getting ready morning

Wife is up early today. The garbage collectors were early today that I had to move our bag to the other side of the road. Wife and daughter about getting books reserved from the library. I am taking the son to the doctor today this morning. Yesterday, he came home complaining about pain in his chest and having difficulty moving his shoulders around.

I'm thinking he had a bad fall or something. I'm going to have to drive wife to smales farm on the way to the doctor. That's ok. I have my videos here with me. I can go see that while waiting. They are seldom on time there. When you are late they charge you extra for it. I wonder how that works out for everyone.

There's always someone out there who has a different perspective. No need to argue withthem. You only reinforce the fact that they are coming from a different point of view. What you can do is to keep writing. You get used to these. I prefer reddit more than facebook. Why is that? It makes more sense. You can be yourself in here while at facebook, you have a rep to uphold.

I go in there to keep myself posted about family and friends. Soon as I get past the third page down, I lose interest and move on. Sometimes it's other people's opinions that turns me off. Other times, most of the time, it's the religious zealots that gets me out of there asap.

It's cloudy outside. It's going to be a rainy weekend. Yesterday was a beautiful day. I wanted to go outside for a run but never got around to doing it. Wife is leaving early today. We'll get to that doctor's clinic and see what happens then. Son is still sleeping. I have daughter's shared lunch ready and cooling of. I just need to get that put in a tupperware so she can bring it.

Why not a plastic instead? That way, she can throw it off. I can do that. Let's see how it goes. She has a lot of different priorities. This is what being a family man has taught me. Their priority becomes yours and a lot of those are just noise. This time I am picking thesginal. I have hackathon next week.

Everything is now good to go. I have this van parked outside. I remember reformatting my hdd a year ago. I think that's good enough for now. I think that happened accidentally twice already. Reformat as in getting that ready for an os install. That is heavy duty reformat and works well. I even installed an os in there if I remember right.

I miss going through that bus 905. it goes through this village on its way to the mall. The kids are getting ready to leave for school. It's going to be a full house in the car today. It is cloudy anyway so everyone will want to be in there. Which way do we go? I can do that road there but there's traffic too much.

I am thinking that this kid is trying to get away from the cross country run. He did cry about it. You can tell that it's real so I guess I am going to let it be that way. I'd probably do the same thing. This place is so clean. Is this my reflection? What about them?

Their path is different. Not that one is better than the other, only that it's different. Wife gets home early tonight. We can have hug sessions tonight. I was already out when she went to bed. Tonight can be different. What's the movie tonight? I don't have anything good. Halt nc had finished a season and we are waiting for the next one.

There are several characters in there that represent a number of things. Soon as it catches up then you pick up on something else. There is that social network though. In the past, they call it the community. How did that evolve and what can you do about it? See the pattern. There is always a pattern in there.

I started on android yesterday but got this email for a job interview for a web dev position. I had to cut short that session and get back into laravel. I get hired in there and it's good to go for me. Am I the better fit? We'll see. It's a small agency. I can look it up today, then build a demo site. I can use two or three frameworks for every page.

Do I use javascript? I can do that. It's easy to plug it in. you put the reference then have that wired up. The kids are getting ready for school. I have everything in place anyway. I am waiting for them to go. Wife is getting slow again. How come it takes her longer to get ready?

I don't know. It's a woman thing. She has a lot of things to go through. I am done and good to go soon as I say so. I can go as is and be in that situation. Or not. It depends. I would like to move to rotorua. If that were to open up, i'd take that. How to move? One day at a time.

I am done here.