ready for break

Php and javascript. These are two skills I am exploring and expanding on at the moment. The intent is to be one percent better every moment I check in, or aware of myself. How is that better? At times I find myself comparing myself to others. Not good. At least I use that as feedback to see where I am now.

I don't like interviews. I get anxious as I have expectations. How do you rephrase that? I get expectations rather than let the synchronicity guide me. They don't get that. Then give short straightforward answers.

Wife got upset with me. That's ok. I don't like going up to drive for her. I would rather do something else. These are moments. What would you rather do. Am I going out tonight? How? I don't know yet. Take the bus. Go there to city then load up when you get there. I then take another bus to get there.

What's in there? Socialize and network. That was like that internet marketing meetup. It was all over the place. I would rather do a hackathon where I get to spend more time with people. Skills shine out that way and you get to meet and know people at a certain level that way.

What else can I do here? Do you want to volunteer your skills? I can look them up. What else is there? I don't know yet. I can send out resumes. I think they still need volunteers. They do tend to do things for themselves because of a tight budget. This is something I can look into.

I will put tat on my todo list. I have several things lined up all day. Will I get reimbursed for my transportation? Maybe so. It is a good way to get around the city. Or maybe I can do remote work. That be fine as well. Ask. See what happens. Ask and you shall receive is a bit confusing. Ask and see what happens is a better frame.

What's in store here. It is a bit cold. The clouds have cleared up. Where did it go? Do two pages? I think two is a good number for now. No need for long hand writing. I would rather connect this way and I write better this way. I think I can do more words per minute typing than writing script. Or whatever you call that. There is that connection already.

I can look up that plugin for vim where things are capitalized. I can do that as well. What's in store for you here? I don't know yet. For now, finish writing then get to the other side. The kids are getting ready for school. Ends on friday and they go on break for two weeks. Today is first of the month. The kids and I have this thing pinch and a thing or something for the first of the month.

I enjoy spending time with the kids. They are fun and don't take things too seriously. That be fine here. I wonder if the others are already awake. I can charge my phone later. I don't think apple music is for me. They don't have anything for linux. Do something else. I can install that on the other computer. It's on anyway. I can hook up my headset on the back like that there and listen from there.

I can do that later. People are starting to get up now. The third daughter is has good people skills. They all do. It's just that she puts effort to spending time with me and talking with me. I like that. I get lonely at times? Not really. There's so much to do aroud here. I don't run out of things to do.

I do get to run out of time, that's how I feel sometimes. What can I do about it? Maybe I can see it as...lost my train of thought right there. The wife is up. I think she's still upset as I did not get a kiss there. That's ok. I can go forward from here. What's next here. I don't know. Keep writing and get to the other side. Do you want to sign up for that? It's good for three months and the android app doesn't go out until september.

Go for deezer instead. I can start using that now. Is that really important for you? Not really. I don't go out for runs as much as I did. Maybe I can do something else. These kids are growing up fast. Youngest is growing up fast. He is tall for his age. The eldest daughter pointed that out yesterday.

I go out tonight. I think we'll see what happens. I don't have to. The blogger network was good. Maybe it can be that way. I think there has to be someone who will host. I can do something then have them pay what they think it's worth. It can be a never ending gig though as they might see it as always changing or something.

Where is that going to be? I can go. I enjoy going out and meeting people. I have the conversations in place. I can hold myself well with that. This child is learning a lot. What to do today. Explore and expand. That sounds fun. I have two lined up. I can rinse off the clothes downstairs. I have so much to do around here that getting a gig is a distraction.