's a realization that it's not me. No need to label it as negative. I know that the answers are in me. It's not out there. So I go inside to solve it or at least put meaning into it. You don't have it on the outside? If the reflection is from the higher self, then how is the answers all isned of you?

That's a riddle here. I don't know. It's a reflection. It's like the channeling. You are connecting to your higher self. It's still happening through you. It's only a projection? That is a better way to see it. Projection, reflection, contrast. That's a mouthful for my mind.

You don't have to make senes out of it. Only be aware that it's there. You can use it sometime next time. For now, only do this and see what you can make of it. Do you need to go there? That's where the network is. Go there and see how things go. I can continue with the lessons. Do sixty pages each day and you finish it sooner than a month.

Is that where you want to go? When you finish that, you can expand on it and add them to your bag of tools. That's why it's here for. Everything is connected that awy. See it that way. It's a wednesday.