go into java

I'll write two pages and see how it feels at the end of that page. The guys from college are getting together. I'd love to be there, but it's not in my plate right now. One of these days, i'll be there. Why not go deep into this and see what come out the other end. I have scheduled oop and game dev with cookbooks on the hour. That's a lot of learning. I think the right word there is practice. How is this software engineering?

Look it up.

Once you get what that means, you know you are already there. Even enineers have to look things up and test them. You have an edge in such a way that you have time to play around with these things. Go deep why not go c++?

I can get back into that. It's already there anyway. You go deep into that and you will see. Even with garbage collection, you can still go deep into that. Or do dlang. That was more accessible for you wasn't it?

I think documentations for c++ was easier to find. I can go there again. Do you need an ide for that? I have several already. It's all connected anyway. You can go deep into that and see how thins go. You don't have to reinvent the wheel. You can do this and still get to the other side. This blanket is warm. My legs are a bit cold. I can shift into that as well.

The page runs ast. I can do a page in several minutes. I can time that but that's not the point. Where is the cat. It is quiet now that it has eaten. he. Is that relevant? I am connceting there. Can is quiet. He is taking a nap. That makes cat a person? He's fun. Things are different now?

It's always been different. I woke up early today. It's a habit. I get a lot of things done in the mornings. I do stuff, then get on with my day. Ihave several things lined up for me. Do this and see what happens. I get javascript.

If I need to go into parallax, I can do that. I think you can do a web interface on that. Look up something and see what happens. It's more html5 game dev than javascript but it's all the same. It's just a label.

There are several game titles to fork. You know which way to go. I have a few fun games in mind. I think you work in that direction and you will pick up soemthing you can and will use. Go that way and see what happens. It's not the programing language, but how you use it. True talent recognizes its own reflection. It don't matter which language you use. At the end of the day, it's still the same tool.

What you do with it is more important.

What to do now? Finish these. I am good to go. I have a meetup tomorrow and then on tuesday. I only go to those that are interesting. I will see what else is on the other side. I can do a more active part in the meetup and see how things go. I can go there then. I know this and that. There are things to do around here. Let's get cracking with that.

I tihnk this is a different leadership. I can start my own but how do you monetize such a meetup? You get contributions. You see how things go and go forward from there. Or you can be more active in one group and see how things go from there. You don't have to do back office work.

I know these things. You can do python and see where that goes. It's for faster prototyping. You then pick up another and see where the fork leads to. That is interesitng. It's for proof of concepy. You get one going and...instead of learning another, you go deep into this one and see what happens.

Why not dlang? It's good to go anyway and has enough documentation. Or do go. You have enough resources on you anyway. If you are there do java. You see where this is going? You do one and it's all connected anyway. The point is not that it's about spped but what you do with it. I have enough ides' here to help get that working.

So be it tehn. For that part I can do java. They built minecraft from java and it has been a wild ride. I like that environment. You can do that and see what happens there. Go there then. I think yo uwill know how things will turn out. Maybe this is where your path really is. You are not in manila faor a reason. It's all connected. See the present. You can then open that present and find everything there for you.

What happens next? Keep writing. That will tel you what needs to be done. I haven't listened to my friend outside. Everything is now inside. What's the next iteration? See where that is going. You don't have to go there.