compile your code

I was able to get nginx running again. There must have been an error in the config files. Purging them with the uninstall must have fixed that. If this were a production env, that is going to be a challeng. I wonder what happened there.

The class is slow. Considering the time I spend in that situation, it costs a lot with little return. At least I am moving forward with that together to get that certificate, then open up opportunities for getting a job. There is this guy who is a noob when it comes to programming. He looks like a nice guy.

I wonder why I was called up to office. She could have got that working. I think she is inefficient with her work. She'll need to spend a bit more time improving her skills with her tools and that is going to cut time at work and be more effective.

You also need to create scripts to automate things. Her bf is a programmer. I am wondering why he's not doing anything to get that to work. Maybe...i don't want to go into that anymore. It's time to move forward from here. I have source code that puts out negative energy in me. I am aware of that and see how things are working here. How long is this one going to run?

I think i've seen this one before. It's ok and I can look into that and see what happens. I think I already have this. The command line is something they don't use as often. We have fibre in that school. How can I tap into that? Bring the laptop and get that working. Be in that state of being. You already know that. Only do one percent. That sets you up for momentum.

Do I take a break on friday? That's a choice but will that make you more efficient that way? I would rather get going with this now. How else do we do that? I don't know yet. There's a lot in here for me to do. It will be good to have that up and running when I get to work. Let's do that then.

A laptop is going to be useful in that situation. Or I can have one up and running here in my system. It's about hacking it all together. I learn something in that situation. Let's go there then. I will look into that in the classroom. What else is there? I don't know. Maybe the IT person had to absent himself from work or something.

Do you want to work that way? I don't know. It's an IT school. They should have others who can work on that. If that were my partner, i'd help out with my time even if I were not getting paid for it. I think the relationship there is serving its purpose. I don't get why they, he can't move forward even on positive energy.

They keep tothat and it isgoing to bring in more reflection. How will that be positive? You choose to respond in the positive light. Anyway, it's not here any more. I can do something here and see where this is going. This is the introduction. I can look into that and see what happens. I think there is oreilly in the library. Go there and see where it's headed. I have a video player but it don't run this way.

What's the algorithm here? It's already bright outside. I can go to library later and get kids' books? There's two more books to get this to work. I wonder how this will turn out. It takes a week for that to happen? They are not efficient there? It's the banking system. How is that then?

Keeping it there earns interest for them. Still. With an ICT system, it's only going to take seconds. It works for them. Am I being negative about this? I see that. I can do something here. Like check my source code to see the response. So it's not just the reflection but how I respond to it. Then I am picking up things here. I make spaghetti for the kids before I get going.

That way, they have something to eat throughout the day. Still, they will want to go out and get something. That dairy is making money from the kids. That's why it's there anyway. The kids have bike through my son. I don't know. Maybe there are ideas in there that needs sorting. I can run today but probably not. I can run next week.

This week, I will keep doing yoga. It's fun. I get a good workout with that. There's no sweat but it's positive energy in there. I see that and can do something about it. It says go to church and see if they can help. Can you try that?

One wook of that will see things working. But that is not where you want tto go. You feel that? It's the source code telling you that you need something from the outside to get the inside right. It don't work that way. It's the other way around. The cat isn't here yet. Maybe he's busy with things outside. Or he could be on his way back here. It's going to end soon. What else can I do here to make things faster? Keep wiritng and you will finish these sooner.