true to self?

I am done with the chores, and just had to have that picture set up while I am writing. It's hot. I like it. That nb guy is confused. I think he was telling the truth when he came out, but reneged when he was talking alone with his "roommate". I think that was not good for him and gave me that look when I got back.

Why did she have to do that? I don't know. Maybe she can't figure out how to deal or say it to her mom. What's going to happen now? I have issues with her mom. I let go when I am aware of what I hold on. It's not going anywhere. I am more abundant than that. They have all the outside stuff that's my contrast and yet they don't have it inside. They don't have the tools to bring them to light.

They go to church every weekend and yet it don't help them spiritually. I see where this is right now. This is the process for me. How do you tell them that? By being in the light. When they decide to be in the light themselves, they will find yours in their darkness and can go there.

I can save this picture so I can come back to that later, or let it go and there will be more of these in the coming days. And how do I go from here? There is that android meetup tonight. I go there, then I can sleep at home. I think we both can sleep at home tonight. We'll have our phone beside us and will go there immediately when they need help.

I don't sleep very well in that couch. It looks nice and easy. I can sleep in the bedroom then. It's different. You see the contrast. I have more spiritually. This is what the situation is showing you. That's a lot already. How do you show that? You don't. It's already in your spirit. It's in your soul. This clarified a lot of things for me. I am not lacking. I have everything here and now. I am complete.

Go where it interests you. Every moment, be one percent in alignment. You don't need discipline ever. You only be one percent aligned with that you you want to be. It's that simple. Every moment is eternal. Everything is always changing. You already know that. How to add more bashar stuff?

It's not coming out and that's ok. You don't need that. I only check because it's fun listening to the talks. I enjoy seeing the contrast in the experiences of others. Otherwise, you see it everywhere. Not that one is better than the other, but the difference in experience, the other perspective is what interests me.

How to go from here? Be in the light. I go back there. I hang out there for an hour or two, then it's time to go. I can leave my laptop in there but my son wants it home so he can use it. I'll bring it home later then. It's easy to bring it back anyway. I'll be checking in on the kid anyway so I bring that back later.

How to view my stuff? There is dropbox. I can do that. It's a limited storage. What else is there. Btsync. It's a resource hog. Do something else instead. Why not send something via cable. That way, you are not putting a lot of stuff in there. I think I will go with btsync. It's easy to install and it's fast anyway. Let's go check that out when you go there.

I can put that in the installer. This pc has enough muscle in it to move them. I don't think this thing is lacking. It's like a classic car that's still running well. That is where it is. Others have bought and sold other pcs. I still have and enjoy using this. This is what ubuntu has given me. I don't get why he can't go there. He is microsoft certified. He can choose to go there.

But that's not me. I enjoy these female form better. I am expanding into that situation, light. It's there and I enjoy it. It don't have to be a secret. Everything is connected anyway and the universe is always expanding anyway.

I will wrap the kids' lunch after I finish these. In the meantime, this is what I do. What else is there? Things seem stable now. I think we can handle this in the meantime. I don't have to sleep in the couch. Wife can choose where she wants to sleep. It will be nice and easy for me. I always have a choice.

I think that awareness is deep. You have the universe at your fingertips that way. It's a bag of tricks. It's this and that. One part is only one perspective. Teo see everything you are open and allowing. That gets you in the light all the time. What's going to happen now?

I don't know. Only be open to what is. No need to push to make things happen. I was there once. This time around, things are different. I am lucid. I am awake? Yes. I am awake. I see the illusion. No need to make things happen there. Was I really depressed or just grieving?

It is what I say it is.