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An uncle is at least eighty years old. I am 47. I have second wind. I am now a software engineer. This means I can figure out anything. You don't need docs for that. There's google-fu. I am good at that. If it stops being interesting then I move on. I have set a good foundation for myself over time. It's not that I jump from here to there. Everything is connected.

I haven't written for a few days. My brother passed away a few days ago. I am nucsing my wounds. Healing. Processing. I am ok now. I cried a lot. Body was cleaning out the toxns. It's easy for me to shed a tear. I don't even try to stop it. I was in the city yesterday. It tok a while to travel. There must be a better way to do things.

I was right about spark. It's good I took the fork when it came. I am happy--at peace where I am now. I have a head start. I have other options. These two young-uns are going back. That's a choice as well. My choices are different. Everything is relevant. No need for judgement. That's what I do? Then I am aware. I can choose to let go and redefine it.

It's always about choice. Wife comes home late tonight. Today is thursday. Grocery is finished. We move forward today. Is it going to rain? I have laundry downstairs. I have fresh ones coming up soon. I can do them today or tomorrow. It's a full bin doing them tomorrow. These kids use up a lot of laundry.

This is a fork in te road. We are all connected. He chose to go ahead. He was trail blazer. That took a lot of courage. We all do. We leave behind a trail that everyone can follow. What happens next? I can do backend. I think aws is the whale in this scenario. I am exploring that path. No need to test something else. Everything else comes easy after this. Let's explore this then. I can go for a year of this. I have my path before me.

The train ride was long but I got to go outside and see the world. A lot of people are living zombies. That's a judgement tehre. I can redefine it but this is the path of least resistance for me. I have chosen to do something else. That's a more apt description. I am happy with this choice. It gets more interesting this way. I get overload in the brain at times. That tells me it's time for a break.

I haven't showered in two days. It's exciting to know that I have second wind. This is why it's here. What do you want to do next? Explore this. It's that energy. I have my path laid in front of me. I am exploring this path already. What's next? Finish writing. Three pages every day when possible. If not, I don't force myself. No pictures yet. People don't come. They go on friday. Traffic going there is terrible, and then they have to go back.

That's what's different this time. If it were in loyola, there'd be more people. It's sort of midway from work. It's easy to stop by and kill time. Things are different now. What's next? I don't know. I choose to help them kids. It's their choice. I am an option they can tap.

It get lonely here. The only time they consider this seriously is when they have kids. Or if when it's part of their exploration. I have a number of books in the library. I can go today. I can choose to do differently. What's next then? I don't know yet. It's cloudy outside. Let's see if this clears up. I can go at lunch time. I do yoga today. There's also the afternoon gig. I can do that later.

Yoga is fun. This is already deep in the woods. What is going to happen next. Is it cheaper to go that way? I can serve static files and php or python is something I want to look into. There is also android. That is something I can run when I am outside. The first two are for helping people. The latter is too, but it's more like a personal project. It's all inside anyway.

What now? I keep saying that this time. Iam now aware and can choose differently. This is why it's here. Everything is connected. Daughter wants a music stream. How to do that? You know how. You can create one, then do a private stream. You can create an instance there then serve up from that through android.

What's the overhead? Set up storage, then serve them with android. You see where this is headed? Since your pc is on all the time, you can set it up here. You only need to get this up during the day. Overnight, you can shut things down. You can run a nodejs server and that is interesting. It's how it's connected.

I found my public ip last night. I can always go back to that. I have storage, but I can always get more when needed. How do you stream tat then? Look into it and see how it goes. You need to set up firwall and stuff? I can look into that as well. What's next? Restart?

The kids' lunch need attention. How come the last name is different? She is still playing that game then. That's how I got found. Who is she anyway? How is she doing? You know where that's going. Get to the other side then. What's next? I don't know yet. This is where I am. I don't know where that one is going.

I am curious though how this turns out. What does her kid do? I never got around to asking that. Still this is a different path. He was my son's age when he left. I don't know if he remembers me. It's there but he may not be able to tap into that memory. I don't have access to some of mine.

I write a lot. The fingers do the talking for me. I think it's a waste of time to work for money. How do you expand on this? I don't know yet. You get up to a point and it don't make sense anymore. I think my threshold is minimum wage. Soon as I get started I look for meaning. When things don't line up, I shift. This is why it's here. Everything is connected. You are an example for someone eles, even if it's only with yourself.

This shows you here the light is. Be in the light. Everything else reflects off that light. You don't teach anyone else as their path is different. You already know that. I am getting sick? Not the rigth word. Energy has shifted. Time to change? Not change realign things. Realign the energy. Shift the energy is more the right words I am looking for?

You get the idea. You keep writing until you hit the nail in the head and then you edit later. When it's not edited and reads raw, that means it wasn't interesting enough to edit again. Put out and you get back. It's the mirror effect. Is it? Was that them?

Maybe. I can vacuum today. Or I can do that tomorrow. What else is there? I enjoy doing this. I have two books to go through. What to do now? Set up a site. You can then expand from there. I already have node. I can set up with that then do something else.

That seems interesting. What are other options then? See what's interesting then go down that path. You don't write anymore? Yes. Hat is a path. It's part of the whole. Or I am writing a lot. Or not. Everything is here and now.

Did I just say no there. I think I did. What is that? I need a mirror here to see where I am going? It's for the local self. You know where you are going. Let it be a present for you. You know when you see it.