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Lately, there's this noise coming from downstairs. That face of the house needs a window. Why not there? It must be limitations or constraints placed on design. I am. Why not? I set my source code. That defines what the experience will be. I was set on getting a job rather than being a productive creator. I saw that this morning. I woke up with that insight.

The dream felt different this time. It translated soon as I woke up. This is me being in th elight now. Let's change that. This is me matching frequency. That sounds less religious. So I shifted into that. Match freq is the new term instead of using the light. The light has been so overused by religion. It sounds the same but slightly different. There is a mind fucck with the freq if you don't have context.

I see the frequency. I see the difference. The differenece is in me. I don't have to crosss or fill the gap. It's there to tell me what the differenece is. When I choose to be in that frequency, then all I have to do is be in that freq and I get there. No conditions. The conditions are your opinion. You can easily change that already. You already are. Do I go out today? Only if when I say it's good for me.

I walk later today. That means we do yoga this morning at in the living room. I enjoy that. I can go out for a walk in the fiield out this morning to enjoy the clear day. Let's do that then. Still, yoga is the priority. Feel good is my god. If I had to say what the religion is, rather the path--then feel good is the way to go.

Writing copy I can do that but it's not my staple. I would rather do something else. Write code is better for me. Then when I have everything in place hten I can write copy if I wanted to. But that's not me right now. This is where I am. I see that frequency. This is where I am. Everything is here and now. I don't have to do csharp. It's not relevant for me. Everything that's relevant is automatic.

I can ride that road again. It was the first few places that I explored when I had bike. I can go out with the son and show him that path. I am sure he'd enjoy that. How to get there? There'd be uphills on the way. How to get there. We will have to crest that. Let's build up his muscles for that trip then. He rides everyday. I think we can do that and see what happens. He can ask. I encourage that. I get distracted but that's the price for it. There's misalignment in that statement.

I will look it up later on. No need to edit how I start paragraphs. This is a morning page. It don't have to appeal to anyone. All I need to do here is to connect to flow and write. That's all there is to it. This makes it easy to make a habit. Show up and write. No directions, no expectations. This makes it easy to connect. You edit later and that's where the rules come in. still, it's an open page. You don't have to do anything that isn't interesting for you.

I can write with the eyes colsed. The kids went to bed early last night. Why is that? I don't know. I take daughter to nurse today and I get my shots. I think it's good enough in there. Let's do that. I might get sick again that way. Let's see how it goes then. I go later. I can't do yoga today. I leave at ten. So be it. I do yoga when I get back.

That be fine. I can even do yoga later tonight. It's thursday. Wife gets home late. We can have sex tonight. So be it. I think she wants it already. It's there. I have issues but this is all relevant for me. This is me vibrating this frequency. What does that mean? I have ibs? It's my system telling me what's up with it. Simply listen to it.

I enjoy these tech series on tv if you call it that. I can relate and I like the terms as I get them sometimes. What's the next one. The dark net . There's a story there. You find someone on the neutral side, that he observes what is happening. Everything is then pieced togoether from that perspective. How do you find stuff in there and connect that with real life. I don't know yet. That raised up my energy.

Next stop is tto get tor. Then I go in and look things up. How to get more bitcoins? I may need to set that up as well. Go do it and see what happens. I think I already have one. It gets lost quite easily. Do something about it then and make it more permanent. Then you can build something from that energy. See where this is going.

Where is the story going up to? I don't know yet. All I know is that it's the wild west and you pick up tuff in that road. Go to it and see what happens. How abou be the dealer then? You can set up a site and see where that goes. I think it's connected that way. You don't have to get one that way. Explores the deep web. People may want to see what is in there. Or not.