dinner at carl's

Flash is installed on this browser but somehow spotify web player couldn't find it? That be weird. What can I do about it. It's thursday. One daughter is going to friend's house for babysitting. The other two are going off to school. Son is getting ready for school. Car needs gas. Wife working late tonight. I am getting ready for school myself, starts on monday.

There is a test at the end of term. That's some time before christmas. How do I shift into that frequency? There will be three tests before that. All you need to do is pick up on that frequency and you are good to go. Other than that, you can create ten projects for git to showcase what you have learned and created. Then I shift into enterprise web dev.

Do I need a job? Not really. I have my own business. With the enrollment money, I can get myself up and running that way. It's not here so that idea is not relevant at the moment. What else can we do here? Finish writing. Everything is here and now. Friend has hired a web developer. I think that will work for her this time. I don't want to work with wordpress but a lot of people are doing that now. Why not take them to the next level? Move their site away from wordpress and get them into something that's easier.

It's still in php domain. Get something that's easier. Ruby on rails is possible. Also django and flask. These are alternatives that they can look into. What else is there to learn about these things? Keep writing and you wiil see. Remember to take a breath. Friend wants to get back to work. I think he's ready to move on with his real self. I think he wants to hok up with his lover. That be good.

It's time for everyone else to move on. Wha's going to happen now? I stay in my light and see where this is headed. There was this reception lady that looked hot. I wonder how much is she earning. What else can we do here? The requirements were sent monday. I should be getting a reply soon. Let's do this. This is path of least resistance. Do this and see where this path leads to. I think it be fun going to the city again. This time as a developer. Everything expands from there.

Jess simpson has gained a lot of weight. She is easier on herself now. I can go out for a run later today. Also yoga later. I did two days yoga already. I have gone easier on my workout. I can expand on this. Everything is connected anyway. Is there a meetup coming up? I am not sure. There be another one for the favorite one.

I can attend that. In the meantime, school takes up most of my time. I don't think i'll be going into that internship thing. It's .net and I will expand on this one for now. I am going to have to sign up and attend them meetups. At least I play with mono. There's a related meetup coming up for that. I will attend that one and see where that is going.

Now what? I think this kid wants to stay at howe. That be fine. He was home last week. He can do that next week. Let's see how things go from here. What else is there? Keep wiriting only if it is easy for you. Path of leat resistance. I have several files that look weird in there. I think it works but I will check on them later.

This is page two. Everyone is up and running. I have this and wife gets home late tonight. I can work with that. She said the L word last night. Where did that come from? I don't know. Maybe had something to do with what's been happening with our friend. There's that. Everything is connected. I don't think they have the tools I have. Where did that come from? I made them tools. Even if it came from someplace else, it's still here and now.

This is how it's all connected. I have the experience and it's all here anyway. Am I breathing. It feels tight so maybe that is something. I have an upset stomach. It came from last night. Daughter needs to get ready to go already. She has that much time. She can laze around. I have a tummy ache. It has something to do with last night's dinner.

It was uneventful last night. I think that couple is going to be ok for now. There's going to be cracks further down the road. She don't want him to go. I need to poop? There is something there. Let's finish all this and get going from there. This is where I am anyway. Wife is still in bed. Why is that?

Went to bed late last night. I want to poop but everyone is getting ready to go. I go now.