no pictures today

I got me a 60 day trial with spotify—why not use it? I like the sound quality, but how they let you manage your playlist still sucks. I don't get why they don't do something about it. If others have that function, it's easy to work something out.

So now I do this. It seems like the buttons on this are bigger now. Do I want to listen to this? It's easy listening. I can listen to this now as I write. I put the trash out just now. Better in the mornings as cats can't get to it overnight. I don't have to clean up.

I had a clean reinstall on this pc. This time, it's for the full hard drive for ubuntu. I don't go into windows much other than to play games with the wife. I can do that in here, configure the keyboard to play gamepad. I haven't done that yet but will get to that shortly.

Do I want a playlist? How do you do that? I don't know. I can go into soundiiz and do it that way. Or I can build something up from scratch. I have several to follow from reddit then create something for myself. I think that works. I saw this negative challenge on a facebook group. That's not me anymore. I think it's better to do something else.

Like what? I am questioning my ability here. Why so? It's complicated but mostly because I am trying to do things their way. If I break it up into smaller pieces I can do something there. That's what I do now. I have the full day for this. Is it possible then? Let's see what happens.

It's like easier as I go with a new slate and I make it work. I create my own theme template then build up from there. I can make something work with bootstrap. It has more people using it and I can will find something that's already working. Foundation seems to be more functions but there's not much tutorials to it. Stick with bootstrap to finish this one then explore soon as I finish it.

That sounds like a good plan. The kids are still sleeping. Am I missing something here? I have enough boxes to last me two weeks. Play with this then. What music is this? I don't know. It's nice to listen to that. Let's play with this then.

What else to write about? It's nice to hear them small details to the music. Tidal sounds a bit muffled. They have the ux right somewhat though. There don't seem to be the perfect one. Deezer cuts music near the end. It's like one out of five music that I listen to is cut at the end. Too bad. They were almost perfect. So i'm back here. How to manage the playlist? I don't know yet. If this works out, when this works out, then I play with this.

What's next for me here? I don't think they'll be calling anytime soon. So be it. I can add more stuff in here in the meantime. Like what? Get them eight apps worked out and move from there. A fresh install feels fresh and brand new. The thing about it is that you get to start over. I think the sudo part will work out eventually. For now, expand on this.

What other music do you listen to? I have ten of that. I can expand on that. I think the free trial was gone for a while. This time they want people to sign up and start using them again. That be good then. I got back. How many do you get? There's like a billion people on the net. You get one percent of that and that be a good campaign.

How do you copy that? I don't know yet. I have a recipe here. I can expand on this. I have my own business now. No need to get hired. Play with this and see where this path takes you. Also spend time playing outside. Was that a weird night? It felt like that. This is second day. Starting to pull away from that frequency.

How to accelerate? Be in the moment. It's how you define your source code. Everything else reflects off that code. You see how things are? I washed yesterday. Son stays home today. I have company then. It's fun when the kids are home. I can find me a playlist then copy off that.

Or I can browse for one then go from there. This is two months. At the end of a month I get tired of it. Then I do things this way. What else is possible here? Be in the moment. No need to get to other side. Everything is a process? I think so. You never really get there until it's hindsight. It be nice to go road trip again.

We'll do that again. The timing is not yet there. No need to worry about it. When you get there you'll know. For now, be in this moment. I made burgers for the kids. I'm not sure if they want rice or bread with that. I'll make them when they get up. I have three going to school and one stay at home.

What's the plan?