always a choice

This version of libre office looks interesting. I do two pages on this. I quit the volunteer work. She don't reply until it's a day later and now that d-day is upon her, she sends you an email an hour and starts calling you. The meeting in the city went nowhere and I wonder why we even had that. It's not productive that way. Maybe it's an ego lift for her but I did not see any benefit moving forward.

Is that hate? That I allowed mysef to get sucked into that vortex, I see that I was upset. Now it's behind me. I know when I am in alignment or not. When I do not make space, things won't change. Things happen for a reason. I see the reason and I am moving forward now.

I made burgers for lunch. I did not get them the usual as I got distracted. I was dizzy all day yesterday. What caused that? I need to put in new batteries for that thing but it showed normal bp. I'll try again later today. Why not now? I am to finish these. Afterwards, i'll go see how it goes. I'll use these batteries instead.

The kids are going to school today. If it rains, I may have to drive them to smales. That's part of the equation. I miss going to takapuna and have coffee with the wife. Why not do that in the city? There's a meetup tomorrow. I'm not sure if I want to go. It's a business thing. Maybe the presentation is not that great. I can move forward from here.

How about a presentation in one of these meetups? I can do that. Or write up something. Let's do that as well. I can do these things or something else. Am I not knowing of what I do? Only when I am not aware of it. Soon as I see it, I have a choice. That there is true power? How so. You can choose. You always have choice.

How is it true power. Have you experienced it as such? I think you get the idea there. When you realign your source code, everything is working for you. Everything is there for you. You align your energy with it and create the experience for yourself. Am I missing something here? Only when you say it is. When you are not aware of it, you will know. How? Through your energy. See the energy and that tells you what's in your source code.

This is the path I am in. no need for outside validation. Everything is here and now. You know that already. I don't think I need that as much, only as part of the entertainment and synchronicity. This is where I am. I move forward to here and now. I write moving now. What's in stroe for today. Go with nodejs and wordpress. You know the drill here. What else do you do with it?

Bootstrap has a lot going for it. You can look into that and see how things go. You learn much from that experience. I think that part is better than doing the awwwards sites. And that's all inspiration there. You can go straight with boottrap and find plenty of support online.

Let's do that then. I will change these settings after I post these. That's an improvement here now. This is what I do all day. What else is there? I don't know yet. Keep writing connect to flow. You don't need to write for that. You already have it. You connect when you say so. That is now automatic. I can go to upwork and get me some gigs. This is fun moving forward.

Do you need clients? They need me. I can help. Someone's alarm just went off. It's seven. Why do they need such an alarm. They can get up early when they choose to. They don't. They get up early when there's something to motivate them. For now, it's only this.

There was so much fear in my parent. That's why it was there. It made them choose poorly. They were not aware of the positive choices they can make. Everything was on the outside. That's why it was there t oshow you and give you insights that you can use. Am I the same now? Only when I am not aware of it.

Soon as I see what's in there, I can choose. How do you define it? Then I can move forward and be in the light. I always have choice when I am in the light. This is why it's all here. What to write? You lost it? The energy changed. It's still there. You only keep writing or something else. Everything is connected anyway. I mak lunch for the kids now. It's a monday. Wife gets home early today. I go learn dotnet out of negative energy. I never liked it so I am not going there.

The energy is more positive where I am right now so I stay this course. The synchronicity supports me so I am encouraged in this path. When I go there to dotnet, I am not in the light. That alone tells me which fork in the road to take.

I am in the right path always. Even when it doesn't seem like so it's still the right path for me.