how you think?

I now have tonight's entertainment with the wife. She's nice. She is a good person. Good enough is good enough. I am lucky. Others, they have wives who cheat on them. It's ok if my partner wants to be, chooses to be in an open relationship. She has to tell me upfront. That offer stands between us but it's not her thing.

I wonder how it's like though if that were true.

First, she'll be going out every weekend. I don't have to be there but I too will have my own activities. How about the kids? They don't have to know but could find out about it when they are older. How will that affect the relationship? I don't know. I haven't been there. I think it can go both ways, and everything is possible.

I can be attached to someone else that suits or complements my blank spaces and so can hers. If the relationship is strong, or if that staying together is relevant for both, then you both stay together. If it is no longer relevant, then the energy will change. You experience a different path. And it's ok. That path is relevant. You walk that path.

What else is here? What we have right now is good for me. It's relevant and I gain a lot from the experience. I think that she too gains from the experience. What's different is the level of awareness at times. Not that mine is better or worse, but that it's relevant for me at this time.

Why am I explaining this? I am writing what's in my head. There's that smell of chicken from last night's dinner. I used the same tray and it's gone throughout the house. I dried plenty of laundry yesterday under that garage shed. I can do more but that be enough for now. Better this way it is. Let's see how things go from here.

What's next?

I found a few friends from college on facebook yesterday. It was good to get connected again. I am surprised they hooked up after college. That's good. They both are good persons. Their path are different from mine. Everything is connected. I like what I am doing as I enjoy doing them. Things shift differently in my environment. It's what's relevant for me. The information comes sooner.

I don't have to charge more for it. Why not build a site for that. I think that be possible as well. You can go down that path and see how it goes. Everything is connected. Php and javascript can go well together. You have that already. You only need to see it in the light when you need it. It's going to be there. I can go to the city tonight. How to do that? I don't know yet. Only do this and see what happens.

It's a big group for toinght. What else is there? If when there is a limit, go still. Not everyone is going to be there. You can go in with that shortage. There be nametags but you can skip that altogether. The laravel group is small but there are more gigs for php that way. I will look deeper into that. For now, things look good and promising. There's plenty of tutorials out there. Let's do that then.

You have less junk building from a framework rather than using a cms. Why is that? A cms tries to fit all needs. Building from a framework will scale but you only use or have those parts that are relevant for you. You don't even have to use everything in the cms. Laravel seems to have more tutorials. I go deep into that forest then see how things apply to other frameworks. That's how you learn.

Atm, I can pick them up from what I learned from nodejs. I am still learning as there be ever expanding light. This never ends? Only when you say so. This is what infinity is about. You always have a different perspective. Wife has period. We do nothing for now. Go to bed, go to sleep is my mantra for this week. The energy is still there and flows true.

I wonder how things are for others? I don't know. You already know these things. Get to the other side and see what happens. At least he is true. He lived in cavite back then. That was a long way. They had this apartment next to the uni. That was interesting. It's how things are back then. Now it's different. It's always changing. Things are always shifting this way.

They had money? And so did you. It's how you define things when it's not there. I can teach my son how to get his library when he gets back. For now, this is where I am. I can convert them later when I get back. He has his own phone now. It's a hand me down. He enjoys using that. We can expand on that later on. What's going to happen next?

Be in the moment. Everything is here and now. I stopped the flow there. Close your eyes and keep writing. That's how you get back. There is ark when I close my eyes. I am done here.