info is connected

It feels like I have shifted into research/learn/absorb mode. At the moment, I am expanding into comptia cloud ek-ek. Not everything from udemy is good. Cbt nuggets is fun and very informative. I am looking forward to my enrollment in these courses. What, rather where is this going?

I don't know and don't care. I am interested in it--hardware and how software connects with everything. I am very curiosu about it. Classes start in about two weeks. I am shifting to that frequency now. I don't know how things will turn out but it looks fun. I sent in my student loan application. I signed up, enrolled for hardware classes last friday.

What's next? Get going. It's fun this way. I am writing while I have that running in the background. This way, I can finish a module by the end of the day. It gets boring at times though. These headphones puts me in my own frequency. This is an important tool and I see why it's in my experience reality.

This is good tutorial. I see how to get networks up and running. It's how everything is connected. This is why it's connected. Do you need to go into that as well? I don't have to as I have plenty in my plate right now. It'll be fun to go to school. I am going to meet people and expand on that. How to get more schooling when you get there? Get a gig and pay off the debt asap. Then I can sign up for another one. That also builds up my credit standing.

It don't really matter and am connected this way. Do you have to see that video? I have that in the background. Kids are awake. They are taking it easy. I have shifted my energy here. I am a startup. This is where it's going. It's interesting to get into csi. That means I get into cyber security. That too is a path I get into. It's not clear how you get into that but I can take baby steps. Right now, it's all about learning about the network and hardware and how software connects with all that.

Using linux, I have learned a lot already. I used to have arch linux and can configure everything from there. Maybe I can install arch again and go from there. Let's see. I don't have to as ubuntu is running good to go for me. I can setup an ubuntu server ond digo. I can keep to that path.

It's about nodes on the network. It's your address on the street. I see. That is a good metaphor there. How do you get into that? I don't know yet. Is the objective to be bought by a bigger company? I think that be good. It's part of the process. That gives you something to play with. Go in that direction then. It's like tesla, not edison. He was deep into elbow grease and had ideas left and right.

Am I starting to peak? It's not that how I label things. It's like an upward cycle, a tornado. Everything gets to go around but everything is going up. It could go down, but direction is only a definition. It doesn't matter because everything is moving around a lot. That's how you want it to go.

It's cloudy outside. I can listen to this and it gets boring at times. For that, just keep it running in the back so you can absorb something while you are at it. Do you need all of the other stuff? I don't think so. For now, only do this. The ones you find in the library with the most users tell you that the module is good and you can pick up something.

Only get what is relevant for you. If it's not relevant, you don't have to be aware of it. That's how you answer that tree falling in the forest. I see. What else is there for me? Do this and see where it's headed. What will you make for dinner? I don't know yet.

Family enjoyed the beer battered chicken I made last night. There's more chicken in there. Maybe I can make soup this time. Or maybe something else. I don't know yet. I can put this module on my phone and listen to it as I go out for a walk. It's sunday. I can go and run later. I do yoga this morning in my room.

That's how it's going to be this week? Match that frequency. And I don't have to make things happen. When you feel that trying to make things happen, then it's time to look into source code. That tells me what is happening in there. This is how things are. If when it's in the street, dow do you get in that address?

It's all you. It's all yours. You put the doors in front of you. You can rewrite the source code so the doors will open for you once you decide to go through it. That sounds interesting. How to get the source code? Everything is connected. You learn one thing, you learn everything. It's all connected that way.

How do you get into this computer? It's the password. Once you get that access then the doors open up into everything. So learn that and get to the other side that way. I see. Then this is the path for me.