now what how?

Take out the bloat. This is what I do now. I can create one for and another one in The outpull is for dm while the first is for dev play. I have plenty to play with now. That thing is coming up. Do you need that anyway?

Shit. What now? Let it go. You can go with heroku? Is there an alternative here? Do upwork. Plenty of that. I think that part there is going to get you to the other side.

Why not just angular and javascript? It's not entirely front end but it's going to work anyway, doesn't it? I can go that way, can't I? Why learn php frameworks? It's that part that is my blind side. I can go this way or that anyway as well. Those in school are learning that. I got a bite with angular before but I stopped going that way.

Am I avoiding things? I can go nodejs and angular all the way. Am I limiting myself here. I am low budget now. I can still go to these things but there's that anxiety. How did I get here? It has something to do with the coices I made. It has something to do with how I choose to think. It boils down to that. Some of it are unconscious. Now that I am aware of it, it's not a patern but a choice. Why am I choosing to think that way?

At least I am awake. I see that now. It's time to move forward. What's next then? I have meetups coming up. What do these people need? Why cater to them? If I were to work with startups, what frameworks are they using? Does it matter which stack I use? I have node. I can take on a node framework? I think so. Why not php? It's all the same isn't it?

I can use angular with php but that feels like extra layer when you can use php itself. Why learn javascript at all? There be a number of gigs for that as angular but you will have to learn other things. I can pick up all the angular I need in a day. After that, I am using the api guide and google all the time. Why not then? Why ask all these compsci questions in the interview when it's evident that you are going to use google as well?

They want to see how you think. Then it's how you use the knowledge that's different. It's also the ego? I don't know. I am in panic mode? Not yet. But I am anxious about my situation. How did I get here? I did not apply to enough jobs? Is it helping that I am sending out my application resume that way.

I think you see the point here. I used wordpress there and I did not finish the job. I think you were working with a noob there but you can do better next time. At least I got it right and only need to get going this way and that. What's next here?

I don't think I showered yesterday. It's a weekend. We have hackathon on the 21st. That's three weeks from today. I'll be up and running by that time. That would be like ten off the charts. Let's do that. I am riding with my son today. He'll get that all. I can do this for now. What else is there? I am moving the laundry downstairs. Let's do that for today. Is there something that's available? I can go check that out today. I can ask for assistance. Let's go there now.

This is next page situation. I write more when I need or I am going a path. Not that I need. Exploring a path is more apt than needing something. It puts me in the active verb. Is that necessary? I think it is here to see how I think about the situation. I am really exploring where this is headed. I do this and get in my light. Not that I need it, but it's there when it's relevant. I have a lot of things in my head. So I am taking things away into its bare essentials?

I think this is the path. So be it then. I am going to miss them, but I am gaining something else instead. Like what? The next dimension is more exciting. It's like this and that. How am I going to be in business this way? You see the focus there? Why not build your own web app instead of learning to get employed? You have all this in place anyway. Take it from here and see where this goes. Like what?

I don't know. But you have the energy now. Follow that lead and see where this goes. You don't have to know everything. It's all in there. You already have everything. You don't even have to learn all that. You will know what is relevant—no more, no less. And it comes at the most perfect time, when you need it.

This is how everything is connected for you. Why is this here? How is this here is a better question. This puts you in the driver's seat. You created this instead of someone else or something else is moving you. There is a difference there, yes? It feels better that way as well. You don't really need to know why. You get it when you get it, nda it's subjective. The why may work this time, but not the nex.t. better to know how. It's more objective that way.

How to change this? Reverse engineer how you got there. That awy, you are different and change is constant so you get a different path. Wife is getting up soon. Do I go in there with her? Yes.

path to learn

This thing runs on java. I switched to oracle earlier and this was uninstalled. I am having dizzy spells. My blood pressure is probably up again. I have hackathon in three weeks. Today is a good day to shift for good. It's august anyway.

What's different this time? I am aware. I am awake. Eldest daughter is up. I make their lunch when I finish writing. It won't take too long. They don't leave until an hour later. I do the laundry this morning. I saw another discussion about a programming language. I think php is good for now. It'll get me in the door.

Java is another language stack I am considering. It's on the top five and gets me in the door with android. I don't like google as a big brother although they are better than microsoft. What then? Php is more open source. What can I do here? Keep doing what you are doing. Get into something because it's interesting, not because you need it to get a job.

That need situation is a dead-end for you. Go in the light and you see the reflection. Need is also a light and you see your reflection in that light. Of course, that is not necessary. Why would you write that? Some people do so to sound smart. When you need to get to the point though, you will not use that. You simply state what you need to say.

I am feeling dizzy here. I can do a write up every week. Do three pages or five, then edit that down before posting. I think I can do that. It don't have to be a fixed schedule. I can write something up when I need to. I started down java back after the first hackathon. Why did I not get deep into it? I can do web bev with java, then shift into apps dev or even android. It's one stack to learn that you can go into different paths.

That lady there was using java and she had a job. I can hack something up that way? I think you know where this is headed. Do you want to go down that path? I can change the email settings. Why did they remove that? So you'd go to their website. I can do that next time. In the meantime, I only do this—write and post when finished. This is page one. Three kids are still in bed. I wonder if second daughter is going to school today.

What's next here for me? I have vagrant to install. Going into java, I may have to do a clean install again. But not now. I can do something else in the meantime. It's a world dominated by ide's. Do you want to go there? It's time to get going anyway. Let's go there and see what happens. Maybe the meetups are fun that way.

I think so too. Let's head over there when finished. The I can check things out and do a redirect. It's all connected you know. You learn something and when the energy shifts, it's time to shift as well. You don't fight it. Am I going nowhere with this? Of course not. I learn something at every moment. I am better that way.

This way, I get to adapt to new technology. Scala is hacklang? It sounds like it. I don't have to get into that right now. I can if when I have to. It's that mental shift that I do each moment. But only when I get in the door. In the meantime, I continue doing what I am doing.

Java is almost the same as php in some ways. You go deep into one and you see the fork in the road. Not yet though but when you need to, you see the reflection immediately. It's going to be quiet around here this morning. The kids are going to school and wife comes home midnight.

I don't know anyone in that joint anymore. The turnover is brisk. You don't want to go there anyway. What else are we doing here? You line up with the frequency and everything is reflected back to you. When there is contrast, use that as feedback to get that light. Is this making sense?

It wont when you are different. Why am I talking to you? This is here. Expand and see where this is headed. I am lost? Not lost, only that you are in unfamiliar territory. You have never been here before. Everything is in the inside. That's good because you are learning something here. You are using up the energy and then you are. Every moment you are.

Am getting tired of facebook. I tend to spend less time in there now. Why so? Too many christian die hards. It's contrast for me. It shows me where i've been and how it makes sense for them but not for me. Do what works for you. Everything is connected. You can't teach them anything anyway. They learn by themselves.

What about the one percent? They get that when they get that. You don't have to teach them as well. Be the reflection and they will see when they turn to the mirror. Is everything that way? I'm not sure I have the answer to that. It seems that way to me. It feels that it works that way as well.

always a choice

This version of libre office looks interesting. I do two pages on this. I quit the volunteer work. She don't reply until it's a day later and now that d-day is upon her, she sends you an email an hour and starts calling you. The meeting in the city went nowhere and I wonder why we even had that. It's not productive that way. Maybe it's an ego lift for her but I did not see any benefit moving forward.

Is that hate? That I allowed mysef to get sucked into that vortex, I see that I was upset. Now it's behind me. I know when I am in alignment or not. When I do not make space, things won't change. Things happen for a reason. I see the reason and I am moving forward now.

I made burgers for lunch. I did not get them the usual as I got distracted. I was dizzy all day yesterday. What caused that? I need to put in new batteries for that thing but it showed normal bp. I'll try again later today. Why not now? I am to finish these. Afterwards, i'll go see how it goes. I'll use these batteries instead.

The kids are going to school today. If it rains, I may have to drive them to smales. That's part of the equation. I miss going to takapuna and have coffee with the wife. Why not do that in the city? There's a meetup tomorrow. I'm not sure if I want to go. It's a business thing. Maybe the presentation is not that great. I can move forward from here.

How about a presentation in one of these meetups? I can do that. Or write up something. Let's do that as well. I can do these things or something else. Am I not knowing of what I do? Only when I am not aware of it. Soon as I see it, I have a choice. That there is true power? How so. You can choose. You always have choice.

How is it true power. Have you experienced it as such? I think you get the idea there. When you realign your source code, everything is working for you. Everything is there for you. You align your energy with it and create the experience for yourself. Am I missing something here? Only when you say it is. When you are not aware of it, you will know. How? Through your energy. See the energy and that tells you what's in your source code.

This is the path I am in. no need for outside validation. Everything is here and now. You know that already. I don't think I need that as much, only as part of the entertainment and synchronicity. This is where I am. I move forward to here and now. I write moving now. What's in stroe for today. Go with nodejs and wordpress. You know the drill here. What else do you do with it?

Bootstrap has a lot going for it. You can look into that and see how things go. You learn much from that experience. I think that part is better than doing the awwwards sites. And that's all inspiration there. You can go straight with boottrap and find plenty of support online.

Let's do that then. I will change these settings after I post these. That's an improvement here now. This is what I do all day. What else is there? I don't know yet. Keep writing connect to flow. You don't need to write for that. You already have it. You connect when you say so. That is now automatic. I can go to upwork and get me some gigs. This is fun moving forward.

Do you need clients? They need me. I can help. Someone's alarm just went off. It's seven. Why do they need such an alarm. They can get up early when they choose to. They don't. They get up early when there's something to motivate them. For now, it's only this.

There was so much fear in my parent. That's why it was there. It made them choose poorly. They were not aware of the positive choices they can make. Everything was on the outside. That's why it was there t oshow you and give you insights that you can use. Am I the same now? Only when I am not aware of it.

Soon as I see what's in there, I can choose. How do you define it? Then I can move forward and be in the light. I always have choice when I am in the light. This is why it's all here. What to write? You lost it? The energy changed. It's still there. You only keep writing or something else. Everything is connected anyway. I mak lunch for the kids now. It's a monday. Wife gets home early today. I go learn dotnet out of negative energy. I never liked it so I am not going there.

The energy is more positive where I am right now so I stay this course. The synchronicity supports me so I am encouraged in this path. When I go there to dotnet, I am not in the light. That alone tells me which fork in the road to take.

I am in the right path always. Even when it doesn't seem like so it's still the right path for me.

no pictures today

I got me a 60 day trial with spotify—why not use it? I like the sound quality, but how they let you manage your playlist still sucks. I don't get why they don't do something about it. If others have that function, it's easy to work something out.

So now I do this. It seems like the buttons on this are bigger now. Do I want to listen to this? It's easy listening. I can listen to this now as I write. I put the trash out just now. Better in the mornings as cats can't get to it overnight. I don't have to clean up.

I had a clean reinstall on this pc. This time, it's for the full hard drive for ubuntu. I don't go into windows much other than to play games with the wife. I can do that in here, configure the keyboard to play gamepad. I haven't done that yet but will get to that shortly.

Do I want a playlist? How do you do that? I don't know. I can go into soundiiz and do it that way. Or I can build something up from scratch. I have several to follow from reddit then create something for myself. I think that works. I saw this negative challenge on a facebook group. That's not me anymore. I think it's better to do something else.

Like what? I am questioning my ability here. Why so? It's complicated but mostly because I am trying to do things their way. If I break it up into smaller pieces I can do something there. That's what I do now. I have the full day for this. Is it possible then? Let's see what happens.

It's like easier as I go with a new slate and I make it work. I create my own theme template then build up from there. I can make something work with bootstrap. It has more people using it and I can will find something that's already working. Foundation seems to be more functions but there's not much tutorials to it. Stick with bootstrap to finish this one then explore soon as I finish it.

That sounds like a good plan. The kids are still sleeping. Am I missing something here? I have enough boxes to last me two weeks. Play with this then. What music is this? I don't know. It's nice to listen to that. Let's play with this then.

What else to write about? It's nice to hear them small details to the music. Tidal sounds a bit muffled. They have the ux right somewhat though. There don't seem to be the perfect one. Deezer cuts music near the end. It's like one out of five music that I listen to is cut at the end. Too bad. They were almost perfect. So i'm back here. How to manage the playlist? I don't know yet. If this works out, when this works out, then I play with this.

What's next for me here? I don't think they'll be calling anytime soon. So be it. I can add more stuff in here in the meantime. Like what? Get them eight apps worked out and move from there. A fresh install feels fresh and brand new. The thing about it is that you get to start over. I think the sudo part will work out eventually. For now, expand on this.

What other music do you listen to? I have ten of that. I can expand on that. I think the free trial was gone for a while. This time they want people to sign up and start using them again. That be good then. I got back. How many do you get? There's like a billion people on the net. You get one percent of that and that be a good campaign.

How do you copy that? I don't know yet. I have a recipe here. I can expand on this. I have my own business now. No need to get hired. Play with this and see where this path takes you. Also spend time playing outside. Was that a weird night? It felt like that. This is second day. Starting to pull away from that frequency.

How to accelerate? Be in the moment. It's how you define your source code. Everything else reflects off that code. You see how things are? I washed yesterday. Son stays home today. I have company then. It's fun when the kids are home. I can find me a playlist then copy off that.

Or I can browse for one then go from there. This is two months. At the end of a month I get tired of it. Then I do things this way. What else is possible here? Be in the moment. No need to get to other side. Everything is a process? I think so. You never really get there until it's hindsight. It be nice to go road trip again.

We'll do that again. The timing is not yet there. No need to worry about it. When you get there you'll know. For now, be in this moment. I made burgers for the kids. I'm not sure if they want rice or bread with that. I'll make them when they get up. I have three going to school and one stay at home.

What's the plan?

nothing to lose?

Got back from a morning meeting. It wasn't that productive. We could have gained the same outcome if we were talking on the phone, or email. What did she ty to achieve there? Maybe wanted to put a face to the person. I get that. I am going to finish all that today?

It is possible. No more conditions there. Only work with the theme and get going. I can have that pre-start page up by tonight. Then get everything done by tomorrow. I think that be a good way to do things. For now though, I write. I can go to paknsave and get the kids dinner. Or do something else instead. I need to get my source code in alignment here. She is not a tech person. I can be their go to person in these things. Let's do that then. That be like my first client although I don't get paid.

I think I now have my reference. I can move forward from here. What else needs to be done here? Only do this and see what's on the other side. Not there, but what's in here. What energies open up for me going down this path or fork in the road. This is what I do all the time. I don't enjoy going to breakfast meetings. I think it's ore productive to do that over lunch.

Let's have morer of that then. Where do you find these money sucks? It's there. You only need to tune in with that vibration. How? There's a meetup tonight. The waitlist is full, but not everyone is going to be there. I can go if I really wanted to be there and then walk away if nothing happens. But is this something that you really want to get into?

I don't know right now. Let's be in the moment here and use up this energy. I will check that out later on.w what's in store for me here? Finish that theme and get going right away. This is the path right here. I have a local install. I can play with that. When things are good to go, I will upload them later and see how things go from there.

I can set up that pre start page in the meantime. How much time will that take? I t don't matter. For now, do two pages. There's more of heroes. They ran out of juice creation after three seasons, it is all about fighting. There has to be a better way to do this. How about enhancing, becoming more aware of your power. That be my story.

How will it go from here? Describe what is happening now. You affect everything from the inside. How can you prove that? There is no profof. You only watch the frequency and go from there. This you keep in mind all the time. I can do yoga later on my lunch break.p the kids are in school. I did not see them off as I was out early. This is what it's like.

I am expanding on these things anyway. At least I am gaining on references. I can use them later when I go deep undercover. What else is there? Be in the moment. You only have here and now anyway. Everything else exands on that. What to do tonight?

I can finish that project, then get going to the next one. Is this where it's meant? I can see what cms tutorials are out there. In the meantime, I work with what I got. Is that about static pages? It can be. No need to respond to that. People know who they are. You can step up to these. Or not. It's up to you. Wanted to go home already. You don't need them. You ca learn photosthop as well. That is part of the process anyway.

If I had to, I can learn that. If not, you will find it someplace else. It's a lot of tutorials to go through to get that up and running. In the meantime, you learn what you need. Stake it till you make it. That I heard earlier or yesterday. I can't remember when. But it's there anyway. It's bright and sunny outside. We are headed into summer. This is where I am.

What to expect? Notihng. That you be in this moment alone is a lot to take in. why so? The mind keeps scanning. Then be aware of that and allow it to be there. That is where your practice is each moment. What else do we do here?

Keep writing and finish these. I then post when it's good to go. If not, keep writing and eee what happens. Is there any good tv series? I don't think so. In that case, only be here. That spader guy used to be a good actor back in the eighties. He made a career out of acting but never came near being wildly popular. He is consistent though.

Is that better? I think so, at least in my books. Popular now and you lose your momentume eventually. What is good is that consisitent gets you there. How to be in that light? Match that frequency. It's all there for you. Be in that frequency and it's yours.

How can you test that? You can't. You know and feel that it's there when you say it is. When you say it's not, then it's not. It's that simple. You don't make that permanent.

not trying now

I was looking for volunteer opportunities and it took me three clicks getting nowhere. The meetup last night was ok, still it could have been better. Maybe it did not meet my expectations, wasn't spot on. I can volunteer for that meetup. I'll head over there later.

Today is wednesday. Two days to grocery? Or we can go tomorrow. I won't be here friday for the meetup. They had a reunion last friday. Am I in congestion? I think so. It's all inside anyway. What to do now? Use up the energy. Maybe it's not time to go to that reunion. It may not be relevant for me at this time. What's next for me then?

I volunteered for the blogger network. How much to get a meetup goinG? I think it's about five bucks. That's great for getting an audience or to build up your platform. What else to do with it? I don't know yet. I think I have something to bring to the table. Let's play with that and see where that path goes.

In the meantime, there's this meetup tonightt. I amnot going. They did not put enough copy in there to make it work. I can go and update my blog. It's the url I don't like. I think i'd rather stick with the domain. It's in node but I still have to hook that up with a db. How to do that? I can work on that today. I can install rethink and hook that up with the nodejs framework.

I can do that. What else do you need for that? Will it only be for that then? I still have to learn more about it. That's the part I don't get. I can learn but there be other things that press. It's running on the skeleton framework. I am switching over to foundation. It's got more jazz to it and I can stick with that.

There's so much to do and I gotta drive wife to the bus stop. What's next? Keep writing and ...cutting that short to drive wife to bus stop. Getting back, the neighbors, raj and patricia needed help to jumpstart their car. Dead batteries. How did that happen? I think they are getting jump cables for that.

What happens next? I finish writing then get on to the other side. Maybe I can blog about something else do it on the wordpress blog. Why not see if there's an available url for that. I can do that. Let's see where this one is going. Why not something else? Like what? I don't know. Just write and see where this is headed. The blogger network is faster and less ads if I don't want them. The wordpress commercial has ads in it so you don't really want to go that way.

Things are changing. What else can we do here? I don't know. Not doing something that's not in my light is one thing. Maybe it's the contrast I see and am working with. That's good feedback then. Let's get this going the. I am dealing with people getting old. You can choose to redefine that. It's you letting go of the physical. The sassanis are going through that as a culture. This is my version of it. This is good insight. How do you go from this to that? You let go of the physical and play expand explore the spiritual.

How do you do that? You are inside a lot of the times. There be people who are there already and locals think there is something wrong with them. That's how it is when you go spirit all the time. You leav the shell and you are inside all the time. How do you connect then? You cantouch. You be in their vibration. How to connect with that?

You know when you are there. They tell you. You don't need a template for anything other than an open template. You tune in to their frequency then match that to get in. it's the same with the crystal skulls. That's the pin code to get in. I hae enough in here for dinner tonight. The kids are going to bebesy with their gigs. I am going to get my stuff ready for the weekend. I'll be playing with that.

I'll get things going when I get there. I'd probably use ideash for that or something else. In the meantime, I can work with something else. Like what? I don't know yet. I'd probably bring that usb stick so I can boot into linux then work all day from that. I can do that. What else is there?

Simply be in this moment and write from there. I don't have to go there. That is a valid choice. It's not me though. I think we can grocery tomorrow. Or tonight. It depends on how tihngs are going. Let's see what the wife thinks later. We can go in that direction as well. Why not be in that business?

I am building up my network. I can move forward fromthat. There be others but I am not more in touch with the community. You know where things are headed. I don't have to be an expert. I don't know much in memory but I know how to get the information. I know how to use it from that point on. I have context. That's not what everyone else has.

Do you need a job? It's not relevant.

go into java

I'll write two pages and see how it feels at the end of that page. The guys from college are getting together. I'd love to be there, but it's not in my plate right now. One of these days, i'll be there. Why not go deep into this and see what come out the other end. I have scheduled oop and game dev with cookbooks on the hour. That's a lot of learning. I think the right word there is practice. How is this software engineering?

Look it up.

Once you get what that means, you know you are already there. Even enineers have to look things up and test them. You have an edge in such a way that you have time to play around with these things. Go deep why not go c++?

I can get back into that. It's already there anyway. You go deep into that and you will see. Even with garbage collection, you can still go deep into that. Or do dlang. That was more accessible for you wasn't it?

I think documentations for c++ was easier to find. I can go there again. Do you need an ide for that? I have several already. It's all connected anyway. You can go deep into that and see how thins go. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You can do this and still get to the other side. This blanket is warm. My legs are a bit cold. I can shift into that as well.

The page runs ast. I can do a page in several minutes. I can time that but that's not the point. Where is the cat. It is quiet now that it has eaten. he. Is that relevant? I am connceting there. Can is quiet. He is taking a nap. That makes cat a person? He's fun. Things are different now?

It's always been different. I woke up early today. It's a habit. I get a lot of things done in the mornings. I do stuff, then get on with my day. Ihave several things lined up for me. Do this and see what happens. I get javascript.

If I need to go into parallax, I can do that. I think you can do a web interface on that. Look up something and see what happens. It's more html5 game dev than javascript but it's all the same. It's just a label.

There are several game titles to fork. You know which way to go. I have a few fun games in mind. I think you work in that direction and you will pick up soemthing you can and will use. Go that way and see what happens. It's not the programing language, but how you use it. True talent recognizes its own reflection. It don't matter which language you use. At the end of the day, it's still the same tool.

What you do with it is more important.

What to do now? Finish these. I am good to go. I have a meetup tomorrow and then on tuesday. I only go to those that are interesting. I will see what else is on the other side. I can do a more active part in the meetup and see how things go. I can go there then. I know this and that. There are things to do around here. Let's get cracking with that.

I tihnk this is a different leadership. I can start my own but how do you monetize such a meetup? You get contributions. You see how things go and go forward from there. Or you can be more active in one group and see how things go from there. You don't have to do back office work.

I know these things. You can do python and see where that goes. It's for faster prototyping. You then pick up another and see where the fork leads to. That is interesitng. It's for proof of concepy. You get one going and...instead of learning another, you go deep into this one and see what happens.

Why not dlang? It's good to go anyway and has enough documentation. Or do go. You have enough resources on you anyway. If you are there do java. You see where this is going? You do one and it's all connected anyway. The point is not that it's about spped but what you do with it. I have enough ides' here to help get that working.

So be it tehn. For that part I can do java. They built minecraft from java and it has been a wild ride. I like that environment. You can do that and see what happens there. Go there then. I think yo uwill know how things will turn out. Maybe this is where your path really is. You are not in manila faor a reason. It's all connected. See the present. You can then open that present and find everything there for you.

What happens next? Keep writing. That will tel you what needs to be done. I haven't listened to my friend outside. Everything is now inside. What's the next iteration? See where that is going. You don't have to go there.