connect the pieces

That course in antibiotics got me feeling bleh, whatever that means. It doesn't feel good. I have loose bowel movement and I have this feeling of being drugged. I threw out the last day's set. Six tablets in all and I am done with it. I think I had that for a week now.

What's next? Clear up the system. Wife and kids going to church tonight. I can go out for a walk, then do yoga. I don't know what is for dinner? Fish. So be it. Let's clear things up. I want to go back to bed. The coffee don't fel good anymore. I am not excited about it. Maybe I should stop doing that as well. Only do things that are in alignment, and also relevant for you. I can do this thing for myself.

What thing? I have meetup monday lunch? I can do that. Then there is the gamedev meetup on wednesday. Can I do that? Wife has work that time. Not much anything exciting on the horizon coming up this week. Do nothing then. I can choose to do that. What else is there? I don't know. Do I still want to do web dev?

That's a lot. I am getting comfy with android. It's easier that way. There's less stuff to deal with. Java in itself is a handful. I can go deep into that and see where it leads to. Is there less jobs for android? It seems like it. But it's the fastest growing stuff thingy in the world. I think there's something to it. Let's explore that. It feels right. Do it then.

What else is next today? I don't know. I don't even have to do anything. No chaing. Be in the moment. No need to be otherwise. This is how I choose. Should I go with wife to her work? It's not mine. Do some…

got me a hug before she went off to shower. Daughter eldest yesterday went to university open house. Third daughter was sick yesterday and was in bed all day. Every one else was doing their own thing. The new internet is throttled. We play with this the rest of the year. Be in the moment. There is nothing else anyway. What is it anyway? I don't have a clear sight right now, but I have a feeling as to what that is. It's the phone business.

Do what feels right. It feels right this way. I don't have an exact definition and that's good. This way, I have less expectations about it. Do I go out and ride my bike? I can run later this afternoon when they go to church. We have birthday next friday. What's in store then?

I don't know yet. I sent out an application yesterday. Do I want to continue with that? It don't feel right. What is? Maybe I can do something else. Like what? I don't know. Keep to this what I do. No need to send out applications. Finish the book, do ten projects then see what happens.

That be the path then? It seems plausible. Let's keep to that and see what happens. Are my fingers dyslexic? no. I tend to think too much about it. I can simply write and get to the other side. That means finish what I am doing. No need for judgement. Only that I write and see how it goes. I don't have to make something out of this. I only want to connect to flow when I write. It don't have tobe fast, only that it's connected when I write.

It's there already. What's in store for today? The kids be watching tv all day. I can go out for a ride. Then what? I don't know what comes uafter that. Only that I be in this moment. If nothing happens today, so be it. I am able to be in alignment anyway. This is where I ma now. So be it then.

Then, it's going to be uneventful. Find alignment in this way. Maybe be in the light. Be in that frequency. Be in the light sounds vague but it's there. It hits the spot where it needs to. I am using that again. It's not about religion. It's about being in the moment for me. That's what I write about. I can use a different phrase but it's nothing there. Do nothing then. It'll feel right when it's all aligned. Only do this and see where this is headed. No need to be master of anything. Only that I can make it work by hacking picese together.

Stick with the plan then. No need for expectations there. I am doing it right anyway. What is next here for me? That I see this is where it is. When is the next hackathon? I don't know yet. I can stick with my own plan and see where this is headed. I think I sent her email. No reply.

I move forward then. No expectations. Only that I be in the light at each moment. No need to be sometone else. I wirte no spelling corrections. This is how it's all connected. Sometiems it's fun to write that way. It's like a puzzle. How do you connect them together?

Then you start to look for results. That's when you lose the connection. You get out of the light that way. I am that writer. I can do such results. It's the thing that gets you out when you seek results. How to do this then? I am done.