moving up soon?

I don't know who I am, where i'm going, what to do with my life. I binge watch most of the time. It's what's interesting right now. No reason to judge or label myself negatively. There's frequency there that's being modeled. It seems unrelated, but this is what's in my reality experience now so I am calling this as relevant.

I don't know why or how this is relevant. For now, masterchef is so interesting for me. I think I get insights on why it is relevant so I play with this. I haven't seen programming libraries for a few days now. In fact, after that interview in birkenhead, things feel a bit lost some momentum in there. That's ok with me. I am reinventing myself. The caterpillar doesn't...rather, does it know that it's going to be a butterfly?

Maybe so as that's what everyone else is seeing. All I know for sure is that this is part of my process. So I write about it. I stopped doing happy birthdays in facebook. I have the state of being and frequency to match. I go there as often as I am aware of it. No expectations.

The chives I bought last friday look healthy. I repotted some of the spring onions. I can start cooking with them. I might do chicken soup tonight. I don't have onions, but there are chicken cubes in the cupboar. I can use them instead of the onions. It's not the ideal situation but it'll do.

I stopped for a moment there to move my buy stop closer to the 2-bar high. Price touched the other side of that line indicator. It looks interesting as it seems to reflect bounce points short term. It does look like it repaints but I am going to watch this moving forward. I missed that move on audjpy. I will keep an eye out for that.

This is still page one. I just woke up from my afternoon nap. I think it was more than five minutes. I enjoy these short naps. I close my eyes and I write easier as I don't have to edit them as I write. I simply write whatever comes to mind. The kids aregoing to behome soon. What todo? I bring the car to samles for the wife. Then I walk home. I don't have spoify right now. That be fine. It's not relevant anymore, or at this time.

What to do then? I have a few things from the library that I can listen to. Do I go long on this one? I think so. Yesterday was a bank holiday in the americas. Price seems to hover around that level. Wife is expecting a package. Do I go long here? Wait or pullback at all times.

Pullback is the confirmation. I think that's a new candle there. I move my order a little lower again. This time adjusting for the spread. That can widen and hit my order prematurely and that's ok. Where to take this out? I don't know yet. Let's see how them bands take it. The lower band seems to be opening up. Does that have anything to do with market action?

We'll see. It's the first day I am using these bands. It looks promising. This is coupled together with the rsi. This one is giving no signals. Maybe I shouldn't have any trades in here? Price has been going sideways. Let's see what happens. I don't think it's been filled just yet. Did a car pull in? Probably not. Maybe not ours. It could be the neighbors.

What to do here? There has been noises around here. False alarms. What's next? This looks like it's going down. Do nothing for now and see what happens. For now, finish writing. This is what we do all day? Not really. Only once a day I write after this, I post then I get on with my day.

The kids are important for me. Second daughter asked for my opinion as to what to take up for web development. I can help her with that. It's good that she's interested in programming. I can help her with that if she is really interested. For now, this is what I do. At least I can help her with the really difficult ones. They are taking it from scratch. No frameworks. That's good.

What about the rest? I don't know how things are with them. Where is price going? I don't know. It goes where she wants to go. All I can do is decide where and how to close my trades. Is this going up? I don't know. I can have coffee soon as I finish these. I took a look at the nz version of masterchef and it was difficult to see them on youtube. There was copyright restrictions there. That's too bad. I won't go after that anymore.

Why is it there? I don't know. I feel like I don' want to do anything here. Do pen testing. There's a lot you can do in there, I think. Or do something else that's more interesting for you. I have a condition here. I am not sure what it is. I write that way and you have autocorrect.

What now? You do your best at every moment. So be it. I run tomorrow. I was thinking of doing another run today but let's do that tomorrow.