not trying now

I was looking for volunteer opportunities and it took me three clicks getting nowhere. The meetup last night was ok, still it could have been better. Maybe it did not meet my expectations, wasn't spot on. I can volunteer for that meetup. I'll head over there later.

Today is wednesday. Two days to grocery? Or we can go tomorrow. I won't be here friday for the meetup. They had a reunion last friday. Am I in congestion? I think so. It's all inside anyway. What to do now? Use up the energy. Maybe it's not time to go to that reunion. It may not be relevant for me at this time. What's next for me then?

I volunteered for the blogger network. How much to get a meetup goinG? I think it's about five bucks. That's great for getting an audience or to build up your platform. What else to do with it? I don't know yet. I think I have something to bring to the table. Let's play with that and see where that path goes.

In the meantime, there's this meetup tonightt. I amnot going. They did not put enough copy in there to make it work. I can go and update my blog. It's the url I don't like. I think i'd rather stick with the domain. It's in node but I still have to hook that up with a db. How to do that? I can work on that today. I can install rethink and hook that up with the nodejs framework.

I can do that. What else do you need for that? Will it only be for that then? I still have to learn more about it. That's the part I don't get. I can learn but there be other things that press. It's running on the skeleton framework. I am switching over to foundation. It's got more jazz to it and I can stick with that.

There's so much to do and I gotta drive wife to the bus stop. What's next? Keep writing and ...cutting that short to drive wife to bus stop. Getting back, the neighbors, raj and patricia needed help to jumpstart their car. Dead batteries. How did that happen? I think they are getting jump cables for that.

What happens next? I finish writing then get on to the other side. Maybe I can blog about something else do it on the wordpress blog. Why not see if there's an available url for that. I can do that. Let's see where this one is going. Why not something else? Like what? I don't know. Just write and see where this is headed. The blogger network is faster and less ads if I don't want them. The wordpress commercial has ads in it so you don't really want to go that way.

Things are changing. What else can we do here? I don't know. Not doing something that's not in my light is one thing. Maybe it's the contrast I see and am working with. That's good feedback then. Let's get this going the. I am dealing with people getting old. You can choose to redefine that. It's you letting go of the physical. The sassanis are going through that as a culture. This is my version of it. This is good insight. How do you go from this to that? You let go of the physical and play expand explore the spiritual.

How do you do that? You are inside a lot of the times. There be people who are there already and locals think there is something wrong with them. That's how it is when you go spirit all the time. You leav the shell and you are inside all the time. How do you connect then? You cantouch. You be in their vibration. How to connect with that?

You know when you are there. They tell you. You don't need a template for anything other than an open template. You tune in to their frequency then match that to get in. it's the same with the crystal skulls. That's the pin code to get in. I hae enough in here for dinner tonight. The kids are going to bebesy with their gigs. I am going to get my stuff ready for the weekend. I'll be playing with that.

I'll get things going when I get there. I'd probably use ideash for that or something else. In the meantime, I can work with something else. Like what? I don't know yet. I'd probably bring that usb stick so I can boot into linux then work all day from that. I can do that. What else is there?

Simply be in this moment and write from there. I don't have to go there. That is a valid choice. It's not me though. I think we can grocery tomorrow. Or tonight. It depends on how tihngs are going. Let's see what the wife thinks later. We can go in that direction as well. Why not be in that business?

I am building up my network. I can move forward fromthat. There be others but I am not more in touch with the community. You know where things are headed. I don't have to be an expert. I don't know much in memory but I know how to get the information. I know how to use it from that point on. I have context. That's not what everyone else has.

Do you need a job? It's not relevant.