someone today aligned

I don't think that got marathon next weekend is a good idea. I don't think we should sleep over in here. There's so much happening early in the morning. I get up early and they won't be able to sleep in. is there a way to talk them out of doing it here?

I think getting a job for me is a waste of time. I would rather build this business. How then? Network once a week. Do upwork. Those two are path of least resistance for me. This way, I get to learn something new. Then I expand on that. As things are, I am enjoying myself this way. Is it the same feeling as doing aikido back then? It was. Sort of.

What to do then? Be in the moment. Enjoy that. Build the habit. It's the habit that gets you across that finish line. Do one percent each moment. That is what how you build that habit. I wonder if they brought in their own junk. I don't have to learn typescript now. I can do something else.

With typescript, you are not really adding to the hacker ethic. It gives you understanding, reveals more of what you are. I can go there and it's not a waste of time. I almost forgot about that. I'll do that today then.

What else is there? Get to the other side and see what happens. It's moved now. I can choose to do differently but he has a different path now. Everything is expanded for him. He can choose to come back. So if yo ugo first will you be an older person when I get there? What if I stayed here and he got reincarnated.

Everything is here and now. He don't have to come in as a new person. He can come in as someone who don't even have to be physical. That's how everything is connected. You'll know it when you see it. You have guides. That's how they come in to your life. I have everything good in here. Let's connect then.

How to get that going? Be that person who helps out other people. You don't really know the person so it's up to you to make the connection. Everything happens for a reason. Once you see the reason you have changed the energy. I am always shifting. The more I use up the energy, the faster you shift.

How to test that? Look at how you respond. Life happens through you not to you. There's difference there. I am writing again. Do you need to get results that way? That is path of least resistance. I can do something else instead. Go for ten bucks. Better yet, go for your own rate. Don't worry about that. I don't get why they get ten percent. That's a lot really.

What can I do about it? Finish php and mysql. Do one each day. At the end of the day, I can do something else with it. Like what? I don't know yet. All I know is that this is where I am. That node aws app uses mysql. I can play with that. Or do wordpress. That too is connected. Learn one thing and you learn everything. It's the syntax that's different. You can do something here.

What else? I am not keen on getting a job. I can help people though. Then go down that path. Be that business. How to get that up and running? Connect. I can do lunch tmc. There's a cost involved there. I can do something else. One hour is good enough isn't it? Or do something else instead. Weekends tmc sounds good enough. I too can do that. It's a short ride going there and it's mostly downhill. Wife uses the car on weekends and there's a lot to do.

Most pinoys here are employees. There be business people how to find them? I don't know yet. There are people like that. You can network with them. I can see that. What else is there for me? I don't know. Be in the light and you see the mirror reflection and contrast. Everything is connected that way. It's good to take a deep bretah while writin. Is that hy this is so. I see that.

This is page two. I get headaches that way. Yesterday was good. The end was contrast. I responded as such even if just on the inside. I see that. It's connected. I can choose. No need to judge that as not connected. It served me a purpose. Lets' get something else going.

I think there was something different about that definition last night. Wife said women here have less reservations. I think it's not the right word. What is it then? I don't know yet. I am doing this and get to the other side. Get a schedule? I don't think so. I am doing something good here. I have a site up and running. Next step is to get that connected to a couchdb.

This is page two. The kids are still sleeping so I write. I can start on the project now, but I would rather do something else. I can't use vscode now because they don't have php. Do something else. Like what? Someoe is up. This kid is up early today. She is not going to school. Wife said she was crying last night. I don't know what happened there. Its this anyway.

What's next? I am on page three. Keep writing. Son is still sleeping? I think so. This is me writing. It's part of my process. I get things out in the open this way. Some times I get a connection. Other times, I am connecting to flow. It's that connection that is the path. It's not getting results. So results is not the habit for me? It's not. That is expectation. The process is the means to the end.

I see that. What else is here for you? Keep writing and you'll see. No need to write ads. You can write them for yoursel.y what to do with that site? I don't know yet. It would be interesting to find out what it would be. I can do that node aws project book. That gets me there. At least i'll know what to do with it when I get there. When I am in the light. It's about choosing whichi light to go to.

Does she want to talk? Ask that are you ok. If she wants to talk then she'll say so. I say no when I am not ok. That starts the conversation. That is something there for you. What else can I do here? I don't think getting a job is enough for me. I get bored easy. Unless it's a job that is my business. That is where I am going.

What can I do now to get there going? Be in the light. Everything is here and now. Only do this and see hat happens. I see that. I can go there. And do something else? I see. What else to write? I can do yoga later. I can run then yoga in the afternoon. That sounds like fun.

It's the habits you build. Do I still want to run the marathon? It sounds like fun. I can start now and be ready by next year. Take it one percent per day. I can do that. Build up on that one percent. Compound on that interest and you get a lot by the end of the year. You already know that.

I have some interesting pics here. I don't see why google changed that. What else can I do here. Get imgur. That is a fun way to see my album. How do I upload on to that and see my album? I don't know yet. All I know is that the site is up and running and I have plenty to work with here. Let's do this and see what happens then. I can do something else later on. For now, it's where I am. Pick the next step and the next will tell you where you are. That moment is connected to this one. I can walk the city going somewhere.