everything is good?

Vim I like. It gets out of the way so I can start writing. It's like blogger in the sense that you don't have to worry about setting up things when you just want to write. Wordpress has more action going on behind if you, when you want to go behind the scenes. But if you are a writer who just wants to publish content, blogger is more than enough. You get busy right away.

It's going to be a long day. What can I do about it? Get out of the house and do something fun. Go ride your bike. Go outside and run. Yesterday's run was slow and painful. I must have gained so much weight. Today is rest day. I can go out for a walk or do body weight exercises. I go for the latter. Wife gets home midnight today. I have a long day. Tomorrow is grocery.

I saw my source code this morning. What I enjoy about waking up from sleep is that my head goes on reset and I start anew. I discovered redditjs. What do you need leech block for when redditjs is so much faster? How? Click on the image with albums. The images are immediately there for you. Was that written in nodejs?

What's great about redditjs is that you login and all your subreddits are there. The only thing that I don't have is the user created subreddits. It gives me an error there. I can look that up and fix it. I would ike something like that. I think there's a plugin for that. You can then put that into your wordpress site. If that were so, you can create at least a wordpress site, then plugin reddit and you are good to go. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Let's look into that and see how it goes. There's always so much in here to go deep. What else can we do here? I have so many ideas going on right now. I have clementine. I installed this one using synaptic and seems to look good for now. I'll be using it the rest of the day to see how it goes. Installing that through the ubuntu software center is giving me a lot of bugs.

I can joint the repo and submit bug fixes. This be a good way for me to learn more about it. It's written in cpp. I know some and can debug that. I have stuff here I can use already. Do you need to upgrade hardware for windows ten? If so, I can't use that. The first year is free. After that, you pay the license. What's the difference then?

It drives prices lower for stuff if that were the case. What can I do about it? Not much rigth now. You always look to increase your frequency. You create your own themes and plugins. You can expand from there. Like how? I don't know yet. Work with them as people tend to be clueless about it. I think you know where this is hedaed.

What else is there? Connect with people. Is there a meetup tonight? I think so. It's something you might want to look into for now. There be people who can do that. You might want to see how things go. In the meantime, finish writing. I have the kids lunch ready here. They can have rice and chicken for dinner. We do grocery tomorrow.

The kids might want to join you so have something during the day until they get back. I can go out and do my things until lunch. Then I can get going with that myself. You always have more than enough. What else is there? I go to bed at midnight. Or I can take a late nap then get up before I pick up. There's always a different perspective here.

What to do about it? Nothing. Use up the energy and see where this is headed. There's very little you can do when it's outside your power. Always bring it in. you have more choices when it's from the inside. Like how? You can always look at the source code and see what needs alignment.

This is what I do all day. At times I run out of fuel. That's ok. You can always create something out of nothing. This is why I do tech. What can we do here? Create that site and see how to go from there. You have content management and then add the reddit api. That way, you have everything in one place. They can do so anonymously and not have to connect with anything.

I hardly do facebook anymore. Why is that? It's full of christians you don't line up with. I see things differently now. Should I rearrange things here? No need. I have a full cup and will do something about it. I can go out for a run today. That seems fun anyway. Just go slow. I made three rounds and that was a lot for me. It's a long way and I can get back.

Do you still want to do a marathon? No need. I don't need that unless its lined up for you. Only do this and see what happens. Then I can do sometihng there for me that works. I can take a break for one meal tomorrow, then pick up from there. I can do that. I am anyway. Then I feel better about myself that way.

Do it.