one two three

It was raining when I got up this morning. I can get other jobs easy, but I am not going to stay there for long. I usually choose not to stay too long. It gets boring and I would rather be doing something that is interesting with little pay than to sit in an office resenting what I do with good pay. My reasoning is that I can get better situation when I do interesting work. The other one might start off good but will stay there and get left behind.

Wife might not get this. She has thrived in such a situation for long. Why not show what you can do with it? I have been doing so since january of this year. Thus far, I got laravel under my belt, together with php programming. I am not a master at it, but I can google everything I need to know and get it working.

Is that a script-kiddie? Call it what you want, but everyone is a script kiddie, only at different levels. It's like cooking. There's not one way to make something. You have different perspectives and they will cook something in a different way. Even with using frameworks, you still get something different from someone else using it.

Why is that meetup not yet filled up? You have two more weeks to go with it. Tonight I make baked mac. I have meetup later today. I can go by bike if it's not raining. Then I can return them books to the library. I can go when it's raining as well. I have jacket. I used to ride to gym doing that.

Why not set up something like that as well. At least go for one apply each day. That's the bare minimum you can do with this gig. You then expand from there, one percent moments. It picks up momentum from that as you grow in experience. Again, no need to teach this. It's good that I have a roof over my laundry downstairs. This way, even when it rains, they still get to dry off. No more repeat rinse after a rain. No need to hang them inside the house.

What's next? Be in the moment. What does that mean? Finish writing then get on with your day. Son has shared lunch today as teacher is leaving. School is a place where you lose innovation. From an early age, you are trained to conform with everyone else, to conform with one person's opinion of the world. That's not good. Or is it? It teaches you something when you are in the light. This is why things are shifting already.

I wonder how those akro boys are doing now. For one, their leader works in a shippin industry as slave labor. He makes more than a local job, but that has limitation. Not that it's bad or worse. This is what's relevant for the path he's on. I don't think I should be labeling people like that. Now that I see it, I can let go.

It's how you define things. When you say it is, it is so until you say it is otherwise. Everything is relevant and will work for you. Now what? Need to turn off that stove thing and I can continue writing here.

Done. Train of thought, flow of ideas stopped for a moment? The energy changed. It's always flowing anyway. It's the ego that gets stuck with one idea wrapping itself around it exploring how it goes. It's still not stuck. The energy has shifted and the exploration is different. Will it rain some more? It looks cloudy outside. I used to go out this early in the morning. The energy has shifted from since.

How do you confirm that? I don't know yet. I have less than seven hundred words. I like atom but it's not yet perfect. It has potential. It can go better than vim as the latter seems to not have improved anymore. Atom has plenty of room to expand. People are using it.

Maybe I can uninstall vim. Is there a way to make that general? I can copy paste my scripts to the cloud. That way, I put them into every install I make and go from there. I think that's possible. What else can I do here? Remove vim and use atom exclusively. That's how I did it last time. I can grow from here.

I will put the garbage out soon as I am done here. The comunication stopped there with the buddy. I can go visit that friends home when I am done here. Maybe over the weekend? That is possible too. What's next then? Make it a short visit and see what happens. My daughter I keep forgetting to ask her if she knows that person.

Go look it up then write it down. Next time you see her, hand over the paper then see how it goes. The lunch needs to be put out to cool. I also will cut them into smaller pieces. It's a friday. This is what it's like to be here. Let's do that one a day thing. I can do more than that of course. I get a bite eventually. You don't need to have evrything, only what's relevant for you.