nothing to lose?

Got back from a morning meeting. It wasn't that productive. We could have gained the same outcome if we were talking on the phone, or email. What did she ty to achieve there? Maybe wanted to put a face to the person. I get that. I am going to finish all that today?

It is possible. No more conditions there. Only work with the theme and get going. I can have that pre-start page up by tonight. Then get everything done by tomorrow. I think that be a good way to do things. For now though, I write. I can go to paknsave and get the kids dinner. Or do something else instead. I need to get my source code in alignment here. She is not a tech person. I can be their go to person in these things. Let's do that then. That be like my first client although I don't get paid.

I think I now have my reference. I can move forward from here. What else needs to be done here? Only do this and see what's on the other side. Not there, but what's in here. What energies open up for me going down this path or fork in the road. This is what I do all the time. I don't enjoy going to breakfast meetings. I think it's ore productive to do that over lunch.

Let's have morer of that then. Where do you find these money sucks? It's there. You only need to tune in with that vibration. How? There's a meetup tonight. The waitlist is full, but not everyone is going to be there. I can go if I really wanted to be there and then walk away if nothing happens. But is this something that you really want to get into?

I don't know right now. Let's be in the moment here and use up this energy. I will check that out later on.w what's in store for me here? Finish that theme and get going right away. This is the path right here. I have a local install. I can play with that. When things are good to go, I will upload them later and see how things go from there.

I can set up that pre start page in the meantime. How much time will that take? I t don't matter. For now, do two pages. There's more of heroes. They ran out of juice creation after three seasons, it is all about fighting. There has to be a better way to do this. How about enhancing, becoming more aware of your power. That be my story.

How will it go from here? Describe what is happening now. You affect everything from the inside. How can you prove that? There is no profof. You only watch the frequency and go from there. This you keep in mind all the time. I can do yoga later on my lunch break.p the kids are in school. I did not see them off as I was out early. This is what it's like.

I am expanding on these things anyway. At least I am gaining on references. I can use them later when I go deep undercover. What else is there? Be in the moment. You only have here and now anyway. Everything else exands on that. What to do tonight?

I can finish that project, then get going to the next one. Is this where it's meant? I can see what cms tutorials are out there. In the meantime, I work with what I got. Is that about static pages? It can be. No need to respond to that. People know who they are. You can step up to these. Or not. It's up to you. Wanted to go home already. You don't need them. You ca learn photosthop as well. That is part of the process anyway.

If I had to, I can learn that. If not, you will find it someplace else. It's a lot of tutorials to go through to get that up and running. In the meantime, you learn what you need. Stake it till you make it. That I heard earlier or yesterday. I can't remember when. But it's there anyway. It's bright and sunny outside. We are headed into summer. This is where I am.

What to expect? Notihng. That you be in this moment alone is a lot to take in. why so? The mind keeps scanning. Then be aware of that and allow it to be there. That is where your practice is each moment. What else do we do here?

Keep writing and finish these. I then post when it's good to go. If not, keep writing and eee what happens. Is there any good tv series? I don't think so. In that case, only be here. That spader guy used to be a good actor back in the eighties. He made a career out of acting but never came near being wildly popular. He is consistent though.

Is that better? I think so, at least in my books. Popular now and you lose your momentume eventually. What is good is that consisitent gets you there. How to be in that light? Match that frequency. It's all there for you. Be in that frequency and it's yours.

How can you test that? You can't. You know and feel that it's there when you say it is. When you say it's not, then it's not. It's that simple. You don't make that permanent.