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We had guests last night and one of them was a person who worked backend for this company--no names or brand to be mentioned. He obviously had sour grapes with this company as his position was made redundant after a year of work. With the news about ashley madison being hacked, I asked him that if such high profile companies, and a few blue chips has some vulnerabilities, is it possible that the company he used to work with has a few of its own.

His answer, yes. I suspected this so. The way he described their old work environment, it was evident that there were a lot of low hanging fruits. I won't be surprised if there was malware running in there that they are not aware of.

What are the opportunities to be had there? First, you can learn how to gain access into their machines. Their it people are running behind when it comes to security. What can be done about it? Look for holes, then offer them to the company's management. This way, they'll know that customers are at risk. They might do something about it, or not. The thing is, you get good practice that awy.

I can't login to the old music account. There seems to be something wrong with that one. I am getting changes again to my bank habits. Am I going deep into this? I don't know yet. It is more interesting than android dev. I feel that there's a lot of dark areas that I need to cover. It is interesting though that I find this subject interesting.

Businesses are winding down for the year. My friend said that I might as well go into hibernation--learn a few stuff, upgrade my skills, get certifications. This is the path I go to then. After this session is over, I can get some gigs to get me started. With the skills I already have, the certs I get there might get me into something. Or not. We'll see. I sent my inquiry this morning. A new course is starting on the 28th. I am definitely interested this time.

The first one is about sql database admin. I can do that. I can start learning about it now and see where it takes me again, no expectations. Only that I keep to my light and see where this path leads. It is very interesting for me. Everything is connected. Whatever and everything I learn here is going to help.

I am updating a new playlist based on the playlist on the missing profile. There's plenty in there I can pick up. What's a good way to import them? I don't know yet. I can tune in to this and see what happens. Do that then. In the meantime, I am about to take a break. Daughter is in the shower. I need to pee before I take a nap.

I got up later than usual this morning. We didn't go to sleep until after one am. We had guests that left after midnight. Wife and I had a little playtime before sleep. It has been a week since the last session. I need about two sessions each week. At this level, I think we still have it good. She's at work right now. She enjoys that. This is my light. That's her light.

What happens next? Get that student loan and see where this takes me. Once you get your foot in the door, you can see what the interesting path takes you. Hardware is something I can look into. Do I need certs for that? Not really. I am going deep then. Let's see where this takes us.

I can take up a uni course and see where that leads us. There is this seminar on how to start a business. I am not able to go. It's only half an hour and I thought it was for next week. There be other days. I'll look out for that opportunity next. What happens now? Listen to this playlist. I don't have dps manager on the new android.

What can I do about it? I don't know yet. Huluplus needs to get connected first thing in the morning. I have that setup in the machine. It's the first thing I do in the morning. I have a good system workflow going on here now. Let's see hwere this takes us. Hat happens next? Be in the moment. No need to be someone else. Is there something else around here?

I don't know. Is that a good ad? Maybe so. If not, I don't think this song needs to stay here. Do something else in the meantime. That graham guy in masterchef has lost a lot of weight. What happens next? It's a weekend. I go out for a walk later. I can do yoga now. This song sounds ok. Let's keep this one? I think so.

I saw this video with this song in the background. It was also in this scene from a movie. I am on the lookout for this since. What happens to this playlist/profile? I am getting back to this. I don't know what happens here. For now, only do this. I have everything connected anyway.

I am done here.