last night's meetups

Apparently, you can use this to create webpages. Set everything to text or html, maybe a different format. I learned php. It's time to move on. I find native android dev interesting and that's where this is going now. Why this path? I find it interesting. I learned php hoping to land a job. That's not my path. I gained something, a lot actually, from the experience. What more if I were doing stuff in the light?

Eldest daughter is not going to school today. Weather seems to have cleared up. Had an argument with the wife yesterday. She don't like the way I help kids make choices. Yesterday, I let my son go bike to the nearby grocery. It's about a kilometer away. He went alone.

A few days ago, I rode bike with him to the other grocery. That route had more traffic in it. I taught him how to ride safely in such situations. The rest he has to learn for himself through regular practice. He gains confidence in himself that way. That's what I am after. I can choose to keep them safe never testing beyond their comfort zones. You don't want to do that.

I'd rather have them pushing their bounderies than to be in safe haven. Maybe that's what I should be doing with my life. Why is that kid up now? She was coughing. She'll be going back to bed later on. This is the path I am in. I think there's more opportunities on this path than the one my wife is on. She's on safe haven and she is pummeled left and right by her own mind.

That's hell where she is right now. I saw things yesterday I never would if I was in safe haven. The meetup I wanted to go to was cancelled last night. It's good I did not go there then. I made a decision based on the inside. I listened to the inner voice following synchronicity.

If I went there, I would have missed out on both meetups. The one I went to I learned something or two. That fat guy from the last meetup, he was a shifter too. That's good. I thought he was this hotshot dev who knows everything. It turns out we are on the same boat.

There are meetups that you will find interesting. Mostly you can choose one that will help move things around for yourself. The laravel meetup is interesting but I am done with php. I am trading that time with something else. I like to go deep into javascript and android for now. I have several stuff in here that is working. Let's stick to that script.

I don't have to do something about this but it's all connected anyway. I don't have nginx open right now. Should I still have a firewall? I'll install that then. Also there's an update coming up. Three of them. I can do that when I am not doing anything in here. I can do that right now. You don't really need anything in there.

That kept repeating. That's synchronicity for you. What's in store today? Wife gets home late. I may have to bring car over to smales. Let's do that. Better that than having to go out and pick her up. There's a gap in there. What to do about it? My daughter's other phone battery lasts longer. The keyboard isn't working as it should be. I can replace that. I have google synced in but it's not my main account.

What now? I can do something about it. Let's see where that goes. How far will it go? I don't know. Only do what's interesting. Focus on game dev. That is interesting and fun and I have a number of testers in this household. I can do that. I can make changes here and there and that helps with the process.

I lost all my images there. I will do something about that later. I wonder if the wife got gas last night. What to do now? I don't know. Only follow the path. This is where it's going anyway. No sex lately? I can do something about it. There was this person last night I thought was a girl. Turned out to be a girl-boy. Asian small build. Girl-boy.

That was interesting. I see you have these types for hackers. I would rather label myself a hacker than a programmer. Hackers push the envelope. Programmers do it for security. Job security. That's not me. Am I good at this? So far, I have come this way and am comfortable with it. I learn what I need when I need it.

Things open up a lot this way. What's going to happen next? I got that roku thing up and running. I can go deeper but there be factors to consider. One is how it's connected to my wife's wishes that I get a job. That surfaced. I know what to do with it now that I have access to it.

It's like you created this object and now you can do anything with it as code. You define things in there that's aligned with your framework. You then do stuff with it and push things around see what comes out of it.