not out there

He has plenty of time in his hands. He has an idea of how creation works, but it's all new to him. He's not really sure if he is the master of his own domain. Mastery isn't the right word there. He is after knowing that he 'owns' his domain. That he knows how to use it.

How do you test that? You choose the signal, then see everything as a reflection. You are the signal. What if it's not there? It is there. You are the signal. It's not there because you have expectations as to how it should look. Do not look at the outside. Go inside. The outside is an illusion. Look to the inside and you will see everything is in there.

You don't have to be musk or brin. Those could be not relevant for you. You have something unique to bring forth, to manifest. When you are someone else, looking to show a reflection that's not relevant, then you are not you. You are 'trying' to be someone else. That is not going anywhere.

How can you tell? Be in your own light. Redefine anything that's not in alignment. That's all you do day in and day out. Every moment is that way for you. Not everything is going to be relevant, but redefine it in a way that you can use it. How?

That interview that did not work out, there was plenty of information there that you can use. For one, you learned a lot about yourself. Android may be in there but it's not that exciting. Maybe web dev is more my reflection. There is always something in there for me. I see it. It don't matter what others have. It's what is relevant for them. This here is my farm. This is my business. It's different. This is what's relevant for me.

How do you get that signal? Be the signal. See what's out of alignment then go into source code. Everything is here for you now. Look in the source code and you will see. Do I go to tonight's meetup? I can learn something from there. The wife don't get home until midnight anyway. We grocery, then when she leaves for work, I can take the bus going there.

I can do that. Or do something else. I get to go outside and play. That's what it's there for. You see all these people in meetups and you see what's common. There is this mint guy who i've seen in two meetups already. He's consistent. I think it's been three. These people are on to something. I was supposed to go but my path had something different.

Did I get something out of it? Definitely. There was plenty of sorting out. It's clear now. The signal is there. I am moving forward this time. Everything is connected. Do I go into android? Not quite. It's exciting as fuck but it gets kinda dry at times. I can easily go into that as well. Let's see how this connects with everything.

I have a position. There was oversold there and it's time to get into that. The market seems to be doing this way anyway. Is it going to touch the other side? Look for patterns. See the reflection and respond accordingly. I am writing everyday? I think so. I get up early and there's not much to do. I can go back to bed. The kids go to school. Wife goes to takapuna. I can go get them books today.

What else is there? I can help people with these skills. You don't have to be someone else. You don't have to be popular. You just help out people and get on your way. What else is there? I am not sure. I think if I went to that meetup I would have been helping people. It's not like that project manager who everyone thinks is faking it.

That other one kinda knew what he was doing but he was overdoing it. He's young. He's a noob in the dojo. That's how you earn your stripes anyway so I am letting that be. I don't have to correct that. He'll know what he is doing anyway. Was he there the last time?

This is halfway. I can do more writing this way. Daughter celebrates birthday on friday. She is not going to school then. I am turning another year. It's different this time. I am running again. Even if it's ony four rounds and slow as fuck, I am running and I am having a good time doing that. I get a gig that's great. If not, I am doing something else here. Why not build that algo site?

I can do so in node or python. I can even do it in php. It don't matter. What's matter is the library that you can use in the project. I think you know where this is headed. If when it's not out there, then you can build it. How will it be? The site gets data then filters everything hten comes up with an analysis of what happened. There could be triggers and gives out analysis and recommendations.

At the end of the day, you know how it is already.