path to learn

This thing runs on java. I switched to oracle earlier and this was uninstalled. I am having dizzy spells. My blood pressure is probably up again. I have hackathon in three weeks. Today is a good day to shift for good. It's august anyway.

What's different this time? I am aware. I am awake. Eldest daughter is up. I make their lunch when I finish writing. It won't take too long. They don't leave until an hour later. I do the laundry this morning. I saw another discussion about a programming language. I think php is good for now. It'll get me in the door.

Java is another language stack I am considering. It's on the top five and gets me in the door with android. I don't like google as a big brother although they are better than microsoft. What then? Php is more open source. What can I do here? Keep doing what you are doing. Get into something because it's interesting, not because you need it to get a job.

That need situation is a dead-end for you. Go in the light and you see the reflection. Need is also a light and you see your reflection in that light. Of course, that is not necessary. Why would you write that? Some people do so to sound smart. When you need to get to the point though, you will not use that. You simply state what you need to say.

I am feeling dizzy here. I can do a write up every week. Do three pages or five, then edit that down before posting. I think I can do that. It don't have to be a fixed schedule. I can write something up when I need to. I started down java back after the first hackathon. Why did I not get deep into it? I can do web bev with java, then shift into apps dev or even android. It's one stack to learn that you can go into different paths.

That lady there was using java and she had a job. I can hack something up that way? I think you know where this is headed. Do you want to go down that path? I can change the email settings. Why did they remove that? So you'd go to their website. I can do that next time. In the meantime, I only do this—write and post when finished. This is page one. Three kids are still in bed. I wonder if second daughter is going to school today.

What's next here for me? I have vagrant to install. Going into java, I may have to do a clean install again. But not now. I can do something else in the meantime. It's a world dominated by ide's. Do you want to go there? It's time to get going anyway. Let's go there and see what happens. Maybe the meetups are fun that way.

I think so too. Let's head over there when finished. The I can check things out and do a redirect. It's all connected you know. You learn something and when the energy shifts, it's time to shift as well. You don't fight it. Am I going nowhere with this? Of course not. I learn something at every moment. I am better that way.

This way, I get to adapt to new technology. Scala is hacklang? It sounds like it. I don't have to get into that right now. I can if when I have to. It's that mental shift that I do each moment. But only when I get in the door. In the meantime, I continue doing what I am doing.

Java is almost the same as php in some ways. You go deep into one and you see the fork in the road. Not yet though but when you need to, you see the reflection immediately. It's going to be quiet around here this morning. The kids are going to school and wife comes home midnight.

I don't know anyone in that joint anymore. The turnover is brisk. You don't want to go there anyway. What else are we doing here? You line up with the frequency and everything is reflected back to you. When there is contrast, use that as feedback to get that light. Is this making sense?

It wont when you are different. Why am I talking to you? This is here. Expand and see where this is headed. I am lost? Not lost, only that you are in unfamiliar territory. You have never been here before. Everything is in the inside. That's good because you are learning something here. You are using up the energy and then you are. Every moment you are.

Am getting tired of facebook. I tend to spend less time in there now. Why so? Too many christian die hards. It's contrast for me. It shows me where i've been and how it makes sense for them but not for me. Do what works for you. Everything is connected. You can't teach them anything anyway. They learn by themselves.

What about the one percent? They get that when they get that. You don't have to teach them as well. Be the reflection and they will see when they turn to the mirror. Is everything that way? I'm not sure I have the answer to that. It seems that way to me. It feels that it works that way as well.