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I feel upset that two job applications I sent out were turned down. How do I make this a positive? Get going again. This is creation telling me that those are not relevant to my path. That something more exciting, interesting is coming this way. Keep to that light and you will see that reflection.

Everything is here and now anyway. It's good that you know these things now rather than waste time doing something you don't like and enjoy anyway. It looks like its going to rain. I am going through drupal essential training. I can do drupal today, then go for laravel tomorrow, or bootstrap. It depends on where the light shines. I can do yoga later?

I rode my bike earlier. I can do yoga later. I can run tomorrow. My job numero uno now is to raise frequency, more than anything else. It's not about getting something or getting to success. Success is an illusion anyway. If I had defined being abroad and living in such a neighborhood, then I am already a success, am I not. Right now, it doesn't feel like success as I defined it.

It may be a state of being, success as a definition. Is it? I was number one before and it felt incomplete. I think it is a state of being. At this time, I see or define it as being pleased with my self almost all the time. Defining it this way, success is without conditions. I am a success when I am aware of my state of being. When I am not in that light, then I can shift and be in that light instantly. No need for conditions. No need for having on the outside. Everything is inside.

That I am not having a job outside, but I feel pleased with myself based on my definitions, then I am good where I am. That is how I define things then. Discover weekly sounds good. It has good music here and there. It's a monday and the kids have run out of junkfood. I can pick up wife later at sunnynook. It don't matter what is on the outside. I can shift to my light and choose to stay there. It don't matter what is on the outside.

They have jobs because that is relevant for their path. Am I sour-graping here? Maybe so. But everything I can make positive. It can be a negative, but I have a say in that. What you put out is what you get back anyway so I define it as positive no matter what is on the outside. There are infinite ways to define it and I define it my way.

Not that they are better or worse. The path is different and there are infinite paths out there. This is the path that's relevant for me so I do this. What's next? Do what's in front of you. Work with what you have. No need for judgement. My son is learning how to ride up the driveway. He rides outside everyday whenever he can.

It's good that he enjoys riding. I can go out and ride with him on weekends. Let's do that. We can do that trail ride in the holidays. That be fun. Let's put that in my signal then. It's done. Let there be light. The other kids will learn that as well and we can all ride as a family.

Discover weekly has good music. How did they come up with this? I don't know. Is this a better algorithm? Probably. Then they are back on the top of the list. I think competition is good this way. There's always room for improvement. How do you make one then? Look it up and you will see.

Does it take long to get a porject up? Maybe so. If that were the case,,, those are my birds from the field. They are like crows. They are intelligent. This is where I live. I can start running aiagn then. I will see you in the field tomorrow. I do yoga in a moment. Wife gets home around six. I can do yoga now.

Finish these then you can do yoga. The kids are looking for food to eat. Some of them don't have patience? Not that. It's that my sense of humor don't get through some of them some times. That's ok. That's the contrast. It's all part of the all that is. You can leave it at that.

What's going to happen now? Keep writing and finish these. I can upload these then yoga afterwards. We are the first syyap in new zealand. That's a milestone. The kids are going out of the country when they are older. That's ok. This is part of the process here. What now? Do you want to write about it? I think this is good music here.

Is it about throwback music? I think so. I can listen to that station, or do something here. Wirte about it and see what happens. There's plenty of things lined up for you. See it in the light and you get that effect out of it. So be it. This is where I am then. I may have to go to bathroom before yoga.

No need for heater. It's kinda warm already. Kids are making their food. We can go buy eggs later as kids are eating all the eggs. Maybe we can get two trays of eggs next time. I can do that. This is a growing family. The cat is here home. He's part of this family.