compile your code

I was able to get nginx running again. There must have been an error in the config files. Purging them with the uninstall must have fixed that. If this were a production env, that is going to be a challeng. I wonder what happened there.

The class is slow. Considering the time I spend in that situation, it costs a lot with little return. At least I am moving forward with that together to get that certificate, then open up opportunities for getting a job. There is this guy who is a noob when it comes to programming. He looks like a nice guy.

I wonder why I was called up to office. She could have got that working. I think she is inefficient with her work. She'll need to spend a bit more time improving her skills with her tools and that is going to cut time at work and be more effective.

You also need to create scripts to automate things. Her bf is a programmer. I am wondering why he's not doing anything to get that to work. Maybe...i don't want to go into that anymore. It's time to move forward from here. I have source code that puts out negative energy in me. I am aware of that and see how things are working here. How long is this one going to run?

I think i've seen this one before. It's ok and I can look into that and see what happens. I think I already have this. The command line is something they don't use as often. We have fibre in that school. How can I tap into that? Bring the laptop and get that working. Be in that state of being. You already know that. Only do one percent. That sets you up for momentum.

Do I take a break on friday? That's a choice but will that make you more efficient that way? I would rather get going with this now. How else do we do that? I don't know yet. There's a lot in here for me to do. It will be good to have that up and running when I get to work. Let's do that then.

A laptop is going to be useful in that situation. Or I can have one up and running here in my system. It's about hacking it all together. I learn something in that situation. Let's go there then. I will look into that in the classroom. What else is there? I don't know. Maybe the IT person had to absent himself from work or something.

Do you want to work that way? I don't know. It's an IT school. They should have others who can work on that. If that were my partner, i'd help out with my time even if I were not getting paid for it. I think the relationship there is serving its purpose. I don't get why they, he can't move forward even on positive energy.

They keep tothat and it isgoing to bring in more reflection. How will that be positive? You choose to respond in the positive light. Anyway, it's not here any more. I can do something here and see where this is going. This is the introduction. I can look into that and see what happens. I think there is oreilly in the library. Go there and see where it's headed. I have a video player but it don't run this way.

What's the algorithm here? It's already bright outside. I can go to library later and get kids' books? There's two more books to get this to work. I wonder how this will turn out. It takes a week for that to happen? They are not efficient there? It's the banking system. How is that then?

Keeping it there earns interest for them. Still. With an ICT system, it's only going to take seconds. It works for them. Am I being negative about this? I see that. I can do something here. Like check my source code to see the response. So it's not just the reflection but how I respond to it. Then I am picking up things here. I make spaghetti for the kids before I get going.

That way, they have something to eat throughout the day. Still, they will want to go out and get something. That dairy is making money from the kids. That's why it's there anyway. The kids have bike through my son. I don't know. Maybe there are ideas in there that needs sorting. I can run today but probably not. I can run next week.

This week, I will keep doing yoga. It's fun. I get a good workout with that. There's no sweat but it's positive energy in there. I see that and can do something about it. It says go to church and see if they can help. Can you try that?

One wook of that will see things working. But that is not where you want tto go. You feel that? It's the source code telling you that you need something from the outside to get the inside right. It don't work that way. It's the other way around. The cat isn't here yet. Maybe he's busy with things outside. Or he could be on his way back here. It's going to end soon. What else can I do here to make things faster? Keep wiritng and you will finish these sooner.

delayed or not

How is numix hipster when ubuntu isn't? I read that the numix theme mentioned to be hipster in a linux-related thread. Anyway, that don't matter now. Maybe it's based on a mac something theme. I am moving forward. It's ok, but it's not perfect. Maybe I can create something better and learn something new along the way. How to do that? C# is going to be the central theme and I may have to work with windows a lot of times here.

How to move forward from here? The library looks efficient at this time. Did it have something to do with the time of day? Maybe we can go for big pipe but orcon so far amazed me with speed and customer service. It's going there. All you need to do now is get aligned with the frequency.

Wife is getting ready for work. Last night was amazing. I start school tomorrow. No news yet from the student loan. Do I want to go ahead with this. I can put myself in that light and do ten projects. Maybe call myself a school then send out applications. But all this is related.

For one, I get to go outside everyday. I have an allowance for that and am moving forward with it. It's there I am positive about it but lose my frequency by choice. Choosing to respond outside of my light. What can I do about it? It's not my preference so I am going to move in my own direction.

He's not helping himself. Why should I make an effort to help out. I am moving forward with this now. When he's out of the cave, then I will be there if he chooses to still be a friend. If not, then so be it. I can expand from this. What happens now. I spend less time over there. I have school. I get to spend more time with the wife and kids. I can text that I won't be available. I don't think that is going to work.

It has given him more time to work on that but it's end game for him. The example I can show him is that he has a choice. But he is not open to that so I am moving forward. He will find what's relevant for im when I allow that in myself.

What now? Do something else. Finish csharp fundamentals so i'll be up and running with it tomorrow. I know how to do it. I have google to look up and expand on that. What happens now? Take it easy the rest of the day. Enjoy time with the kids. First daughter is going to babysit. She's there for about two or three hours. That includes the commute. I think friend is going out to have lunch with buddies.

What now? I see that it comes from a position of fear. I see that. I allow it to be there but choose what I prefer. I would rather let the synchronicity kick in and simply be in my own light. How to spend thet day? I don't know yet. I can and am expanding into csharp. This is where I am now.

Is that a challenge? no. it's just a process of unfolding. Then what? You see where it's headed but you use open source technology. Xamarin is not entirely open. They have license issues in there. I would rather use java or c++. the latter feels home. The former is like an old friend.

Use the right tool for the job. That could mean going down one road to learn what works and what doesn't. I write a lot. I leave sometime at eleven so I can put in some walk time. In the morning I can do my yoga. After school, what happens then? I don't know yet. It's not here so I will find out when it's done, when I get there.

Sometimes we argue but playfully. Is this a perfect relationship? I don't know. What's going to happen next? Marketing is ok. It is based on fear rather than exploration. They seek to maximize something and it puts you out of the light. What's best here? Do your best and see what response you get.

How do you tell them that? You can't. You put yourself out as an example. When they see that, then they are in the light themselves and can choose to do so. If not, then you can move on. How do you do that? Don't care. You do your stuff then move forward with tha. You don't have to do that. You always have a choice. I don't think I want to go there.

What can you do about it? It's based on fear. I can do something else here. I have something in there. Do you want to do wordpress? I don't think so. I don't like working with that? Not really. Do something else instead? Wife is on her way out.

What then? They can meet up for lunch. It's going to be in takapuna. At leat I have an insider in here. It don't matter what is happening in there. Transport money? I think you can do social media marketing in there. I would rather do direct response. How to do that?

I don't know yet.

dinner at carl's

Flash is installed on this browser but somehow spotify web player couldn't find it? That be weird. What can I do about it. It's thursday. One daughter is going to friend's house for babysitting. The other two are going off to school. Son is getting ready for school. Car needs gas. Wife working late tonight. I am getting ready for school myself, starts on monday.

There is a test at the end of term. That's some time before christmas. How do I shift into that frequency? There will be three tests before that. All you need to do is pick up on that frequency and you are good to go. Other than that, you can create ten projects for git to showcase what you have learned and created. Then I shift into enterprise web dev.

Do I need a job? Not really. I have my own business. With the enrollment money, I can get myself up and running that way. It's not here so that idea is not relevant at the moment. What else can we do here? Finish writing. Everything is here and now. Friend has hired a web developer. I think that will work for her this time. I don't want to work with wordpress but a lot of people are doing that now. Why not take them to the next level? Move their site away from wordpress and get them into something that's easier.

It's still in php domain. Get something that's easier. Ruby on rails is possible. Also django and flask. These are alternatives that they can look into. What else is there to learn about these things? Keep writing and you wiil see. Remember to take a breath. Friend wants to get back to work. I think he's ready to move on with his real self. I think he wants to hok up with his lover. That be good.

It's time for everyone else to move on. Wha's going to happen now? I stay in my light and see where this is headed. There was this reception lady that looked hot. I wonder how much is she earning. What else can we do here? The requirements were sent monday. I should be getting a reply soon. Let's do this. This is path of least resistance. Do this and see where this path leads to. I think it be fun going to the city again. This time as a developer. Everything expands from there.

Jess simpson has gained a lot of weight. She is easier on herself now. I can go out for a run later today. Also yoga later. I did two days yoga already. I have gone easier on my workout. I can expand on this. Everything is connected anyway. Is there a meetup coming up? I am not sure. There be another one for the favorite one.

I can attend that. In the meantime, school takes up most of my time. I don't think i'll be going into that internship thing. It's .net and I will expand on this one for now. I am going to have to sign up and attend them meetups. At least I play with mono. There's a related meetup coming up for that. I will attend that one and see where that is going.

Now what? I think this kid wants to stay at howe. That be fine. He was home last week. He can do that next week. Let's see how things go from here. What else is there? Keep wiriting only if it is easy for you. Path of leat resistance. I have several files that look weird in there. I think it works but I will check on them later.

This is page two. Everyone is up and running. I have this and wife gets home late tonight. I can work with that. She said the L word last night. Where did that come from? I don't know. Maybe had something to do with what's been happening with our friend. There's that. Everything is connected. I don't think they have the tools I have. Where did that come from? I made them tools. Even if it came from someplace else, it's still here and now.

This is how it's all connected. I have the experience and it's all here anyway. Am I breathing. It feels tight so maybe that is something. I have an upset stomach. It came from last night. Daughter needs to get ready to go already. She has that much time. She can laze around. I have a tummy ache. It has something to do with last night's dinner.

It was uneventful last night. I think that couple is going to be ok for now. There's going to be cracks further down the road. She don't want him to go. I need to poop? There is something there. Let's finish all this and get going from there. This is where I am anyway. Wife is still in bed. Why is that?

Went to bed late last night. I want to poop but everyone is getting ready to go. I go now.

true to self?

I am done with the chores, and just had to have that picture set up while I am writing. It's hot. I like it. That nb guy is confused. I think he was telling the truth when he came out, but reneged when he was talking alone with his "roommate". I think that was not good for him and gave me that look when I got back.

Why did she have to do that? I don't know. Maybe she can't figure out how to deal or say it to her mom. What's going to happen now? I have issues with her mom. I let go when I am aware of what I hold on. It's not going anywhere. I am more abundant than that. They have all the outside stuff that's my contrast and yet they don't have it inside. They don't have the tools to bring them to light.

They go to church every weekend and yet it don't help them spiritually. I see where this is right now. This is the process for me. How do you tell them that? By being in the light. When they decide to be in the light themselves, they will find yours in their darkness and can go there.

I can save this picture so I can come back to that later, or let it go and there will be more of these in the coming days. And how do I go from here? There is that android meetup tonight. I go there, then I can sleep at home. I think we both can sleep at home tonight. We'll have our phone beside us and will go there immediately when they need help.

I don't sleep very well in that couch. It looks nice and easy. I can sleep in the bedroom then. It's different. You see the contrast. I have more spiritually. This is what the situation is showing you. That's a lot already. How do you show that? You don't. It's already in your spirit. It's in your soul. This clarified a lot of things for me. I am not lacking. I have everything here and now. I am complete.

Go where it interests you. Every moment, be one percent in alignment. You don't need discipline ever. You only be one percent aligned with that you you want to be. It's that simple. Every moment is eternal. Everything is always changing. You already know that. How to add more bashar stuff?

It's not coming out and that's ok. You don't need that. I only check because it's fun listening to the talks. I enjoy seeing the contrast in the experiences of others. Otherwise, you see it everywhere. Not that one is better than the other, but the difference in experience, the other perspective is what interests me.

How to go from here? Be in the light. I go back there. I hang out there for an hour or two, then it's time to go. I can leave my laptop in there but my son wants it home so he can use it. I'll bring it home later then. It's easy to bring it back anyway. I'll be checking in on the kid anyway so I bring that back later.

How to view my stuff? There is dropbox. I can do that. It's a limited storage. What else is there. Btsync. It's a resource hog. Do something else instead. Why not send something via cable. That way, you are not putting a lot of stuff in there. I think I will go with btsync. It's easy to install and it's fast anyway. Let's go check that out when you go there.

I can put that in the installer. This pc has enough muscle in it to move them. I don't think this thing is lacking. It's like a classic car that's still running well. That is where it is. Others have bought and sold other pcs. I still have and enjoy using this. This is what ubuntu has given me. I don't get why he can't go there. He is microsoft certified. He can choose to go there.

But that's not me. I enjoy these female form better. I am expanding into that situation, light. It's there and I enjoy it. It don't have to be a secret. Everything is connected anyway and the universe is always expanding anyway.

I will wrap the kids' lunch after I finish these. In the meantime, this is what I do. What else is there? Things seem stable now. I think we can handle this in the meantime. I don't have to sleep in the couch. Wife can choose where she wants to sleep. It will be nice and easy for me. I always have a choice.

I think that awareness is deep. You have the universe at your fingertips that way. It's a bag of tricks. It's this and that. One part is only one perspective. Teo see everything you are open and allowing. That gets you in the light all the time. What's going to happen now?

I don't know. Only be open to what is. No need to push to make things happen. I was there once. This time around, things are different. I am lucid. I am awake? Yes. I am awake. I see the illusion. No need to make things happen there. Was I really depressed or just grieving?

It is what I say it is.

that's your job

I too, get anxiety attacks. When I am deep into learning, there be times that it's coming from a negative frequency than pure interest and curiosty. It's like I need to be this to be that. I had to stop for a moment there and finish the laundry.

Is it good for me to be watching this friend going through a nervous breakdown? I am recovering from depression myself. Every now and then, I feel anxious myself. I feel like i've lost momentum with what I was building.

If that's how you want to define it then that's the effect you get. This is opportunity for you to reframe everything. It's up to you to choose how to respond to this situation. You are in the light. Not that you are better or worse, only that you are different.

He keeps going in and out of the room here. He seems to start at a thought, trail off then tangent off to something else. It's like an extreme version of a different me. This is contrast and reflection for me. How do I gain from this. If you are in that frequency, how will you respond differently?

Get in the light more often. Take a deep breath. I don't have a partner like that but mine is, seems to be supportive enough. She gets her own tantrums but I am comfortable with mine. Am I blaming someone else for this? Am I fit to write? I think so. I am writing.

Then what? I am putting this on paper so I have something to do. I told wife that I went through a period of depression. Is it that? It felt like it. I was looking for google depression every now and then. I think bashar's definition worked well for me. I am not fighting it, rather I am using up the energy.

When I feel anxiety attacks coming up, I take a moment and see where I am. I look into my definitions. This helps a lot. Often, the same emotions and definitons come up. This is opportunity for me to see how far away I have moved away from those and move into something that I prefer.

With my friend's situation, it showed me that ...he keeps coming back and forth to get attention. Should I stop writing, then continue later? I can choose to do that but I am not really doing anything. The tv is off. What else can we do here? I have other stuff to do. Let's do something else here. Last time they were here, he was zonkers already.

I can go there and use that energy. It don't matter. It seems that way. I'll stop writing now then grab something to eat. I'll be doing the dishes now.

info is connected

It feels like I have shifted into research/learn/absorb mode. At the moment, I am expanding into comptia cloud ek-ek. Not everything from udemy is good. Cbt nuggets is fun and very informative. I am looking forward to my enrollment in these courses. What, rather where is this going?

I don't know and don't care. I am interested in it--hardware and how software connects with everything. I am very curiosu about it. Classes start in about two weeks. I am shifting to that frequency now. I don't know how things will turn out but it looks fun. I sent in my student loan application. I signed up, enrolled for hardware classes last friday.

What's next? Get going. It's fun this way. I am writing while I have that running in the background. This way, I can finish a module by the end of the day. It gets boring at times though. These headphones puts me in my own frequency. This is an important tool and I see why it's in my experience reality.

This is good tutorial. I see how to get networks up and running. It's how everything is connected. This is why it's connected. Do you need to go into that as well? I don't have to as I have plenty in my plate right now. It'll be fun to go to school. I am going to meet people and expand on that. How to get more schooling when you get there? Get a gig and pay off the debt asap. Then I can sign up for another one. That also builds up my credit standing.

It don't really matter and am connected this way. Do you have to see that video? I have that in the background. Kids are awake. They are taking it easy. I have shifted my energy here. I am a startup. This is where it's going. It's interesting to get into csi. That means I get into cyber security. That too is a path I get into. It's not clear how you get into that but I can take baby steps. Right now, it's all about learning about the network and hardware and how software connects with all that.

Using linux, I have learned a lot already. I used to have arch linux and can configure everything from there. Maybe I can install arch again and go from there. Let's see. I don't have to as ubuntu is running good to go for me. I can setup an ubuntu server ond digo. I can keep to that path.

It's about nodes on the network. It's your address on the street. I see. That is a good metaphor there. How do you get into that? I don't know yet. Is the objective to be bought by a bigger company? I think that be good. It's part of the process. That gives you something to play with. Go in that direction then. It's like tesla, not edison. He was deep into elbow grease and had ideas left and right.

Am I starting to peak? It's not that how I label things. It's like an upward cycle, a tornado. Everything gets to go around but everything is going up. It could go down, but direction is only a definition. It doesn't matter because everything is moving around a lot. That's how you want it to go.

It's cloudy outside. I can listen to this and it gets boring at times. For that, just keep it running in the back so you can absorb something while you are at it. Do you need all of the other stuff? I don't think so. For now, only do this. The ones you find in the library with the most users tell you that the module is good and you can pick up something.

Only get what is relevant for you. If it's not relevant, you don't have to be aware of it. That's how you answer that tree falling in the forest. I see. What else is there for me? Do this and see where it's headed. What will you make for dinner? I don't know yet.

Family enjoyed the beer battered chicken I made last night. There's more chicken in there. Maybe I can make soup this time. Or maybe something else. I don't know yet. I can put this module on my phone and listen to it as I go out for a walk. It's sunday. I can go and run later. I do yoga this morning in my room.

That's how it's going to be this week? Match that frequency. And I don't have to make things happen. When you feel that trying to make things happen, then it's time to look into source code. That tells me what is happening in there. This is how things are. If when it's in the street, dow do you get in that address?

It's all you. It's all yours. You put the doors in front of you. You can rewrite the source code so the doors will open for you once you decide to go through it. That sounds interesting. How to get the source code? Everything is connected. You learn one thing, you learn everything. It's all connected that way.

How do you get into this computer? It's the password. Once you get that access then the doors open up into everything. So learn that and get to the other side that way. I see. Then this is the path for me.

this sounds good?

Right now, I feel like I don't know which way to go. At every moment, I do, pick, choose the most interesting thing that I can do--even if it's going outside for a walk. I did yoga this morning. I would like to have something to do with programming. Tomorrow I go for an inquiry on an IT school.

I have good beats music up and running. I like this beat. It gets me out of the head and into that background where I connect. So I write with this for now. I don't have to do anything programming. I enjoyed php dev from when I went back from that hackathon. I gained some good momentum. But then I went for that interview and I have been doubting myself since.

Why not go back to that? I enjoyed that back then. I was heading some place. But it's a job. It's not a business that will scale. Maybe you need to let go of that business for now and do what feels relevant. Like what? At some point, it got old, web development. It's like there's always something new out there that I need to pick up.

And then there's java and csharp. I don't want to go into enterprise job like that. I'd rather work with a small team that makes something that matters. And i'd like that team to be my team, even if it's just me in that team. At this time, I don't know how that is, but I have the frequency. And that is more than enough. The local mind don't have to know what it is. The local mind's job is to choose what's next. Even if it's to go out for a walk, do yoga, that is important. I don't have to grind to make things happen.

All I need to do is to allow things to fall into place. I get that going and everything falls into place. Do I wait up for the wife? That be interesting but it's a thursday. I can do that. I can listen to this music while waiting. I can also write. I don't dig copywriting. It's based on fear. I don't want to expand into that. I would rather go out for a walk than get a gig in fear-based copywriting.

So that's out of the way. What's next? Programming is definitely it. Maybe I can create an app for myself and make that work in the real world. That means go deep into android and c++. that'd be interesting. When it's not tehre, I can write like this. This is how I brainstorm for ideas. I write about it. I close my eyes and it connects. I connect to myself. The higher self is always on. I the local self disconnects.

I see that. And I go connect when I close the eyes. When the music feels different, I just let that be and continue writing. I can greate my on playlist. Or not. It's all up to how I feel. I stopped doing the happy birthday thing. It feels good to be on that other end. I gotta get that ird thing together, plus the passport.

Do I go for that? It seems interesting at this time. Let's do this then. I can pick up on something after we get things going. Which way? I can do programming. That is something that's got me interested for a while. Should I start doing that then? I may have to install windows into this machine. Or not. It depends on how things go tomorrow.

At least i'll have assistance with getting that student assistance from the govt. that's interesting. Let's see where this is headed. I can always get started with a gig. I don't think csharp is going to get me into a startup but we'll see. I will let synchronicity lead the way for me. I don't have to know what is going to happen next.

There's a class starting near the end of the month. I'll hop on that one then ride the wave for how far it'll go. I pick up on the other side. Where do you want to get with this? I don't know yet. I think I have my papers in there. Bring those stuff and see where it leads you. Like what? I don't know. For now, finish writing. I can get my stuff ready tomorrow. It's all in that bag. I pick it up tomorrow. I leave at ten or something. That way, no rush.

Do I get the bus upstreet? Of course. I like these music here. I can create my own playlist and see where that goes. I get headaches when I get carbs. What can I do about it? Dilute everything. Then grow from here. Am I going out this way? I don't know. Only be open to what is. It's too early? My dad went later years. I can target that. For now, see it for what it is. It's there for a reason.

Among other things, it's motivation to get going healthy again. What else is there for me? Web dev I can help out these small biz. Or do something else. I would rather have my own startup. Then android is the way for me. How come I am not doing them all the time? I don't know. I am not going to force myself in that direction. What else is there?

Iot sounds interesting.

moving up soon?

I don't know who I am, where i'm going, what to do with my life. I binge watch most of the time. It's what's interesting right now. No reason to judge or label myself negatively. There's frequency there that's being modeled. It seems unrelated, but this is what's in my reality experience now so I am calling this as relevant.

I don't know why or how this is relevant. For now, masterchef is so interesting for me. I think I get insights on why it is relevant so I play with this. I haven't seen programming libraries for a few days now. In fact, after that interview in birkenhead, things feel a bit lost some momentum in there. That's ok with me. I am reinventing myself. The caterpillar doesn't...rather, does it know that it's going to be a butterfly?

Maybe so as that's what everyone else is seeing. All I know for sure is that this is part of my process. So I write about it. I stopped doing happy birthdays in facebook. I have the state of being and frequency to match. I go there as often as I am aware of it. No expectations.

The chives I bought last friday look healthy. I repotted some of the spring onions. I can start cooking with them. I might do chicken soup tonight. I don't have onions, but there are chicken cubes in the cupboar. I can use them instead of the onions. It's not the ideal situation but it'll do.

I stopped for a moment there to move my buy stop closer to the 2-bar high. Price touched the other side of that line indicator. It looks interesting as it seems to reflect bounce points short term. It does look like it repaints but I am going to watch this moving forward. I missed that move on audjpy. I will keep an eye out for that.

This is still page one. I just woke up from my afternoon nap. I think it was more than five minutes. I enjoy these short naps. I close my eyes and I write easier as I don't have to edit them as I write. I simply write whatever comes to mind. The kids aregoing to behome soon. What todo? I bring the car to samles for the wife. Then I walk home. I don't have spoify right now. That be fine. It's not relevant anymore, or at this time.

What to do then? I have a few things from the library that I can listen to. Do I go long on this one? I think so. Yesterday was a bank holiday in the americas. Price seems to hover around that level. Wife is expecting a package. Do I go long here? Wait or pullback at all times.

Pullback is the confirmation. I think that's a new candle there. I move my order a little lower again. This time adjusting for the spread. That can widen and hit my order prematurely and that's ok. Where to take this out? I don't know yet. Let's see how them bands take it. The lower band seems to be opening up. Does that have anything to do with market action?

We'll see. It's the first day I am using these bands. It looks promising. This is coupled together with the rsi. This one is giving no signals. Maybe I shouldn't have any trades in here? Price has been going sideways. Let's see what happens. I don't think it's been filled just yet. Did a car pull in? Probably not. Maybe not ours. It could be the neighbors.

What to do here? There has been noises around here. False alarms. What's next? This looks like it's going down. Do nothing for now and see what happens. For now, finish writing. This is what we do all day? Not really. Only once a day I write after this, I post then I get on with my day.

The kids are important for me. Second daughter asked for my opinion as to what to take up for web development. I can help her with that. It's good that she's interested in programming. I can help her with that if she is really interested. For now, this is what I do. At least I can help her with the really difficult ones. They are taking it from scratch. No frameworks. That's good.

What about the rest? I don't know how things are with them. Where is price going? I don't know. It goes where she wants to go. All I can do is decide where and how to close my trades. Is this going up? I don't know. I can have coffee soon as I finish these. I took a look at the nz version of masterchef and it was difficult to see them on youtube. There was copyright restrictions there. That's too bad. I won't go after that anymore.

Why is it there? I don't know. I feel like I don' want to do anything here. Do pen testing. There's a lot you can do in there, I think. Or do something else that's more interesting for you. I have a condition here. I am not sure what it is. I write that way and you have autocorrect.

What now? You do your best at every moment. So be it. I run tomorrow. I was thinking of doing another run today but let's do that tomorrow.

new profile playlist

We had guests last night and one of them was a person who worked backend for this company--no names or brand to be mentioned. He obviously had sour grapes with this company as his position was made redundant after a year of work. With the news about ashley madison being hacked, I asked him that if such high profile companies, and a few blue chips has some vulnerabilities, is it possible that the company he used to work with has a few of its own.

His answer, yes. I suspected this so. The way he described their old work environment, it was evident that there were a lot of low hanging fruits. I won't be surprised if there was malware running in there that they are not aware of.

What are the opportunities to be had there? First, you can learn how to gain access into their machines. Their it people are running behind when it comes to security. What can be done about it? Look for holes, then offer them to the company's management. This way, they'll know that customers are at risk. They might do something about it, or not. The thing is, you get good practice that awy.

I can't login to the old music account. There seems to be something wrong with that one. I am getting changes again to my bank habits. Am I going deep into this? I don't know yet. It is more interesting than android dev. I feel that there's a lot of dark areas that I need to cover. It is interesting though that I find this subject interesting.

Businesses are winding down for the year. My friend said that I might as well go into hibernation--learn a few stuff, upgrade my skills, get certifications. This is the path I go to then. After this session is over, I can get some gigs to get me started. With the skills I already have, the certs I get there might get me into something. Or not. We'll see. I sent my inquiry this morning. A new course is starting on the 28th. I am definitely interested this time.

The first one is about sql database admin. I can do that. I can start learning about it now and see where it takes me again, no expectations. Only that I keep to my light and see where this path leads. It is very interesting for me. Everything is connected. Whatever and everything I learn here is going to help.

I am updating a new playlist based on the playlist on the missing profile. There's plenty in there I can pick up. What's a good way to import them? I don't know yet. I can tune in to this and see what happens. Do that then. In the meantime, I am about to take a break. Daughter is in the shower. I need to pee before I take a nap.

I got up later than usual this morning. We didn't go to sleep until after one am. We had guests that left after midnight. Wife and I had a little playtime before sleep. It has been a week since the last session. I need about two sessions each week. At this level, I think we still have it good. She's at work right now. She enjoys that. This is my light. That's her light.

What happens next? Get that student loan and see where this takes me. Once you get your foot in the door, you can see what the interesting path takes you. Hardware is something I can look into. Do I need certs for that? Not really. I am going deep then. Let's see where this takes us.

I can take up a uni course and see where that leads us. There is this seminar on how to start a business. I am not able to go. It's only half an hour and I thought it was for next week. There be other days. I'll look out for that opportunity next. What happens now? Listen to this playlist. I don't have dps manager on the new android.

What can I do about it? I don't know yet. Huluplus needs to get connected first thing in the morning. I have that setup in the machine. It's the first thing I do in the morning. I have a good system workflow going on here now. Let's see hwere this takes us. Hat happens next? Be in the moment. No need to be someone else. Is there something else around here?

I don't know. Is that a good ad? Maybe so. If not, I don't think this song needs to stay here. Do something else in the meantime. That graham guy in masterchef has lost a lot of weight. What happens next? It's a weekend. I go out for a walk later. I can do yoga now. This song sounds ok. Let's keep this one? I think so.

I saw this video with this song in the background. It was also in this scene from a movie. I am on the lookout for this since. What happens to this playlist/profile? I am getting back to this. I don't know what happens here. For now, only do this. I have everything connected anyway.

I am done here.

not out there

He has plenty of time in his hands. He has an idea of how creation works, but it's all new to him. He's not really sure if he is the master of his own domain. Mastery isn't the right word there. He is after knowing that he 'owns' his domain. That he knows how to use it.

How do you test that? You choose the signal, then see everything as a reflection. You are the signal. What if it's not there? It is there. You are the signal. It's not there because you have expectations as to how it should look. Do not look at the outside. Go inside. The outside is an illusion. Look to the inside and you will see everything is in there.

You don't have to be musk or brin. Those could be not relevant for you. You have something unique to bring forth, to manifest. When you are someone else, looking to show a reflection that's not relevant, then you are not you. You are 'trying' to be someone else. That is not going anywhere.

How can you tell? Be in your own light. Redefine anything that's not in alignment. That's all you do day in and day out. Every moment is that way for you. Not everything is going to be relevant, but redefine it in a way that you can use it. How?

That interview that did not work out, there was plenty of information there that you can use. For one, you learned a lot about yourself. Android may be in there but it's not that exciting. Maybe web dev is more my reflection. There is always something in there for me. I see it. It don't matter what others have. It's what is relevant for them. This here is my farm. This is my business. It's different. This is what's relevant for me.

How do you get that signal? Be the signal. See what's out of alignment then go into source code. Everything is here for you now. Look in the source code and you will see. Do I go to tonight's meetup? I can learn something from there. The wife don't get home until midnight anyway. We grocery, then when she leaves for work, I can take the bus going there.

I can do that. Or do something else. I get to go outside and play. That's what it's there for. You see all these people in meetups and you see what's common. There is this mint guy who i've seen in two meetups already. He's consistent. I think it's been three. These people are on to something. I was supposed to go but my path had something different.

Did I get something out of it? Definitely. There was plenty of sorting out. It's clear now. The signal is there. I am moving forward this time. Everything is connected. Do I go into android? Not quite. It's exciting as fuck but it gets kinda dry at times. I can easily go into that as well. Let's see how this connects with everything.

I have a position. There was oversold there and it's time to get into that. The market seems to be doing this way anyway. Is it going to touch the other side? Look for patterns. See the reflection and respond accordingly. I am writing everyday? I think so. I get up early and there's not much to do. I can go back to bed. The kids go to school. Wife goes to takapuna. I can go get them books today.

What else is there? I can help people with these skills. You don't have to be someone else. You don't have to be popular. You just help out people and get on your way. What else is there? I am not sure. I think if I went to that meetup I would have been helping people. It's not like that project manager who everyone thinks is faking it.

That other one kinda knew what he was doing but he was overdoing it. He's young. He's a noob in the dojo. That's how you earn your stripes anyway so I am letting that be. I don't have to correct that. He'll know what he is doing anyway. Was he there the last time?

This is halfway. I can do more writing this way. Daughter celebrates birthday on friday. She is not going to school then. I am turning another year. It's different this time. I am running again. Even if it's ony four rounds and slow as fuck, I am running and I am having a good time doing that. I get a gig that's great. If not, I am doing something else here. Why not build that algo site?

I can do so in node or python. I can even do it in php. It don't matter. What's matter is the library that you can use in the project. I think you know where this is headed. If when it's not out there, then you can build it. How will it be? The site gets data then filters everything hten comes up with an analysis of what happened. There could be triggers and gives out analysis and recommendations.

At the end of the day, you know how it is already.