is that cool?

Interview later today. Last night I was anxious about it. This showed me the definitions in my source code. They did not need aligning. It's just that it's not who I am. I found a replacement that fits in with everything.

Anything and everything can happen, is possible.

With that statement, it can go this way or that. What defines the path is my light. When things go unexpectedly or they go this way or that, that tells me it's the path for me. Not desperate but it is synchronicity that is showing me where to go and how to go about it.

They could have picked a different one, but they chose to schedule to see me. That's good. Maybe there's a fit for me somewhere in there. If not, then I can go back to what it is I am doing and see how things go from there. It's a monday. Kids go to school. I can be back around four in the afternoon or so. Let's see how that adventure goes. Remember to brind passport.

And so I write again. I think I am writing everyday again. I am running low on images. There's not much I am saving. That's alright. I can do something else in th emeantime. No need for images on every post. That makes it faster to post them. Will get wife to her bus then I start off with my day.

I can get back to android now. That puts me at ease that I am doing something in here. Is that really where you want to go? I don't know yet but that is downstream for me. Do it then. Php has a lot of variants in it that got me confused. I am taking steps back to laravel. We'll see how that goes. I looked at puppet last night. Puppet is ruby.

I think I saw something with chef and ansible. I chose ansible after spending a morning deciding among the three. I will go deep into ansible and see how that goes. For now, that lines up with everything. Let's see where this goes then. Do I have to keep that up and running? I think so.

Those halbert tutorials are not that helpful. I think I can pick out something else. He writes much like dan does. That could be the key. I don't sound that way. Or I think it's that way. I miss those times and the kids like it when it's family time. I can do that next week. I can walk over there but it's too far. Waiting in the car is a bummer. I can walk to church and see how that goes.

What else is there? Keep writing and get to the other side. The kids enjoy going there anyway. I have that hackathon. I finish at six thirty. I don't think i'll make it there unless they can wait. I can get picked up in albany mall or I take a different bus.

I will look into that and see what happens. Wife was a bit distant last night. I can sense what she's up to. She got a message last night and it woke me up. I feel this negative energy in me. That's part of who I am. No need to push that awy. Only keep wiriting and get to the other side. Write up something for my page. That is good for me. I think we know where this is headed.

People need help with that. Push testing. That is the thing that gets you going. Always be testing and that gets you to the other side. It's called fishing. The coding is the technical side and the other is the creative side. I get to scratch both itches. That's fine with me. I have expectations though. How will you put your business out there?

You already have it. You only put yourself in the light and you see the reflection. That's all there is to it. What happens then? I don't know. You will never know unliess you walk down the path. Anything can happen really. You only need or be open to what is. That spider helps clean up the house somewhat. It catches them small insects and helps bring balance.

It is getting warm in here. What's next? Closing the eyes to get with the writing. This is where I am. I have skillsets. I trust myself. I am getting down to business with that url. I like it. What happens next. There be ads out there that need your attention. They have marketing funds. People know what they get anyway so they don't do much about it. If you were the new kid in the block, you have it esay. You point out what's good about yours and ride that wave.

You see where this is headed? Not everyone is in that light. What happens now. You already are in that light. Keep to the path. Watch your breathing then. If nothing else, that puts you keeps you in the light. This is where I am. I can have parking in the mall. I can walk down the street from there anyway.

That be a nice walk. Let's do that then. Everything is connected that way. See it that wa. The kids are still sleeping. Busy day today. Full roster this week. I have three to go to and it's fun this way.