connect the pieces

That course in antibiotics got me feeling bleh, whatever that means. It doesn't feel good. I have loose bowel movement and I have this feeling of being drugged. I threw out the last day's set. Six tablets in all and I am done with it. I think I had that for a week now.

What's next? Clear up the system. Wife and kids going to church tonight. I can go out for a walk, then do yoga. I don't know what is for dinner? Fish. So be it. Let's clear things up. I want to go back to bed. The coffee don't fel good anymore. I am not excited about it. Maybe I should stop doing that as well. Only do things that are in alignment, and also relevant for you. I can do this thing for myself.

What thing? I have meetup monday lunch? I can do that. Then there is the gamedev meetup on wednesday. Can I do that? Wife has work that time. Not much anything exciting on the horizon coming up this week. Do nothing then. I can choose to do that. What else is there? I don't know. Do I still want to do web dev?

That's a lot. I am getting comfy with android. It's easier that way. There's less stuff to deal with. Java in itself is a handful. I can go deep into that and see where it leads to. Is there less jobs for android? It seems like it. But it's the fastest growing stuff thingy in the world. I think there's something to it. Let's explore that. It feels right. Do it then.

What else is next today? I don't know. I don't even have to do anything. No chaing. Be in the moment. No need to be otherwise. This is how I choose. Should I go with wife to her work? It's not mine. Do some…

got me a hug before she went off to shower. Daughter eldest yesterday went to university open house. Third daughter was sick yesterday and was in bed all day. Every one else was doing their own thing. The new internet is throttled. We play with this the rest of the year. Be in the moment. There is nothing else anyway. What is it anyway? I don't have a clear sight right now, but I have a feeling as to what that is. It's the phone business.

Do what feels right. It feels right this way. I don't have an exact definition and that's good. This way, I have less expectations about it. Do I go out and ride my bike? I can run later this afternoon when they go to church. We have birthday next friday. What's in store then?

I don't know yet. I sent out an application yesterday. Do I want to continue with that? It don't feel right. What is? Maybe I can do something else. Like what? I don't know. Keep to this what I do. No need to send out applications. Finish the book, do ten projects then see what happens.

That be the path then? It seems plausible. Let's keep to that and see what happens. Are my fingers dyslexic? no. I tend to think too much about it. I can simply write and get to the other side. That means finish what I am doing. No need for judgement. Only that I write and see how it goes. I don't have to make something out of this. I only want to connect to flow when I write. It don't have tobe fast, only that it's connected when I write.

It's there already. What's in store for today? The kids be watching tv all day. I can go out for a ride. Then what? I don't know what comes uafter that. Only that I be in this moment. If nothing happens today, so be it. I am able to be in alignment anyway. This is where I ma now. So be it then.

Then, it's going to be uneventful. Find alignment in this way. Maybe be in the light. Be in that frequency. Be in the light sounds vague but it's there. It hits the spot where it needs to. I am using that again. It's not about religion. It's about being in the moment for me. That's what I write about. I can use a different phrase but it's nothing there. Do nothing then. It'll feel right when it's all aligned. Only do this and see where this is headed. No need to be master of anything. Only that I can make it work by hacking picese together.

Stick with the plan then. No need for expectations there. I am doing it right anyway. What is next here for me? That I see this is where it is. When is the next hackathon? I don't know yet. I can stick with my own plan and see where this is headed. I think I sent her email. No reply.

I move forward then. No expectations. Only that I be in the light at each moment. No need to be sometone else. I wirte no spelling corrections. This is how it's all connected. Sometiems it's fun to write that way. It's like a puzzle. How do you connect them together?

Then you start to look for results. That's when you lose the connection. You get out of the light that way. I am that writer. I can do such results. It's the thing that gets you out when you seek results. How to do this then? I am done.

systems programming build

Lately, there's this noise coming from downstairs. That face of the house needs a window. Why not there? It must be limitations or constraints placed on design. I am. Why not? I set my source code. That defines what the experience will be. I was set on getting a job rather than being a productive creator. I saw that this morning. I woke up with that insight.

The dream felt different this time. It translated soon as I woke up. This is me being in th elight now. Let's change that. This is me matching frequency. That sounds less religious. So I shifted into that. Match freq is the new term instead of using the light. The light has been so overused by religion. It sounds the same but slightly different. There is a mind fucck with the freq if you don't have context.

I see the frequency. I see the difference. The differenece is in me. I don't have to crosss or fill the gap. It's there to tell me what the differenece is. When I choose to be in that frequency, then all I have to do is be in that freq and I get there. No conditions. The conditions are your opinion. You can easily change that already. You already are. Do I go out today? Only if when I say it's good for me.

I walk later today. That means we do yoga this morning at in the living room. I enjoy that. I can go out for a walk in the fiield out this morning to enjoy the clear day. Let's do that then. Still, yoga is the priority. Feel good is my god. If I had to say what the religion is, rather the path--then feel good is the way to go.

Writing copy I can do that but it's not my staple. I would rather do something else. Write code is better for me. Then when I have everything in place hten I can write copy if I wanted to. But that's not me right now. This is where I am. I see that frequency. This is where I am. Everything is here and now. I don't have to do csharp. It's not relevant for me. Everything that's relevant is automatic.

I can ride that road again. It was the first few places that I explored when I had bike. I can go out with the son and show him that path. I am sure he'd enjoy that. How to get there? There'd be uphills on the way. How to get there. We will have to crest that. Let's build up his muscles for that trip then. He rides everyday. I think we can do that and see what happens. He can ask. I encourage that. I get distracted but that's the price for it. There's misalignment in that statement.

I will look it up later on. No need to edit how I start paragraphs. This is a morning page. It don't have to appeal to anyone. All I need to do here is to connect to flow and write. That's all there is to it. This makes it easy to make a habit. Show up and write. No directions, no expectations. This makes it easy to connect. You edit later and that's where the rules come in. still, it's an open page. You don't have to do anything that isn't interesting for you.

I can write with the eyes colsed. The kids went to bed early last night. Why is that? I don't know. I take daughter to nurse today and I get my shots. I think it's good enough in there. Let's do that. I might get sick again that way. Let's see how it goes then. I go later. I can't do yoga today. I leave at ten. So be it. I do yoga when I get back.

That be fine. I can even do yoga later tonight. It's thursday. Wife gets home late. We can have sex tonight. So be it. I think she wants it already. It's there. I have issues but this is all relevant for me. This is me vibrating this frequency. What does that mean? I have ibs? It's my system telling me what's up with it. Simply listen to it.

I enjoy these tech series on tv if you call it that. I can relate and I like the terms as I get them sometimes. What's the next one. The dark net . There's a story there. You find someone on the neutral side, that he observes what is happening. Everything is then pieced togoether from that perspective. How do you find stuff in there and connect that with real life. I don't know yet. That raised up my energy.

Next stop is tto get tor. Then I go in and look things up. How to get more bitcoins? I may need to set that up as well. Go do it and see what happens. I think I already have one. It gets lost quite easily. Do something about it then and make it more permanent. Then you can build something from that energy. See where this is going.

Where is the story going up to? I don't know yet. All I know is that it's the wild west and you pick up tuff in that road. Go to it and see what happens. How abou be the dealer then? You can set up a site and see where that goes. I think it's connected that way. You don't have to get one that way. Explores the deep web. People may want to see what is in there. Or not.

last night's meetups

Apparently, you can use this to create webpages. Set everything to text or html, maybe a different format. I learned php. It's time to move on. I find native android dev interesting and that's where this is going now. Why this path? I find it interesting. I learned php hoping to land a job. That's not my path. I gained something, a lot actually, from the experience. What more if I were doing stuff in the light?

Eldest daughter is not going to school today. Weather seems to have cleared up. Had an argument with the wife yesterday. She don't like the way I help kids make choices. Yesterday, I let my son go bike to the nearby grocery. It's about a kilometer away. He went alone.

A few days ago, I rode bike with him to the other grocery. That route had more traffic in it. I taught him how to ride safely in such situations. The rest he has to learn for himself through regular practice. He gains confidence in himself that way. That's what I am after. I can choose to keep them safe never testing beyond their comfort zones. You don't want to do that.

I'd rather have them pushing their bounderies than to be in safe haven. Maybe that's what I should be doing with my life. Why is that kid up now? She was coughing. She'll be going back to bed later on. This is the path I am in. I think there's more opportunities on this path than the one my wife is on. She's on safe haven and she is pummeled left and right by her own mind.

That's hell where she is right now. I saw things yesterday I never would if I was in safe haven. The meetup I wanted to go to was cancelled last night. It's good I did not go there then. I made a decision based on the inside. I listened to the inner voice following synchronicity.

If I went there, I would have missed out on both meetups. The one I went to I learned something or two. That fat guy from the last meetup, he was a shifter too. That's good. I thought he was this hotshot dev who knows everything. It turns out we are on the same boat.

There are meetups that you will find interesting. Mostly you can choose one that will help move things around for yourself. The laravel meetup is interesting but I am done with php. I am trading that time with something else. I like to go deep into javascript and android for now. I have several stuff in here that is working. Let's stick to that script.

I don't have to do something about this but it's all connected anyway. I don't have nginx open right now. Should I still have a firewall? I'll install that then. Also there's an update coming up. Three of them. I can do that when I am not doing anything in here. I can do that right now. You don't really need anything in there.

That kept repeating. That's synchronicity for you. What's in store today? Wife gets home late. I may have to bring car over to smales. Let's do that. Better that than having to go out and pick her up. There's a gap in there. What to do about it? My daughter's other phone battery lasts longer. The keyboard isn't working as it should be. I can replace that. I have google synced in but it's not my main account.

What now? I can do something about it. Let's see where that goes. How far will it go? I don't know. Only do what's interesting. Focus on game dev. That is interesting and fun and I have a number of testers in this household. I can do that. I can make changes here and there and that helps with the process.

I lost all my images there. I will do something about that later. I wonder if the wife got gas last night. What to do now? I don't know. Only follow the path. This is where it's going anyway. No sex lately? I can do something about it. There was this person last night I thought was a girl. Turned out to be a girl-boy. Asian small build. Girl-boy.

That was interesting. I see you have these types for hackers. I would rather label myself a hacker than a programmer. Hackers push the envelope. Programmers do it for security. Job security. That's not me. Am I good at this? So far, I have come this way and am comfortable with it. I learn what I need when I need it.

Things open up a lot this way. What's going to happen next? I got that roku thing up and running. I can go deeper but there be factors to consider. One is how it's connected to my wife's wishes that I get a job. That surfaced. I know what to do with it now that I have access to it.

It's like you created this object and now you can do anything with it as code. You define things in there that's aligned with your framework. You then do stuff with it and push things around see what comes out of it.

is that cool?

Interview later today. Last night I was anxious about it. This showed me the definitions in my source code. They did not need aligning. It's just that it's not who I am. I found a replacement that fits in with everything.

Anything and everything can happen, is possible.

With that statement, it can go this way or that. What defines the path is my light. When things go unexpectedly or they go this way or that, that tells me it's the path for me. Not desperate but it is synchronicity that is showing me where to go and how to go about it.

They could have picked a different one, but they chose to schedule to see me. That's good. Maybe there's a fit for me somewhere in there. If not, then I can go back to what it is I am doing and see how things go from there. It's a monday. Kids go to school. I can be back around four in the afternoon or so. Let's see how that adventure goes. Remember to brind passport.

And so I write again. I think I am writing everyday again. I am running low on images. There's not much I am saving. That's alright. I can do something else in th emeantime. No need for images on every post. That makes it faster to post them. Will get wife to her bus then I start off with my day.

I can get back to android now. That puts me at ease that I am doing something in here. Is that really where you want to go? I don't know yet but that is downstream for me. Do it then. Php has a lot of variants in it that got me confused. I am taking steps back to laravel. We'll see how that goes. I looked at puppet last night. Puppet is ruby.

I think I saw something with chef and ansible. I chose ansible after spending a morning deciding among the three. I will go deep into ansible and see how that goes. For now, that lines up with everything. Let's see where this goes then. Do I have to keep that up and running? I think so.

Those halbert tutorials are not that helpful. I think I can pick out something else. He writes much like dan does. That could be the key. I don't sound that way. Or I think it's that way. I miss those times and the kids like it when it's family time. I can do that next week. I can walk over there but it's too far. Waiting in the car is a bummer. I can walk to church and see how that goes.

What else is there? Keep writing and get to the other side. The kids enjoy going there anyway. I have that hackathon. I finish at six thirty. I don't think i'll make it there unless they can wait. I can get picked up in albany mall or I take a different bus.

I will look into that and see what happens. Wife was a bit distant last night. I can sense what she's up to. She got a message last night and it woke me up. I feel this negative energy in me. That's part of who I am. No need to push that awy. Only keep wiriting and get to the other side. Write up something for my page. That is good for me. I think we know where this is headed.

People need help with that. Push testing. That is the thing that gets you going. Always be testing and that gets you to the other side. It's called fishing. The coding is the technical side and the other is the creative side. I get to scratch both itches. That's fine with me. I have expectations though. How will you put your business out there?

You already have it. You only put yourself in the light and you see the reflection. That's all there is to it. What happens then? I don't know. You will never know unliess you walk down the path. Anything can happen really. You only need or be open to what is. That spider helps clean up the house somewhat. It catches them small insects and helps bring balance.

It is getting warm in here. What's next? Closing the eyes to get with the writing. This is where I am. I have skillsets. I trust myself. I am getting down to business with that url. I like it. What happens next. There be ads out there that need your attention. They have marketing funds. People know what they get anyway so they don't do much about it. If you were the new kid in the block, you have it esay. You point out what's good about yours and ride that wave.

You see where this is headed? Not everyone is in that light. What happens now. You already are in that light. Keep to the path. Watch your breathing then. If nothing else, that puts you keeps you in the light. This is where I am. I can have parking in the mall. I can walk down the street from there anyway.

That be a nice walk. Let's do that then. Everything is connected that way. See it that wa. The kids are still sleeping. Busy day today. Full roster this week. I have three to go to and it's fun this way.

getting ready morning

Wife is up early today. The garbage collectors were early today that I had to move our bag to the other side of the road. Wife and daughter about getting books reserved from the library. I am taking the son to the doctor today this morning. Yesterday, he came home complaining about pain in his chest and having difficulty moving his shoulders around.

I'm thinking he had a bad fall or something. I'm going to have to drive wife to smales farm on the way to the doctor. That's ok. I have my videos here with me. I can go see that while waiting. They are seldom on time there. When you are late they charge you extra for it. I wonder how that works out for everyone.

There's always someone out there who has a different perspective. No need to argue withthem. You only reinforce the fact that they are coming from a different point of view. What you can do is to keep writing. You get used to these. I prefer reddit more than facebook. Why is that? It makes more sense. You can be yourself in here while at facebook, you have a rep to uphold.

I go in there to keep myself posted about family and friends. Soon as I get past the third page down, I lose interest and move on. Sometimes it's other people's opinions that turns me off. Other times, most of the time, it's the religious zealots that gets me out of there asap.

It's cloudy outside. It's going to be a rainy weekend. Yesterday was a beautiful day. I wanted to go outside for a run but never got around to doing it. Wife is leaving early today. We'll get to that doctor's clinic and see what happens then. Son is still sleeping. I have daughter's shared lunch ready and cooling of. I just need to get that put in a tupperware so she can bring it.

Why not a plastic instead? That way, she can throw it off. I can do that. Let's see how it goes. She has a lot of different priorities. This is what being a family man has taught me. Their priority becomes yours and a lot of those are just noise. This time I am picking thesginal. I have hackathon next week.

Everything is now good to go. I have this van parked outside. I remember reformatting my hdd a year ago. I think that's good enough for now. I think that happened accidentally twice already. Reformat as in getting that ready for an os install. That is heavy duty reformat and works well. I even installed an os in there if I remember right.

I miss going through that bus 905. it goes through this village on its way to the mall. The kids are getting ready to leave for school. It's going to be a full house in the car today. It is cloudy anyway so everyone will want to be in there. Which way do we go? I can do that road there but there's traffic too much.

I am thinking that this kid is trying to get away from the cross country run. He did cry about it. You can tell that it's real so I guess I am going to let it be that way. I'd probably do the same thing. This place is so clean. Is this my reflection? What about them?

Their path is different. Not that one is better than the other, only that it's different. Wife gets home early tonight. We can have hug sessions tonight. I was already out when she went to bed. Tonight can be different. What's the movie tonight? I don't have anything good. Halt nc had finished a season and we are waiting for the next one.

There are several characters in there that represent a number of things. Soon as it catches up then you pick up on something else. There is that social network though. In the past, they call it the community. How did that evolve and what can you do about it? See the pattern. There is always a pattern in there.

I started on android yesterday but got this email for a job interview for a web dev position. I had to cut short that session and get back into laravel. I get hired in there and it's good to go for me. Am I the better fit? We'll see. It's a small agency. I can look it up today, then build a demo site. I can use two or three frameworks for every page.

Do I use javascript? I can do that. It's easy to plug it in. you put the reference then have that wired up. The kids are getting ready for school. I have everything in place anyway. I am waiting for them to go. Wife is getting slow again. How come it takes her longer to get ready?

I don't know. It's a woman thing. She has a lot of things to go through. I am done and good to go soon as I say so. I can go as is and be in that situation. Or not. It depends. I would like to move to rotorua. If that were to open up, i'd take that. How to move? One day at a time.

I am done here.

everything is good?

Vim I like. It gets out of the way so I can start writing. It's like blogger in the sense that you don't have to worry about setting up things when you just want to write. Wordpress has more action going on behind if you, when you want to go behind the scenes. But if you are a writer who just wants to publish content, blogger is more than enough. You get busy right away.

It's going to be a long day. What can I do about it? Get out of the house and do something fun. Go ride your bike. Go outside and run. Yesterday's run was slow and painful. I must have gained so much weight. Today is rest day. I can go out for a walk or do body weight exercises. I go for the latter. Wife gets home midnight today. I have a long day. Tomorrow is grocery.

I saw my source code this morning. What I enjoy about waking up from sleep is that my head goes on reset and I start anew. I discovered redditjs. What do you need leech block for when redditjs is so much faster? How? Click on the image with albums. The images are immediately there for you. Was that written in nodejs?

What's great about redditjs is that you login and all your subreddits are there. The only thing that I don't have is the user created subreddits. It gives me an error there. I can look that up and fix it. I would ike something like that. I think there's a plugin for that. You can then put that into your wordpress site. If that were so, you can create at least a wordpress site, then plugin reddit and you are good to go. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Let's look into that and see how it goes. There's always so much in here to go deep. What else can we do here? I have so many ideas going on right now. I have clementine. I installed this one using synaptic and seems to look good for now. I'll be using it the rest of the day to see how it goes. Installing that through the ubuntu software center is giving me a lot of bugs.

I can joint the repo and submit bug fixes. This be a good way for me to learn more about it. It's written in cpp. I know some and can debug that. I have stuff here I can use already. Do you need to upgrade hardware for windows ten? If so, I can't use that. The first year is free. After that, you pay the license. What's the difference then?

It drives prices lower for stuff if that were the case. What can I do about it? Not much rigth now. You always look to increase your frequency. You create your own themes and plugins. You can expand from there. Like how? I don't know yet. Work with them as people tend to be clueless about it. I think you know where this is hedaed.

What else is there? Connect with people. Is there a meetup tonight? I think so. It's something you might want to look into for now. There be people who can do that. You might want to see how things go. In the meantime, finish writing. I have the kids lunch ready here. They can have rice and chicken for dinner. We do grocery tomorrow.

The kids might want to join you so have something during the day until they get back. I can go out and do my things until lunch. Then I can get going with that myself. You always have more than enough. What else is there? I go to bed at midnight. Or I can take a late nap then get up before I pick up. There's always a different perspective here.

What to do about it? Nothing. Use up the energy and see where this is headed. There's very little you can do when it's outside your power. Always bring it in. you have more choices when it's from the inside. Like how? You can always look at the source code and see what needs alignment.

This is what I do all day. At times I run out of fuel. That's ok. You can always create something out of nothing. This is why I do tech. What can we do here? Create that site and see how to go from there. You have content management and then add the reddit api. That way, you have everything in one place. They can do so anonymously and not have to connect with anything.

I hardly do facebook anymore. Why is that? It's full of christians you don't line up with. I see things differently now. Should I rearrange things here? No need. I have a full cup and will do something about it. I can go out for a run today. That seems fun anyway. Just go slow. I made three rounds and that was a lot for me. It's a long way and I can get back.

Do you still want to do a marathon? No need. I don't need that unless its lined up for you. Only do this and see what happens. Then I can do sometihng there for me that works. I can take a break for one meal tomorrow, then pick up from there. I can do that. I am anyway. Then I feel better about myself that way.

Do it.

afternoon morning pages

I feel upset that two job applications I sent out were turned down. How do I make this a positive? Get going again. This is creation telling me that those are not relevant to my path. That something more exciting, interesting is coming this way. Keep to that light and you will see that reflection.

Everything is here and now anyway. It's good that you know these things now rather than waste time doing something you don't like and enjoy anyway. It looks like its going to rain. I am going through drupal essential training. I can do drupal today, then go for laravel tomorrow, or bootstrap. It depends on where the light shines. I can do yoga later?

I rode my bike earlier. I can do yoga later. I can run tomorrow. My job numero uno now is to raise frequency, more than anything else. It's not about getting something or getting to success. Success is an illusion anyway. If I had defined being abroad and living in such a neighborhood, then I am already a success, am I not. Right now, it doesn't feel like success as I defined it.

It may be a state of being, success as a definition. Is it? I was number one before and it felt incomplete. I think it is a state of being. At this time, I see or define it as being pleased with my self almost all the time. Defining it this way, success is without conditions. I am a success when I am aware of my state of being. When I am not in that light, then I can shift and be in that light instantly. No need for conditions. No need for having on the outside. Everything is inside.

That I am not having a job outside, but I feel pleased with myself based on my definitions, then I am good where I am. That is how I define things then. Discover weekly sounds good. It has good music here and there. It's a monday and the kids have run out of junkfood. I can pick up wife later at sunnynook. It don't matter what is on the outside. I can shift to my light and choose to stay there. It don't matter what is on the outside.

They have jobs because that is relevant for their path. Am I sour-graping here? Maybe so. But everything I can make positive. It can be a negative, but I have a say in that. What you put out is what you get back anyway so I define it as positive no matter what is on the outside. There are infinite ways to define it and I define it my way.

Not that they are better or worse. The path is different and there are infinite paths out there. This is the path that's relevant for me so I do this. What's next? Do what's in front of you. Work with what you have. No need for judgement. My son is learning how to ride up the driveway. He rides outside everyday whenever he can.

It's good that he enjoys riding. I can go out and ride with him on weekends. Let's do that. We can do that trail ride in the holidays. That be fun. Let's put that in my signal then. It's done. Let there be light. The other kids will learn that as well and we can all ride as a family.

Discover weekly has good music. How did they come up with this? I don't know. Is this a better algorithm? Probably. Then they are back on the top of the list. I think competition is good this way. There's always room for improvement. How do you make one then? Look it up and you will see.

Does it take long to get a porject up? Maybe so. If that were the case,,, those are my birds from the field. They are like crows. They are intelligent. This is where I live. I can start running aiagn then. I will see you in the field tomorrow. I do yoga in a moment. Wife gets home around six. I can do yoga now.

Finish these then you can do yoga. The kids are looking for food to eat. Some of them don't have patience? Not that. It's that my sense of humor don't get through some of them some times. That's ok. That's the contrast. It's all part of the all that is. You can leave it at that.

What's going to happen now? Keep writing and finish these. I can upload these then yoga afterwards. We are the first syyap in new zealand. That's a milestone. The kids are going out of the country when they are older. That's ok. This is part of the process here. What now? Do you want to write about it? I think this is good music here.

Is it about throwback music? I think so. I can listen to that station, or do something here. Wirte about it and see what happens. There's plenty of things lined up for you. See it in the light and you get that effect out of it. So be it. This is where I am then. I may have to go to bathroom before yoga.

No need for heater. It's kinda warm already. Kids are making their food. We can go buy eggs later as kids are eating all the eggs. Maybe we can get two trays of eggs next time. I can do that. This is a growing family. The cat is here home. He's part of this family.

one two three

It was raining when I got up this morning. I can get other jobs easy, but I am not going to stay there for long. I usually choose not to stay too long. It gets boring and I would rather be doing something that is interesting with little pay than to sit in an office resenting what I do with good pay. My reasoning is that I can get better situation when I do interesting work. The other one might start off good but will stay there and get left behind.

Wife might not get this. She has thrived in such a situation for long. Why not show what you can do with it? I have been doing so since january of this year. Thus far, I got laravel under my belt, together with php programming. I am not a master at it, but I can google everything I need to know and get it working.

Is that a script-kiddie? Call it what you want, but everyone is a script kiddie, only at different levels. It's like cooking. There's not one way to make something. You have different perspectives and they will cook something in a different way. Even with using frameworks, you still get something different from someone else using it.

Why is that meetup not yet filled up? You have two more weeks to go with it. Tonight I make baked mac. I have meetup later today. I can go by bike if it's not raining. Then I can return them books to the library. I can go when it's raining as well. I have jacket. I used to ride to gym doing that.

Why not set up something like that as well. At least go for one apply each day. That's the bare minimum you can do with this gig. You then expand from there, one percent moments. It picks up momentum from that as you grow in experience. Again, no need to teach this. It's good that I have a roof over my laundry downstairs. This way, even when it rains, they still get to dry off. No more repeat rinse after a rain. No need to hang them inside the house.

What's next? Be in the moment. What does that mean? Finish writing then get on with your day. Son has shared lunch today as teacher is leaving. School is a place where you lose innovation. From an early age, you are trained to conform with everyone else, to conform with one person's opinion of the world. That's not good. Or is it? It teaches you something when you are in the light. This is why things are shifting already.

I wonder how those akro boys are doing now. For one, their leader works in a shippin industry as slave labor. He makes more than a local job, but that has limitation. Not that it's bad or worse. This is what's relevant for the path he's on. I don't think I should be labeling people like that. Now that I see it, I can let go.

It's how you define things. When you say it is, it is so until you say it is otherwise. Everything is relevant and will work for you. Now what? Need to turn off that stove thing and I can continue writing here.

Done. Train of thought, flow of ideas stopped for a moment? The energy changed. It's always flowing anyway. It's the ego that gets stuck with one idea wrapping itself around it exploring how it goes. It's still not stuck. The energy has shifted and the exploration is different. Will it rain some more? It looks cloudy outside. I used to go out this early in the morning. The energy has shifted from since.

How do you confirm that? I don't know yet. I have less than seven hundred words. I like atom but it's not yet perfect. It has potential. It can go better than vim as the latter seems to not have improved anymore. Atom has plenty of room to expand. People are using it.

Maybe I can uninstall vim. Is there a way to make that general? I can copy paste my scripts to the cloud. That way, I put them into every install I make and go from there. I think that's possible. What else can I do here? Remove vim and use atom exclusively. That's how I did it last time. I can grow from here.

I will put the garbage out soon as I am done here. The comunication stopped there with the buddy. I can go visit that friends home when I am done here. Maybe over the weekend? That is possible too. What's next then? Make it a short visit and see what happens. My daughter I keep forgetting to ask her if she knows that person.

Go look it up then write it down. Next time you see her, hand over the paper then see how it goes. The lunch needs to be put out to cool. I also will cut them into smaller pieces. It's a friday. This is what it's like to be here. Let's do that one a day thing. I can do more than that of course. I get a bite eventually. You don't need to have evrything, only what's relevant for you.


how you think?

I now have tonight's entertainment with the wife. She's nice. She is a good person. Good enough is good enough. I am lucky. Others, they have wives who cheat on them. It's ok if my partner wants to be, chooses to be in an open relationship. She has to tell me upfront. That offer stands between us but it's not her thing.

I wonder how it's like though if that were true.

First, she'll be going out every weekend. I don't have to be there but I too will have my own activities. How about the kids? They don't have to know but could find out about it when they are older. How will that affect the relationship? I don't know. I haven't been there. I think it can go both ways, and everything is possible.

I can be attached to someone else that suits or complements my blank spaces and so can hers. If the relationship is strong, or if that staying together is relevant for both, then you both stay together. If it is no longer relevant, then the energy will change. You experience a different path. And it's ok. That path is relevant. You walk that path.

What else is here? What we have right now is good for me. It's relevant and I gain a lot from the experience. I think that she too gains from the experience. What's different is the level of awareness at times. Not that mine is better or worse, but that it's relevant for me at this time.

Why am I explaining this? I am writing what's in my head. There's that smell of chicken from last night's dinner. I used the same tray and it's gone throughout the house. I dried plenty of laundry yesterday under that garage shed. I can do more but that be enough for now. Better this way it is. Let's see how things go from here.

What's next?

I found a few friends from college on facebook yesterday. It was good to get connected again. I am surprised they hooked up after college. That's good. They both are good persons. Their path are different from mine. Everything is connected. I like what I am doing as I enjoy doing them. Things shift differently in my environment. It's what's relevant for me. The information comes sooner.

I don't have to charge more for it. Why not build a site for that. I think that be possible as well. You can go down that path and see how it goes. Everything is connected. Php and javascript can go well together. You have that already. You only need to see it in the light when you need it. It's going to be there. I can go to the city tonight. How to do that? I don't know yet. Only do this and see what happens.

It's a big group for toinght. What else is there? If when there is a limit, go still. Not everyone is going to be there. You can go in with that shortage. There be nametags but you can skip that altogether. The laravel group is small but there are more gigs for php that way. I will look deeper into that. For now, things look good and promising. There's plenty of tutorials out there. Let's do that then.

You have less junk building from a framework rather than using a cms. Why is that? A cms tries to fit all needs. Building from a framework will scale but you only use or have those parts that are relevant for you. You don't even have to use everything in the cms. Laravel seems to have more tutorials. I go deep into that forest then see how things apply to other frameworks. That's how you learn.

Atm, I can pick them up from what I learned from nodejs. I am still learning as there be ever expanding light. This never ends? Only when you say so. This is what infinity is about. You always have a different perspective. Wife has period. We do nothing for now. Go to bed, go to sleep is my mantra for this week. The energy is still there and flows true.

I wonder how things are for others? I don't know. You already know these things. Get to the other side and see what happens. At least he is true. He lived in cavite back then. That was a long way. They had this apartment next to the uni. That was interesting. It's how things are back then. Now it's different. It's always changing. Things are always shifting this way.

They had money? And so did you. It's how you define things when it's not there. I can teach my son how to get his library when he gets back. For now, this is where I am. I can convert them later when I get back. He has his own phone now. It's a hand me down. He enjoys using that. We can expand on that later on. What's going to happen next?

Be in the moment. Everything is here and now. I stopped the flow there. Close your eyes and keep writing. That's how you get back. There is ark when I close my eyes. I am done here.